Friday, January 6, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 2

Carla arrived in a limo from the airport in the early afternoon and enlisted both the driver and Annabel to help her with her suitcases, of which there were many. She looked beautiful, as always, but had big bags under her eyes. Almost as soon as the door closed behind her she told Annabel that she was going to bed. “Long night last night,” she said. “Loooooong night.”

She slept until about 8:00, then showered, dressed, and left for a party. She didn’t return until sometime in the wee hours, Annabel had no idea when, and stayed in bed well into the next afternoon. Upon awakening she immediately took off to have dinner with some friends, and again she was still gone when Annabel went to bed – alone, as her husband was on a week-long business trip.

This pattern continued for several days, so Annabel barely saw Carla until Sunday, when she emerged from her bedroom just as Annabel was finishing the dishes after having a late breakfast. Annabel had never seen Carla look so bedraggled – her hair was disheveled, her eyes were bloodshot, even her bathrobe looked like it had seen better days. 

Carla poured herself a cup of coffee and sat down at the kitchen table. For a minute she just sat there, holding the warm cup in both hands and staring out the window at the ocean.

“You OK?” asked Annabel.

Carla smiled wanly. “I’ll live,” she said. She sipped her coffee and sighed appreciatively.

Annabel offered to make some eggs, and Carla eagerly accepted. They chit-chatted a little, mostly Carla talking about her classes, her finals, the play she had been in at school. When Carla finished eating she stood up and said, “I’m going to take a shower. Do me a favor, if my friend Kim gets here, can you let her in?”

“Sure,” said Annabel, and Carla thanked her and walked off. Sure enough, about 10 minutes later the doorbell rang. Opening the door, Annabel saw an Asian girl about Carla’s age, maybe a little older. She was dressed in a bikini that left very little to the imagination. In some parts of the world, this would be scandalous; in Southern California, it was just par for the course.

Annabel invited Kim in and gave her a cold drink, telling her that Carla would be down shortly. This did not turn out to be true; a half-hour later, there was still no sign of Carla. Annabel didn’t mind, though. She quite enjoyed talking to Kim, who was smart, funny, and charming, not to mention easy on the eyes. In fact Annabel was a little disappointed when Carla finally appeared at the top of the stairs.

She looked like a completely different person from before — bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, wearing a black string bikini even skimpier than Kim’s. The top barely covered her nipples and the bottom barely rose above her crotch. Annabel wondered what it would be like to walk around so close to naked; she would never be so daring.

Carla and Kim shared a long, warm hug and kissed each other on the cheek. Then Carla took Kim by the hand and led to her the back door, which opened onto the deck. “We’re going to lay out,” said Carla. “See you later.”

For the next couple of hours Annabel hung out in the living room, reading, and then she had an idea: She would be a good stepmom and take the girls a snack. So she made some lemonade, peeled a couple of oranges, and added some grapes, bread, and cheese to the tray. 

Stepping outside, Annabel was momentarily blinded by the bright sun, and it took her a few seconds to realize what she was seeing. Carla and Kim were both stretched out on their deck chairs completely naked. She took it all in at a glance, noting that Carla had a perfect triangle of black pubic hair, while Kim was bald and smooth down there.

Embarrassed, Annabel started to turn back toward the house, but Carla had already opened her eyes and spotted her stepmother. “What do you have there?” she asked sweetly.

It was hard for Annabel to speak; she could feel the redness in her face. Finally she blurted out, “Just a snack,” sat the tray down, and turned to go back inside. Kim said “Thank you” and Annabel gave her a polite wave before going in.

Inside, Annabel took a deep breath and leaned against the door. Her heart was beating fast and her head was swimming. After taking a minute to settle down she went up to her bedroom and lay down in bed. She felt a little guilty, like she’d invaded the girls’ privacy, although it wasn’t her fault they’d been out there with no clothes on; she was just trying to be nice.

And there was another feeling, too, one that she didn’t have the language for. This feeling came from down between her legs. For the better part of an hour she just lay there with her eyes closed, trying and failing to think of anything but the two naked girls outside.

Finally, Annabel found herself standing up and walking over to the window. The bedroom faced west and the deck was immediately below. Again, it took a few seconds for Annabel’s eyes to adjust to the sunlight, but when they did, what she saw shocked her.

Carla was on top of Kim, but facing the opposite direction. Kim’s legs were spread, revealing a bright pink pussy that gleamed in the midday sun. As Annabel watched, Carla extended her tongue and ran it down the length of Kim’s slit.

Annabel tried to turn away but she couldn’t. She had never seen anything like this before, and the funny feeling between her legs returned with a vengeance. She just stood there, stunned, watching her stepdaughter finger and lick the Asian girl’s pussy. Underneath, Kim squirmed. Only her bottom half and the top of her head were visible; the rest of her was covered by Carla’s body.

As if in a trance, Annabel gazed out the window for what seemed like hours. The spell was only broken when Carla lifted her head from between her friend’s legs, looked straight into Annabel’s eyes, and smiled.


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