Friday, January 20, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 6

Standing, Carla stripped off her T-shirt and tossed it aside. She was braless underneath, revealing firm, young breasts with nipples standing up tall and proud. She cupped them in her hands, pinching her own nipples, kind of showing off for Annabel. She knew that her boobs were one (or was it two?) of her best assets, and she’d been known to refer to them by quoting the old Seinfeld line: “They’re real, and they’re spectacular.”

Slowly and teasingly, Carla undid each button on her jeans. Soon her fly gaped open, dark brown pubic hair peeking out from underneath (she wasn’t wearing underwear either). She slid one hand down her pelvis and between her legs, coating it in her juice, which she then spread onto her tits. Bending forward, she pressed her left nipple against Annabel’s lips, which parted willingly to receive it. Carla let her suckle on that breast for awhile, then replaced it with the other one.

This was Annabel’s first taste of another woman’s pussy juice. It was an unfamiliar flavor, but not an unpleasant one – in fact, the more she tasted it, the more she liked it. She was a little disappointed when Carla’s breasts were completely clean, tasting only of young flesh and salt.

Carla wriggled out of her jeans, let them fall to the floor, and stepped out of them. She now stood naked in front of her stepmother, who was also naked, gazing up at her with a mixture of excitement and apprehension. It was a delightful moment of anticipation, and Carla took the time to stop and savor it.

When the time was ripe, Carla climbed up onto the couch and placed one knee on either side of Annabel’s head. Annabel looked up wide-eyed, realizing what was being demanded of her. Carla stared back coolly. “You don’t get something for nothing,” she said.

Annabel, having been brought up with a very strong sense of fairness, took this to heart. But nothing in her upbringing had prepared her for the idea of performing oral sex on your stepdaughter. Also, of course, she had no experience in this area. So for a minute she just lay there staring up into Carla’s crotch, inhaling the heady scent of female arousal, taking in her first close-up view of a vagina.

“Sometime today,” said Carla.

Obediently, Annabel stuck out her tongue and took a first tentative lick. She felt Carla quiver in response, and this positive feedback was very encouraging. She ran her tongue all along the length of Carla’s slit, thrilling, suddenly, at the very wrongness of this – here she was, good girl Annabel, eating her stepdaughter’s pussy.

Carla knew without having to ask that this was Annabel’s first time, so she was very patient, enjoying the eager but somewhat clumsy way that Annabel was trying to pleasure her. Eventually she guided Annabel to her clit, and after some experimentation Annabel began to figure out what to do with it.

When she felt her orgasm approaching, Carla leaned down into 69 position. Timing her efforts carefully, she licked and sucked Annabel’s clit in such a way that they came almost simultaneously.

Carla’s orgasm was powerful, but Annabel's was cataclysmic – hands down, the best climax she'd ever had. She very nearly passed out. For a while the two of them just lay there basking in the afterglow. For Carla, there was a very satisfying sense of conquest, of a mission accomplished, in addition to the physical pleasure.

When Carla climbed off Annabel blinked a few times as if just waking up. Had it, in fact, all been a dream? It seemed impossible that it had actually happened, that she had just had sex with her stepdaughter. But there was Carla, naked, her derriere swaying as she walked toward the bathroom.

When she returned Carla quickly dressed. “I have a party to get to,” she said. She looked down at Annabel, splayed out there unmoving, her pretty face smeared with Carla’s fluids. “That was fun.” With that, she turned and was gone.

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