Friday, December 9, 2016

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 148

Jessica guided Claire and Tara into the living room, where Serena was leading an impromptu yoga class. There were about a dozen naked women doing Pigeon pose on the floor, which made for quite an interesting visual. Jessica paused to drink in the beautiful scene for a minute, then again grasped the two bound women’s arms and steered them down the hall.

The doorway to the spare bedroom was standing open, and as they passed Jessica looked in. Celeste was sitting at the far end of the bed with her back against the headboard. Stretched out on the bed with her head between Celeste’s spread legs was Sara Valentine, who in turn was being strap-on fucked by Jackie London.

Celeste looked at Jessica and waved. Jessica’s heart skipped a beat remembering that this gorgeous, sexy, sweet creature was a permanent part of her life now. She blew Celeste a kiss and winked before she resumed leading Tara and Claire to the bedroom.

Once they were there, Jessica eased the two girls down onto the bed on their sides. They were still wearing their overcoats, but Jessica arranged them so that all the important parts were exposed. It made for quite a lovely tableau, and Jessica took a mental snapshot before finding Magic and getting herself equipped.

She flipped the switch and began to touch the vibrating shaft to various parts of Claire and Tara’s bodies. They felt the soft buzzing against their sides, their butts, their tits, their necks. Then Jessica pushed the dildo briefly into each girl’s mouth, pressing the throbbing head against their tongues. They moaned and squirmed, now feeling an itch deep inside that they hoped Jessica would scratch for them.

Which of course she was quite happy to do. But who first? After looking back and forth between them a few times, unable to make up her mind, Jessica spotted a quarter on the bedside table. She picked it up and decided it would be heads for Claire, tails Tara.

The coin flip came up tails, so Jessica took hold of Tara’s left foot and lifted it into the air to reveal a hungry, glistening-wet pink slit. Before plunging in she reached down and pulled off the rags that were blindfolding the two girls; she wanted to see their eyes when she fucked them.

Spreading Tara’s pussy lips, Jessica slid the tip of the strap-on between them. Tara’s stomach quivered and she took a deep breath, her chest heaving. Then she licked her lips and cooed, “Mmmmmm.”

Claire, somewhat frustratingly, could do nothing but watch as Jessica started to fuck Tara in earnest. She figured that she’d get her turn, but it was hard not to be jealous as she watched Tara’s face contort in pleasure.

When Tara came she screamed loudly enough to make Claire wince. But she was glad because now it was her turn. She raised her right leg as high in the air as she could and looked expectantly into Jessica’s eyes.

Claire looked so pathetically needy that Jessica couldn’t help teasing her a little bit. She pulled out of Tara and just stood there for a minute, flicking the tip of the dildo with her finger and watching it bob in the air. To Claire she said, “I don’t know, I think he’s getting kind of worn out.”

Please,” whined Claire, stretching out the vowel sound for several seconds. “Please please please.”

“Well....” said Jessica. She looked at Tara. “What do you think, does she deserve it? Has she been good?”

Tara nodded. “I might even say great.”

“OK, then.” Getting down onto one knee, Jessica grasped Claire’s left ankle and opened her even wider, getting her legs farther apart then she could have on her own. Tara craned her head for a better look as Jessica trailed the soft tip of the dildo across Claire’s inner thigh and let it rest against the redhead’s puckered pussy lips.

With one decisive thrust of her hips Jessica impaled Claire on the thick shaft. Taken somewhat by surprise, Claire gasped and bit her hip, struggling to adjust to the sudden fullness. She braced herself against the bed with the hand underneath her and angled her hips to get better friction on her clit.

After that it took only a few quick thrusts to make her come. Jessica kept right on going and gave her a second, even stronger orgasm before returning her attention to Tara. She made Tara climax twice more before sliding the strap-on out of her and letting her catch her breath.

Jessica untied one of the belts binding Claire and Tara’s hands and they rolled over to face each other, kissing and pressing their tits together. A minute later they were 69ing as Jessica moved around, randomly filling their various holes.

For a stretch there time seemed to just stop; it was all just one long moment of pleasure. When it was over — it could have been five minutes later, it could have been fifty, Jessica couldn’t tell — Claire was laying on her side, breathing quietly, and Tara was on her back staring up at the ceiling. Suddenly Jessica remembered that there was still a party going on, and wondered what might be happening.


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