Friday, October 7, 2016

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 144 1/2

Leaving Tanya in the bedroom, Jessica set out in search of Rose and Rebecca. In the process, she fixed herself an extra-large martini and checked in on how the party was going.

In the living room, the five cheerleaders were drunkenly building a human pyramid with a small crowd gathered around them. As Jessica watched, the pyramid wobbled and then collapsed, spilling the girls into a tangled pile of limbs. Kat landed with her head near Ana’s crotch; in the fall Ana’s skirt had ridden up, and since they had all taken off their panties before starting the pyramid, this meant her exposed pussy was just inches from Kat’s face.

Taking advantage of the situation, Kat craned her neck and burrowed her head between Ana’s legs. Ana, in turn, lifted Olivia’s skirt and spread her legs. Soon a full-on cheerleader orgy was underway.

In the dimly-lit dining room, the table had been moved against one wall to create a dance floor. Marie had put on some dub reggae and was dancing slowly with Celeste, Ella, Sara, and Serena. The smell in the air indicated that they had been partaking in some ganja. The heat had been cranked up and all five were topless, their breasts beading with sweat as they swayed in rhythm with the music.

Jessica found Rebecca and Rose in the hot tub with Jane and Jackie. After talking with the four of them for a minute, Jessica politely asked Rebecca and Rose to come with her. The girls wrapped themselves in towels and followed Jessica into the house, Jessica explaining on the way what she wanted them to do. They both nodded enthusiastically.

Back in the bedroom, Tanya had gotten hot under the covers, and was laying there naked with all four limbs stretched out wide. She had to some extent returned to her senses, but still felt as if she were in the middle of a dream. So it was perhaps unexpected, but not really surprising, when Rebecca and Rose bound her hands and feet to the bedposts with leather restraints.

Rebecca and Rose dropped their towels as Jessica sat down to watch, grabbing a vibrator from the bedside table. After all that had happened that night, her pussy was absolutely soaked and dying for attention. At the last moment, Jessica decided that it would be better if Tanya was blindfolded; she quickly took care of that, then returned to her seat.

Taking up positions on either side of Tanya, Rebecca and Rose leaned down and the three of them shared a kiss. Jessica switched on her vibrator as she watched their lips and tongues meet.


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