Friday, December 30, 2016

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 150

The house was crowded but between the guest room, the spare bedroom, the couches, and some air mattresses, they managed to find a comfortable place for everyone who was spending the night.

Jessica felt that all of her guests deserved one last orgasm to help them sleep, and dispatched her three servant girls to see that this was taken care of. She walked around in a robe and cozy slippers supervising as Marie, Jane, and Celeste made the rounds, using their skilled tongues and fingers to service one woman after another. She particularly enjoyed watching Marie go down on Tanya as Celeste worked on Rebecca and Jane on Rose.

As Tanya leaned back and closed her eyes while spreading her legs, Jessica wondered what was going on in her mind. This kind of decadence was new to her, that was for sure; but it was the kind of thing that was easy to get used to. Hopefully Tanya would be a willing participant in future adventures.

When she was satisfied that everyone was satisfied, Jessica and her crew got ready for bed. With the four of them using one bathroom, it was a somewhat lengthy process, but even so, Jessica was not quite ready to go to sleep. She tucked Marie, Jane, and Celeste into bed, gave each one a kiss, and turned out the light.

Walking around the darkened house, looking around at all the sleeping forms, Jessica felt a deep sense of contentment settle over her. She poured herself a tiny glass of brandy and went to sit in a chair by the window in the dining room. The sun was just beginning to show on the horizon, casting a pale reddish glow on the fresh dusting of snow coating the front lawn.

The year that had just ended had been a great one, eventful and deeply pleasurable, but Jessica was already thinking of ways to make the new one even better. It wouldn’t be easy to do, but that was no reason not to try.


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