Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Slave Girls of Alpha Beta Delta, Chapter 3

Comparing notes in the morning, Jenny and April realized that they were heading out to the same class, Intro to European History. They decided to walk together, stopping at the cafeteria for tea and cereal bars. The morning was gray and drizzly, but by the time their class was over, the clouds had parted and a golden sun was shining over the campus.

As they stepped out of Barton Hall, Jenny spotted Kristin across the courtyard. She really stood out in a crowd. Not only was she tall, blond, and beautiful, but she had a glow about her, like the sun shone only on and for her. Jennys stomach gave a funny little flutter as she exclaimed, “Thats the girl from ABD!” and pointed in Kristin’s direction.

“Wow,” answered April, “She’s gorgeous.”

The roommates walked in Kristin’s direction, and as they approached she favored them with a dazzling smile. “Hi, Jenny!”

“Hi, Kristin. This is my roommate, April.”

“Nice to meet you,” said Kristin, and the two shook hands. “So Jenny, will we see you on Friday?”

“Sure,” said Jenny, amazed at how eager Kristin was to have her attend.

“Great. And April – ” Kristin’s eyes moved up and down as she quickly sized up Jenny’s roommate. “Why don’t you come as well? I think you might be our kind of girl.”

“Id love to,” said April, grinning enthusiastically.

“Awesome. Well, I need to get to class, but I look forward to seeing you guys there.”

“Bye,” said the roommates, and as soon as Kristin was out of sight, they excitedly hugged each other. For the rest of the week, all they thought and talked about was Friday night at ABD. What would it be like? What should they wear? Fortunately, since it was the first week of class, they didn’t have a lot of homework to distract them from their speculations.

April tried on every outfit in her closet – and being very serious about fashion, she had brought quite a few – before settling on a simple black cocktail dress. Jenny had far fewer clothes with her, and none that April deemed acceptable for this occasion, so they spent Wednesday and Thursday evenings scouring local thrift shops until they found a dark red dress that fit Jenny perfectly and was in good shape.

Checking herself out in the store mirror, Jenny was amazed at what she saw. The dress was low-cut and tight, showing off her curves to good effect. “I don’t know,” she said to her roommate. “Isn’t it a little slutty?”

April shook her head vehemently. “You have to get this, Jen. This dress was made for you. You look amazing.”

The girl behind the counter, a skinny redhead, spoke up to agree with April. “Your friend is right,” she said. “If I could fill out that dress the way you do, I’d buy it in a second.”

“Well...” said Jenny, turning around to see how her butt looked. “OK. I’ll take it.”

The girls celebrated that night by buying a bottle of champagne using April’s fake ID. Jenny wasn’t accustomed to drinking; the prom had been her first and last experience with alcohol. After one glass of champagne she felt giddy and elated, chatting animatedly as she gazed into April’s glittering golden eyes. After two glasses she felt dizzy and extremely tired. She crawled into bed and lay back with her eyes half-open, listening to April tell a story about her ex-boyfriend.

Feeling sleep tug at her, Jenny thought how lucky she was to have gotten this wonderful girl as her roommate. April was so nice, so smart, so pretty... her eyes were so friendly, her lips so soft... Jenny felt like she wanted to kiss those lips. At that moment, if she’d had the energy, she would have stood up, walked over, and kissed April right on the lips. But she didn’t. Instead she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.


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