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Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 102

It had been an eventful night already, but Jessica felt restless; she had lots of energy and wanted to go somewhere, do something. She texted Rocky and 15 minutes later she and her minions had dressed and were waiting in the lobby. They cut a glamorous figure in their full-length furs, and Jane and Marie, at Jessica’s behest, were wearing their diamond-studded collars as well. They drew quite a few curious looks, and a fascinated stare from the young Asian woman behind the front desk – who was very cute, Jessica noted for later reference.

When the limo pulled up, Jane and Marie climbed into the back and Jessica walked up to the driver’s side window. When she had explained what she wanted, Rocky nodded. “Sure. I know where to go.”

After driving for maybe 20 minutes through increasingly sketchy neighborhoods, they began to see women hanging out on the corners and curbs, obviously looking for “dates.” The intercom buzzed and Rocky’s voice said “Let me know when you see something you like.”

“Will do,” answered Jessica. She didn’t know exactly what she was looking for, but she would know it when she saw it. They passed hookers of every size, shape, and color before Jessica’s eyes finally fell on a tall, brown-skinned girl with long, straight black hair. She was wearing a tight red dress cut high on the bottom and low on top, along with thigh-high leather boots. Her only concession to the wintry weather was a shawl that didn’t look like it kept in much body heat.

Jessica buzzed Rocky, who pulled up beside the girl and negotiated the transaction. Soon the door opened and their hired help for the evening stepped in. She was quite attractive close-up, with perfect skin and bee-stung lips, and only a little cheap-looking in her slutty getup. Her skin tone could just as easily have been Latin, Middle Eastern, or even Indian; Jessica was a little curious which it was, but also enjoyed leaving it a mystery.

The intercom crackled and Rocky’s voice said, “Where are we going?”

“Just drive around for a while,” said Jessica. Then, to the new arrival, “What’s your name, sweetheart?”


“I’m Jessica, that’s Marie, and this is Jane.”

“Pleased to meet ya,” said Mona, smacking her gum. “This is nice,” she said looking around. She shrugged off her shawl and sat back in her seat, soaking in the limo’s warmth. “So, um, what are you girls into?”

Jessica thought for a moment. “Why don’t you start by taking your clothes off, and we’ll go from there. Keep the boots, though. The boots are working for me. And lose the gum. Please.”

Mona shrugged and started undressing. “Is this one of those limos that has a bar in the back?”

“Of course. Marie, why don’t you fix us all a drink? What would you like?”

“Cosmo,” said Mona. “Make it a stiff one.”

A minute later Mona was naked. Her pussy was shaved, as Jessica had guessed it might be, which was disappointing; she looked like she naturally had a lush black thatch. But her tits were wonderful, nice firm C-cups topped by wide brown nipples.

Sipping her martini, Jessica said matter-of-factly, “Touch yourself.”

Mona obliged, reaching one hand down between her legs while gulping her cosmo with the other. Jane and Marie, who had also opted for cosmos, looked on with interest. Mona pried apart her pussy lips and slid a finger inside, looking over at Jessica emotionlessly. This was what she did for a living, after all.

“Spread some juice on your nipples,” ordered Jessica, and Mona did so, then brought her fingers to her mouth to clean them. She took a last big swallow of her drink and handed it to Marie for a refill. Jessica waited until the glass was back in her hand and said, “Jane, Marie – lick it off.”

Jane and Marie scrambled to obey, taking up positions on either side of Mona and leaning down to lick and suck her nipples. Jessica let her fur fall open; she was naked underneath except for the strap-on, which she stroked idly as she watched. Jane began to work her way down Mona’s body, pausing to tongue her navel, then moving between her legs. Marie continued working on Mona’s tits as Jane ate her pussy.

Mona came so fast and so hard that at first Jessica thought she was faking – but the look on her face, mouth distended and eyes clenched, said it was real. Jane came up looking a little dazed, her face smeared with Mona’s juice, and shared a kiss with Marie before they changed places. Now Jane bit one nipple while tweaking the other between her thumb and forefinger, while Marie licked all around Mona’s soft thighs and smooth mons before diving in.

Mona took a little longer to climax this time, but it appeared to hit her even harder; she dug her (lacquered, fake-looking) fingernails into Jane’s shoulders while furiously grinding her clit on Marie’s nose and mouth. “Fuck,” said Mona, and after a half-minute’s recovery she reached for her drink.

Jessica flicked the switch on her strap-on and slid forward onto the edge of the seat. “Open her for me,” she said. Jane and Marie each gripped one of Mona’s knees and they spread her legs wide apart. Her pussy was dripping onto the leather upholstery, Jessica noted with pleasure.

Jessica got down on one knee in front of Mona and ran the tip of the dildo up and down her slit. Mona groaned and slid down on the seat, taking the first few inches inside her. When Jessica pushed all the way in she let out a loud “Unh” and her eyes rolled back in her head.

Again Mona came quickly and intensely, her whole body quivering in time with the dildo’s vibration. Jessica didn’t pull out but just held still for a while, feeling the buzzing in her own clit. Mona looked up at her dreamily, all pretense of detachment gone, and then began to move her hips. Within seconds she was climaxing again, and in all she came five times before Jessica had her own orgasm and pulled out.

After a few seconds Jessica noticed that Mona wasn’t moving – she had actually blacked out, and it was several minutes before she regained consciousness. When she did she reached for her drink and took a long pull. “Wow,” said Mona. “That was, um, nice.”

Jessica had a sudden generous impulse. She held down the button on the intercom and said to Rocky, “Can you pull over somewhere for a while?”

“Sure, I know a place.”

Jane looked down at the strap-on, then up at Jessica, an imploring look in her eyes. But Jessica shook her off, wanting a minute to relax. Marie refilled everyone’s drinks and put on some music, and they all sat there peacefully for a few minutes until the car came to a stop. Jessica pushed the intercom button down again. “Come join us,” she said.

The door opened and Rocky poked her head in to survey the scene. “I can’t drink on duty,” she said.

“That’s alright,” said Jessica, patting the seat next to her. “Have a seat.”

Jessica took off Rocky’s hat and released her hair from the clip that held it in place underneath. It was dark brown, shoulder-length, and lustrous. With her hair down she looked much more like a girl, albeit one with a somewhat square jaw. Next Jessica pulled off Rocky’s tie and beckoned to Mona to come closer. Once Mona was on her knees in front of them, Jessica used to tie to bind her hands behind her back.

Slowly and deliberately, Jessica undressed Rocky the rest of the way – jacket, shirt, bra, shoes, pants, and panties. It turned out she had quite a nice body hidden under the shapeless uniform, with round boobs, a narrow waist, and wide hips. Her pubic hair was dark and thick.

Jessica opened Rocky’s legs and guided Mona’s head between them. Mona knew what to do, kissing and licking all around Rocky’s increasingly wet pussy before diving in. Jessica motioned to Marie and Jane, who obediently paid lip service to Rocky’s breasts as Mona orally pleasured her.

Jessica sipped the last of her drink as Mona and the girls brought Rocky to a shuddering climax. Her moans were high-pitched and melodic, not at all like her speaking voice. Mona looked over at Jessica expectantly, awaiting her next task.

Jessica had removed the strap-on, so now she spread her legs and beckoned for Mona to approach.  Partly she had the itch for one more good orgasm, and partly she wanted to make Mona work a little harder for the money; she had had it pretty easy, Jessica thought. So she held back as best she could, making Mona put forth maximum effort, making use of both hands as well as her mouth.

In the middle of it Jessica looked over at the seat across from her and saw Rocky laying on her back, with Jane tonguing her cunt as Marie sat on her face. Jessica smiled; this was one hell of a tip.

Eventually Jessica could stand it no longer and she let herself come, gripping Mona’s head and grinding on her nose. She looked up just in time to see Marie climb off and Jane and Rocky move into a 69. For awhile it was quiet in the limo as everyone watched the two of them go at it; their moans built, crescendoed, and gradually subsided.

Afterward they all had one last round of drinks; even Rocky indulged in a small glass of whiskey before dressing and returning to the front of the limo. They drove Mona back close to where they had picked her up, and when the limo stopped she said, laughing, “I kind of feel like I should be paying you for this.” But then she looked serious. “But I’ll take the money. I need it.”

Jessica paid her and they bid each other goodnight. By now it was quite late and on the way back to the hotel Jessica leaned back in her seat, Jane cuddling against her on one side and Marie on the other. As they passed through the lobby she winked at the cute desk clerk, and since no one was around, she opened her fur and gave the girl a quick flash. The clerk’s eyes went wide and she froze in place. But it was so late and Jessica was so tired that she was content with that; she would follow up later.

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