Thursday, December 22, 2016

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 149

After Shavasana they sat up and together chanted a few “Om”s.  As they did, Jessica looked around at the women surrounding her and was suddenly struck by how special each of them was, how every single one was glowing with an inner light all her own.

She gazed over at Kelly Ann and remembered that day when the redheaded cheerleader had first come to her door. It wasn’t that long ago, in one way of looking at things, but it seemed like years. Sitting next her was Kat, who had changed so much in the short time Jessica had known her. Across the room was the nearly identical pairing of Betty and Samantha; they looked more like the cheerleaders’ older sisters than their mothers. Maybe frequent lesbian activity keeps you young, Jessica mused. She certainly hoped so.

Directly to Jessica’s left were Ella and Janice, her old and close friends. They too were in remarkable shape for their age, lending further credence to Jessica’s theory. The serenity of the moment lent their features a certain grace, making them even more beautiful.

To her right, Tanya was flanked by Rebecca and Rose. Jessica envied them; they were so new to all this, had so much yet to explore. She looked forward to getting to know all three of them better in the days and months to come.

Among all the voices in the room the most powerful belonged to Adriana, who lent a strong, throaty undertone to the chant. Next to her sat her fellow cheerleaders Olivia and Lexi, looking radiantly young and healthy in their nudity. It was really a privilege, Jessica thought, to get to share all that youthful energy; she was glad to know they would be around for at least five months, and hopefully the summer, before going off to college or whatever was next in their lives.

In the front row was Annalise, who as usual lately sported the Cheshire-cat grin of a repeat lottery winner, and Jessica’s beloved Marie. Facing them was Serena, her magnificent body perfectly erect, sitting Indian-style so that her pink pussy was clearly visible beneath the blond pubic hair. It all served to remind Jessica just how fortunate she was to be living the life she was living.

And then the moment was over. They all stood up, stretching and yawning. It was obvious that the energy of the party was winding down, and Ella and Janice were the first to say goodnight. Jessica hugged and kissed them both and wished them a happy New Year.

Betty and Samantha were the next to depart, and they offered a ride to Olivia, who had promised her mother she wouldn’t stay out all night. Everyone else accepted Jessica’s invitation to stay over, and for a while they all hung out chatting and joking, a lazy, contented vibe settling over the house.

Jessica volunteered to help Marie bus the remaining dishes and glasses to the kitchen. Walking into the dining room, she found Jane still tied to the table, dildos protruding from her crotch and face. Jessica moved to untie her, then hesitated. In fact a little penetration seemed like just the thing at that moment. Lifting herself up on the table, she straddled Jane’s head, aimed the tip of the face dildo between her pussy lips, and let herself slowly sink down onto it.

Sensing that Jane was quite needy after having been bound there so long, Jessica unharnessed the strap-on and turned it around so the business end faced Jane’s crotch. As she’d expected Jane’s pussy was sopping wet, her short brown pubic hair soggy and matted, her labia puckered and hungry. Jessica began to manually fuck Jane with the strap-on as she moved up and down on the face dildo.

They had been at it for a few minutes when Marie appeared in the doorway. She watched for awhile, enjoying the looked of mingled pleasure and concentration on her mistress’s face, then noticed that Jessica appeared to be losing focus. Stepping forward, she took the strap-on from Jessica’s hand and resumed fucking Jane with it as Jessica sat up straight, resting her weight down fully onto the face dildo.

Kneeling down, Marie began to lick Jane’s clit while continuing to piston the dildo in and out of her. Now Celeste appeared at the door and sensed immediately where she was needed. She leaned down over Jane, extended her tongue, and touched it gently to Jessica’s clit.

That was all it took. Jessica began to spasm wildly, as did Jane. Marie and Celeste grinned at each other, feeling the satisfaction of a job well done.

When her orgasm had passed, Jessica rolled off and stood up as Marie started untying Jane. Once Jane was free all four of them worked together to tidy up as their guests settled in for the night.

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