Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 10

For awhile Annabel just floated in a kind of twilight consciousness. She was vaguely aware of something moving around her, and at one point she thought she heard the shower going.

She had never in her life felt ecstasy like that before, not even close. It was like a full-body orgasm that came in stages, slowly building to a crescendo and then ebbing away equally slowly. 

Annabel felt a gentle little slap on her cheek and became aware of Carla’s gorgeous green eyes staring into hers. “You still with us?” Annabel nodded. “Good,” said Carla, and reached over to untie one of her stepmother’s hands.  “Well, I’m outta here. Got places to go, things to do, people to see.” She pinched one of Annabel’s nipples and said, “That was nice.” And with that, she turned her back and was gone.

There was the sound of Carla’s footsteps going down the stairs, the front door opening and closing. Annabel heard Carla’s car start, then the roar of the engine gradually died away. Suddenly it was incredibly, almost eerily, quiet in the house.

Moving slowly, still feeling a little weak, Annabel used her available hand to untie the other one, then freed her legs. She looked around at Carla’s room. In some ways it was still a typical teenage girl’s room, kind of messy, with band posters on the wall and cosmetics everywhere. There were still stuffed animals here and there.

Then she looked over at the bedside table. Carla had left it open, and in the drawer Annabel saw the strap-on dildo that had been used on her, along with several others, and an impressive assortment of vibrators and other toys. There were also restraints, blindfolds, nipple clamps, and a few things that Annabel didn’t even recognize.

The drawer underneath was still closed, and for a second Annabel was curious about what might be in there. But then she decided that she didn’t want to know.

She took a long, hot shower, scrubbing every inch of her body, thinking of how she had been used as Carla’s instrument of pleasure – and of the pleasure she’d received in return. Good lord, how had so much happened so quickly? How had she surrendered herself so totally to someone who – although they were legally related – she really barely even knew?

Annabel decided that she really needed to get out of the house – go somewhere, do something. There was a yoga class starting in 20 minutes, so she got her yoga clothes on and drove down to the studio. She got a funny feeling when she walked in; for some reason, the place felt unfamiliar. In truth, everything there was exactly the same, but she had changed.

When class started she found herself looking at the other women there in a new way – sizing them up, evaluating them, wondering what they would look like naked. Her attention was repeatedly diverted by the ass of the redhead in front of her, two perfectly formed cheeks enclosed in tight black yoga pants. She kept having to remind herself to look away.

And then, towards the end of class, she forgot. Suddenly the redhead turned around, and it was clear that she'd caught Annabel checking her out. She didn’t look mad, though; in fact she smiled warmly. But Annabel was mortified, and when class was over she kept her head down as she quickly returned her blanket to the pile and made her way back outside.

Back home, Annabel watched some TV, made herself dinner, and went out onto the back deck with a glass of wine. Right over there was where she’d seen Carla and Kim going at it. It seemed like months ago; she had been so much more innocent then.

She tried not to think about Carla, but found that she thought of little else. Sometimes Annabel wished that Carla was there and wondered where she was and what she was doing. Sometimes she felt a little resentful toward her stepdaughter, like she had been taken advantage of. Without Carla actually there, it was easier to resist her allure. 

As she continued to drink, Annabel began to feel more and more like she had to put a stop to this. A kinky lesbian relationship with her stepdaughter – how could that possibly end well? She needed to be strong, to end it before it went any further. Yes, it had been immensely pleasurable – she still felt a throb between her legs thinking of the things she and Carla had done together – but it was wrong, and that was what was most important.

She went to sleep fully determined that tomorrow, she would have a talk with Carla and explain why this madness had to stop. Carla was a smart person, surely she would understand. Annabel slept the sleep of the righteous, confident that she had come to her senses and would now return to being her old, well-behaved self.

And yet the next afternoon she found herself right where she’d been the day before: tied spread-eagled to Carla’s bed, naked and helpless.


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