Monday, October 31, 2016

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 146

Just then Betty and Samantha walked up. In deference to their daughters’ presence, they had gotten dressed before coming in for the countdown, but their gowns were rumpled and cockeyed. Each held a glass of Champagne and they were both smiling mischievously.

“So, Jess,” said Samantha. “Everybody’s been talking about this new friend of yours.”

“You mean Celeste?” asked Jessica, looking over at the newest addition to her household. She was leaning against the wall near the fireplace, talking to Ella and Serena, looking supremely dignified despite being completely naked.

“Well, yeah....” said Samantha. “She’s amazing, of course. But I was also talking about....” She mimed a penis dangling from her crotch.

“Oh, that’s right, you haven’t met Magic yet, have you?” Taking Betty and Samantha by the hand, Jessica began to lead the way to the the bedroom. As she passed by she nodded her head to indicate that Celeste should follow. Celeste excused herself in French and fell in behind.

Once they got to the bedroom, Jessica pulled Samantha’s dress up over her head and set it aside. She was naked underneath, as was Betty Ann, whose dress came off next.

Jessica located Magic, harnessed up, and encouraged Samantha and Betty to kneel and pay homage. She didn’t switch on the vibration yet; this part of the ritual was purely symbolic. The two naked women took turns licking and sucking the long, thick phallus, looking up at Jessica reverently.

When she felt sufficiently respected, Jessica found two pairs of handcuffs and cuffed Betty and Samantha’s hands behind their backs, then bent them forward over the bed. She spent a couple minutes slapping their rumps to get them warmed up, with Celeste lending a hand. Then she switched on and did an “Eenie meenie meinie moe” to see who was going to get it first.

Betty Ann was the winner. Jessica spread the redhead’s legs and touched the vibrating dildo to her inner thigh; Betty shivered and moaned quietly, opening her legs wider, pussy dripping with need. She trembled visibly as Jessica ran the tip of the strap-on up her leg to her crotch. Craning her neck for a better view, Samantha looked on as the head disappeared into Betty’s cunt.

Jessica took her time pushing all the way in. Betty’s mouth hung open and she was panting, letting out a long “Oh, God” that turned into a wordless moan. Betty sighed as Jessica slowly pulled the dildo out, then grunted as she slammed it home again. It didn’t take long for Betty to come, tensing and then relaxing, letting all her weight rest on the bed.

Now it was Samantha’s turn. She looked back over her shoulder with anticipation and a little apprehension as Jessica gripped the shaft of massive phallus and guided it toward Samantha’s pussy lips. Running a thumb along Samantha’s crevice to open her, Jessica grinned. It was so nice to have a wet, squirming, helpless woman beneath her; she took a few seconds to savor the moment.

When the time felt right, Jessica took hold of Samantha’s hips and penetrated her. Samantha gasped at the sudden sense of fullness, feeling the vibration from the strap-on being transmitted to her pussy and then to the rest of her body.

Jessica glanced over at Celeste, who immediately sensed what was wanted of her. She climbed onto the bed in front of Betty and Samantha and spread her legs wide. Raising her head, Betty stretched forward with her tongue extended to take a taste of Celeste’s pussy. It was so delicious that Betty was soon gobbling away with complete abandon, making Celeste writhe and moan as Jessica continued to pound into Samantha.

Sensing that Samantha was on the brink of orgasm, Jessica slowed the pace. The buzzing of the harness on her clit was having its effect, but it was building slowly, and she didn’t want Samantha to come before she did.

Taking hold of Betty and Samantha’s ponytails, Jessica pulled Betty’s head up from between Celeste’s legs and pushed Samantha’s down to take its place. For a minute Jessica stopped moving entirely, feeling the vibration from the strap-on pulsate through her, as Samantha took her turn eating Celeste’s pussy.

Soon Jessica could feel her own climax approaching. She hit Samantha with a couple short of strokes, and that did the trick — Jessica, Samantha, and Celeste all came at once. Betty, looking on, lightly touched her clit, and that was enough to start her spasming again.

For an interval they all were still, breathing and recovering. But Jessica wasn’t quite finished — she was feeling inspired. She laid Celeste down across Betty and Samantha’s naked backs. Moving to kneel on the edge of the bed, Jessica spread Celeste’s legs and let Magic come to rest on her pelvis. With all four of them touching, the vibration seemed to course through them all.

Taking the shaft of the dildo in her hand, Celeste arched her back and lifted her hips so she could get the head inside her; Jessica held her by the waist and gradually eased all the way in. Jessica assumed a slow, steady in and out rhythm as Betty intertwined one of her arms with one of Celeste’s; Samantha wrapped one arm around Celeste’s right leg; and they all moved together as one organism.

Jessica gazed down at Celeste. She had never looked quite so beautiful, Jessica thought, her face in a transport of ecstasy, eyes closed and mouth akimbo. Jessica stretched herself out and lay down atop Celeste, who was now pressed between Betty and Samantha underneath and Jessica on top. They shared a long, slow, searching kiss as Celeste wrapped all four limbs around Jessica, angling her hips to draw the dildo in even deeper.

When Celeste came it was like all four of them were coming, shaking together, moaning together. A second orgasm quickly followed, then a third, with Celeste digging her nails into Jessica’s back.

Finally Celeste exhaled deeply and released her grip on Jessica. Jessica reached down to switch off the strap-on, pulled out, and stood up, looking down happily at the pile of naked women before her. She unharnessed and sat Magic down on the bureau, swaying a little on her feet; she had expended a lot of energy and suddenly felt ravenously hungry.

Celeste opened her eyes, stretched, and yawned as if awakening from a long slumber. She smiled at Jessica with twinkling eyes and let out a satisfied sigh before rolling off Betty and Samantha, who both sat up on their haunches, hands still cuffed behind their backs. Jessica handed the handcuff key to Celeste, put on her robe, and went to look for something to eat.


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