Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 9

Carla enjoyed looking down at the strap-on moving in and out of Annabel’s mouth. It was always fun making a girl suck cock, and her stepmother was no different. Carla thrust her hips forward until almost the whole shaft disappeared, enjoying the wide-eyed and somewhat desperate look on Annabel’s face as she tried to take it all in.

Then it was time for the main event. Carla pulled out and positioned herself between Annabel’s legs, letting the tip of the strap-on rest gently against her stepmother's pussy lips.

Carla loved this part. In this position she had all the power. Annabel instinctively arched her back to try and get the dildo inside her, and Carla let it start to slide in. Annabel was so wet that there was no resistance whatsoever; she let out a guttural “Unnnnh” as the thick head of the strap-on penetrated her.

Shifting her weight back, Carla pulled the tip out again. Annabel whimpered pathetically and looked up at Carla with pleading eyes. “What?” said Carla. “What do you want?”

For a few seconds Annabel was completely lost. She needed it, desperately, right now. But she didn’t know what she was supposed to say. And then, all at once, she knew exactly what Carla wanted to hear.

“Fuck me,” she said. “Please. Fuck me fuck me fuck me.”

“That’s better,” said Carla, and in one motion drove the strap-on all the way in. Annabel gasped. She had never had anything this big inside her before. For the first few seconds it hurt, but then she started to get used to it, and then it started to feel good. Really, really good. Carla slowly pulled almost all the way out, then abruptly slammed the dildo home again in one forceful motion. She grinned as she watched Annabel’s eyes roll back in her head.

“Oh, Jesus,” barked Annabel.

“What does he have to do with this?” said Carla. She thought that was pretty funny, but Annabel was way too preoccupied to laugh. Parts of her deep inside were being touched, parts that had never been touched before. She felt like every last cubic millimeter in there was being filled up, like the tip of the dildo was pressing up into her stomach. She gritted her teeth as Carla began to assume a steady in-and-out rhythm.

At this point Carla decided it was time to mix things up a little bit. Taking the chain that connected the nipple clamps in her teeth, she jerked her head back. 

Annabel’s whole body stiffened as the jolt of pain spread through her. With her eyes closed, she had been taken completely by surprise, and for a second it looked like she was going to cry. Carla almost felt bad, but she knew that Annabel needed a little toughening up if she was going to truly experience the kind of pleasure Carla was capable of giving her.

Keeping the chain between her teeth, Carla skillfully brought Annabel right to the brink of orgasm and kept her there for a long time. She knew exactly how to push the older woman’s buttons: A little pleasure, a little pain, a little more pleasure, a little more pain. 

Eventually Annabel started to feel like she was losing her mind. She’d gotten so close, so many times, and then Carla would stop fucking her and yank the chain, causing a wave of agony to ripple out from her nipples to the rest of her body. Annabel strained against her bonds, trying to stimulate her clit enough to finish the job, but it was pointless. Carla was in total control.

Finally Carla decided that Annabel had had enough. “Do you want to come?” she asked.

Annabel nodded eagerly. “Yes.”

“Yes, mistress.”

“Yes, mistress,” answered Annabel. “Oh God, yes, please please please.”

“Very well,” said Carla. Unhooking one nipple clamp, she wrapped the chain around her hand so it would keep a nice little tension on the other nipple. Then she took the newly freed nipple into her mouth and with a few short, sharp strokes of the dildo sent Annabel over the edge.


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