Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 1

I’ve been publishing this series for a while now on Wattpad, but it doesn’t seem to have caught on there. So I’m going to move it here, starting from the beginning. If you haven’t seen it, which you probably haven’t, I hope you enjoy it. –AL

Annabel had been married to Carla’s father for less than a year, and they hadn’t spent much time together before Carla came home for the summer. She had just finished her junior year in college, and usually spent the summers with her father – or at least at her father's house, as he was never around much.

Carla’s father, Annabel’s husband, was an extremely wealthy businessman 25 years Annabel’s senior. At the wedding everyone had been whispering “trophy wife,” and you could see why: Annabel was a gorgeous honey blonde with big breasts and an ass that turned heads. Her face was dominated by enormous, glittering blue eyes that gave her a doe-eyed, innocent look. Men went crazy for Annabel, and though she knew this, she didn’t have an ego about it; she’d never consciously set out to use her looks to advance herself, though it had certainly worked out that way.

Originally from a small town in Minnesota, Annabel had gotten a job as a secretary in a small remote office of the company owned by her now-husband. She had always wanted to live in California, and when she saw a job opening in Los Angeles on an internal job board, she’d applied. To her surprise, she’d gotten the job, and although her family had expressed some misgivings, she’d packed up and moved to L.A.

As fate would have it, less than a year later she was assigned to a team that was working on a big merger. In that capacity she found herself working directly with the company’s owner, and he had taken a shine to her. They had ended up working long hours together, with Annabel singled out for important tasks way above her pay grade. After the merger was completed successfully he had asked her out for a date.

Next thing Annabel knew she was living in a mansion overlooking the ocean in Malibu. Often she found herself sitting outside, staring out at the water, wondering how she’d gotten here. It was a strange life – she had everything a person could ask for, but often found herself lonely. Her husband had insisted that she quit her job, but he himself was working harder than ever, managing a company that had undergone rapid growth in recent years. He spent a lot of time on the road, and even when he was at home, he usually left early and came home late.

This left Annabel without a lot to do. At least she had housecleaning to occupy her – her husband had wanted her to hire a maid, but she had insisted that she could take care of her own home; it was a point of pride for her. But even in a house as big as theirs that only took up so many hours of the day. Most of the rest of her time was taken up by maintaining her physical appearance: running, swimming, going to Pilates and yoga classes, keeping her tan just the perfect shade of light brown.
Annabel didn’t mind being thought of as a trophy wife – after all, her husband was an important man who worked very hard. Why shouldn’t he have a trophy? And why should she be ashamed of wanting to live well?

Still, she found it frustrating that so much of the time, there was no one around to appreciate her. She wasn’t vain, but she had eyes – there were lots of mirrors in the house, and what they showed was a sexy woman in the prime of life who was going to waste. After the first week of their marriage, her sex life with her husband had been practically nonexistent. When they were together, he always seemed to be tired, or preoccupied with some business drama or other.

That particular part of it didn’t bother her so much Annabel had never really enjoyed sex — she had desires, she got turned on, but in practice it had always been disappointing. She’d had only a few boyfriends before getting married, and never had an orgasm with another person in the room. She did masturbate now and again, but furtively and with a sense of shame. She’d been taught that it was sinful and unhealthy, and although she didn’t really rationally believe that, she’d never been able to relax and enjoy it.

She sometimes wondered if her husband was spending time with other women on the road or in the office. She didn’t think so, but she had no way of knowing for sure. For the most part, she trusted him; he had never been unkind to her, just a little neglectful. And after all, it was his hard work that made him successful and allowed them to live the way they did.

Annabel was both excited and nervous at the prospect of having Carla there for the summer. On the one hand, she looked forward to having some company. She didn’t have many friends, and outside of exercise and mandatory social events with her husband, she spent a lot of time alone.

On the other hand, although Carla was a decade younger, Annabel had always found her intimidating. She was a good six inches taller than Annabel’s 5-foot-3, with an athletic build, raven-black hair, and piercing pale green eyes. She was also extremely smart and worldly, with a sharp, sarcastic sense of humor. Annabel still felt in many ways like the small-town girl she was, even though her marriage had catapulted her into a world of wealth and privilege.

The two of them had never spent much time together, so Annabel knew Carla mostly by reputation. People in the family talked about her with a mixture of admiration and disapproval; the word that came up a lot was “wild,” though no one ever said exactly what that meant. She was the daughter of her father’s first wife, a model and notorious party girl who did not seem to have spent much time being a mom.

Carla seemed to have mostly raised herself. Annabel knew that she had gotten in trouble a few times as a teen – smoking pot at school, using her father’s sports car without permission, that kind of thing – but in recent years she had pulled herself together. She got good grades in school, and if she was  still misbehaving, she was smart enough now not to get caught at it.

Annabel had to admit, she was jealous of Carla. She had never gone to college, and it seemed like a great way to live; just going to class and hanging out with people your own age. In truth, she had only the vaguest idea of what went on there. Maybe now she’d get a chance to find out.


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