Saturday, October 15, 2016

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 145

When the two girls each took of one of Tanya’s breasts into her mouth, Jessica let the vibrator fall against her thigh; she almost came just from that, she was so on edge. She decided that she’d better allow herself an orgasm if she was going to enjoy this. So as Rose moved to straddle Tanya’s head and Rebecca bent down between her legs, Jessica touched the vibe to her clit and immediately shuddered as a climax rippled through her.

Sighing, Jessica put the vibrator down, still buzzing, on the arm of her chair. For awhile she sat watching the scene in front of her, waiting for the need to return. It didn’t take long. She gestured for the girls to switch places, and they obeyed. Tanya was now eating Rebecca’s pussy — not that she knew that, necessarily — as Rose serviced her.

By touching the vibrator to her breasts, her belly, her thighs, and only occasionally her clit, Jessica was able to remain in a highly stimulated condition almost indefinitely. She didn’t let herself come again until Rebecca bent forward into 69 position and her tongue combined with Rose’s brought Tanya to another shivering orgasm.

After that it was time for a break. Jessica switched off her vibrator and sat it down. Rebecca and Rose climbed off the bed and Jessica kissed each one of them, thanking them for the fine entertainment.

Jessica pulled off Tanya’s blindfold and helped her to drink some water. Moving slow to give Tanya a chance to recuperate, Jessica took off her dress and hung it in the closet. Then she got Magic the strap-on from the drawer and harnessed up.

As Jessica’s behest, Rebecca and Rose dropped to their knees and began to lick and suck the enormous dildo. Tanya looked on incredulously, then somewhat panicked, as it dawned on her what was about to happen. She had never had anything that big inside her — her husband was average-sized, at best — and wasn’t sure she could handle it.

She tried to say something, to beg Jessica to spare her, but no words would come. All she could say was “I...I...I....”

Jessica walked over and touched a finger to her lips. “I know, sweetheart. It’s OK.”

Moving around to the foot of the bed,  Jessica smiled down at Tanya as she flipped the switch to start the strap-on vibrating, then let it rest on Tanya’s pelvis. It came up all the way past her navel and immediately she felt her body start to hum in rhythm with its vibration.

Tanya practiced her pranayama breathing as Jessica prodded her pussy lips with the thick tip of the dildo. She bit her lip and let out a little “Unh” as the head penetrated her; she already felt extremely full, it was hard to believe she could take much more.

“Relax, honey,” encouraged Jessica, taking hold of Tanya’s hips to get a better angle. “It goes better if you relax.”

Tanya tried to do as Jessica said; she ought to know what she was talking about, after all. Taking the deepest breath she could, Tanya exhaled slowly as Jessica pushed another inch in. In this way, moving a little with each breath, Jessica was eventually able to get the whole dildo inside her.

“Wow,” rasped Tanya. She felt full to bursting, but it was not painful, it was wonderful. Parts of her pussy that had never been touched were now being stimulated, and the subtle vibration added a delightful twist.

“Good girl,” said Jessica. She looked over at Rebecca and Rose, who had been watching raptly as Jessica impaled their benefactress. “Give her a hand, girls.” Rebecca and Rose clapped and whistled, making Tanya laugh, which caused the dildo inside her to jostle around, touching some entirely new parts of her womb.

Jessica slowly pulled the strap-on all the way out, then pushed it back in, a little less gently this time. Tanya had never been fucked while tied up before, and while it was a tad frustrating not to be able to move as she liked, it added a little extra frisson of excitement that she quite liked.

Using her strong core, Tanya moved her pelvis forward to meet each thrust and Jessica gradually sped up the rhythm. Rebecca and Rose came over and helpfully began to lick and suck Tanya’s tits as Jessica bore down on her, driving the dildo in with increasing forcefulness.

Expert that she was, Jessica was able to manage the rhythm of the fucking very precisely so they could come together. And they did. Jessica’s was nice, very nice — she felt pleasantly tingly from head to toe — but Tanya’s was something to behold. Her whole body went rigid, her arms and legs pulled at the restraints so hard that it looked like they were going to burst, and she let out a scream that actually hurt to hear.

The orgasm was so powerful that Tanya burst into tears. Jessica leaned down to kiss her, and Rebecca and Rose joined in, tasting the salt of her tears on their lips. Then she was laughing, laughing so hard her whole body shook.

“What’s so funny?”

“Me,” said Tanya. “I used to think that things like this were bad. What an idiot.”


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