Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 5

For the next few minutes Annabel had a sort of out-of-body experience. It was like she was watching herself from above as Carla lifted her skirt, revealing smooth white thighs and pink cotton panties.

Carla slid her hands along Annabel’s thighs and hooked her index fingers into the waistband of Annabel’s panties on either side. As she started to pull them down, Annabel instinctively lifted her butt off the couch to help. Carla smiled to herself – this was just so easy. Her stepmother, it turned out, was a bit of a slut.

When the panties were all the way off, Carla brought them to her nose for a sniff. They were soaking wet, and Annabel’s scent was musky, strong, and delicious. Carla looked over at her stepmother's crotch. Her blond pubic hair was soft, curly, and inviting. Carla’s mouth started to water a little bit – the first taste of a new pussy was always so exciting.

Dropping the panties to the floor, Carla gripped Annabel’s knees and slowly parted them. Still watching herself from above, Annabel couldn’t believe what she was seeing. There she was, naked on the couch in her own living room as her stepdaughter knelt between her legs. Carla ran her fingers up the insides of Annabel’s thighs and gently touched the soft, pink surface of her pussy. 

Annabel gasped as a lightning bolt of pleasure flashed through her. Then she was back in her body, looking down at the top of Carla’s head as it moved forward. Annabel closed her eyes and leaned back as she felt Carla’s tongue on her belly, her hips, her abdomen. Carla’s nose traced through her pubic hair and then Carla was licking and nibbling her inner thighs as the pussy juice gushed out from between her legs.

No man had ever gotten Annabel this worked up. To be sure, not many had tried; she’d had only a few boyfriends before getting married, and none of them had much interest in anything other than their own pleasure. Her husband was a skilled lover and on those occasions when they had been together, she’d enjoyed it, but always felt that something was missing. She had never known exactly what, but now she had an inkling.

Carla stuck out her tongue and took a long, slurping taste of her stepmother’s pussy. Annabel groaned helplessly, sinking all the way back into the couch, her legs splaying open even further. Carla penetrated her with one finger and licked around it, then spread her pussy lips, revealing the bright pink of her inside walls.

Grasping Annabel around the waist, Carla turned Annabel around so she was sideways on the couch and began to aggressively tongue-fuck her. Annabel writhed, she thrashed, she gripped the couch with both hands as her stepdaughter’s tongue probed up into her most intimate places. This was a kind of pleasure she had never known before.

Carla cupped Annabel's butt cheeks and lifted her up a little so she could go in deeper. She was in a frenzy now, gobbling her stepmother’s pussy with complete abandon, but then she realized that Annabel was about to come. She didn’t want that to happen quite yet, so she backed off, wiping the girl juice from her mouth with one hand. Annabel looked down at her with pleading eyes...she had been so close, her expression said, why did you stop? It was kind of pathetic, Carla thought, and also kind of sweet.

Impulsively, Carla brought one hand to Annabel’s mouth and pushed it between her lips so she could taste herself. Annabel sucked the finger obediently. She was turning out to be such a pushover, Carla thought. It was almost disappointing.

Carla had wanted to fuck Annabel since the day they met. She had been an active – and rather promiscuous – lesbian since her early teens, and she had a particular thing for blondes with big boobs. Annabel was Carla’s Platonic ideal of what a sexy woman looked like. Even more than that, she had a softness and docility about her that Carla found enormously arousing.

And of course, the fact that she was Carla’s stepmother added a little extra thrill to it, a taste of the forbidden. In truth, though, Carla felt no real guilt about lusting after her father’s wife. Her father, to be honest, was kind of an asshole. He’d never been abusive toward her, but he was self-absorbed and emotionally unavailable. And when they divorced he’d been pretty cruel to Carla’s mother, who now lived in relative poverty back in her hometown. Carla stayed at her father’s house not because she wanted to be with him, but because the house was amazing and close to L.A., where all her friends were.

So Carla had wanted to seduce Annabel for a long time now, but wasn’t sure that it would ever be possible. Then this opportunity just dropped into her lap. She hadn’t necessarily planned to use her tryst with Kim to get to Annabel; they’d just been sunbathing, started making out, and gotten carried away. But when she looked up from between Kim’s legs and saw Annabel staring at her through the window, she knew it was time to go for it.

The look in her eyes had told Carla that Annabel was interested, that she was curious, and that she was vulnerable. So Carla had decided to act. She was pretty sure that Annabel would respond well to a bold and forceful approach...and she had been right.


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