Sunday, January 3, 2010

Slave Girls of Alpha Beta Delta, Chapter 2

That evening, Jenny returned to her dorm room feeling exhausted but exhilarated. She switched on the light only to find a giant green suitcase blocking her way and someone she didnt know sleeping in her bed. “That must be my roommate,” thought Jenny, and the figure stirred, awakened by the light.

“Hi,” said the girl in the bed, sitting up and rubbing her eyes. She looked like no one Jenny had ever seen before, with coffee-colored skin, dark, curly hair, golden eyes, and high cheekbones. “Im sleeping in your bed, arent I? I was supposed to get here last night, but the car broke down, and then we got lost, and...” She yawned. “It was a nightmare. So when I finally got here and saw your bed all made up, I just couldnt help myself. Im sorry. Can you forgive me?”

“Of course,” said Jenny. “No problem.”

"Youre a sweetheart," said the girl, and jumped up from the bed, extending her hand. “My name’s April.”


As April unpacked, the two girls got to know each other. April did most of the talking – filling Jenny in on her hometown, her family, her beliefs, her hopes, and her dreams. Like Jenny, April was biracial; her father was African-American and her mother was from India. Jenny mostly nodded her agreement and answered the occasional question, but by the time she was ready to call it a night, she felt like she had made a friend. As she cleaned out her pockets before changing into her pajamas, she found the card Kristin had given her and showed it to April. “A girl gave me this on campus today. She said I should pledge.”

April’s eyes got wide. “You know how I told you my older sister graduated from here? She told me that Alpha Beta Delta girls are the most popular on campus. You are so lucky.”

“Im not sure if Im going.”

“What do you mean? You have to go!”

“Im kind of afraid,” admitted Jenny. “Maybe...”


“Maybe youd go with me?”

“Am I invited?”

“Why wouldnt you be? Maybe if I see Kristin again I can ask her.”

“Wow, ABD!” said April. “I am so excited! I just cant sit still any longer. Im going for a walk, have a look around. Come with me?”

“I dont know, I was going to go to bed.”

“Oh, come on, well make it quick. Please?”

“OK,” said Jenny, and the girls donned their coats.

As they strolled under a canopy of colorful autumn trees, April asked Jenny, “So, you have a boyfriend?”

“No,” said Jenny, flashing back to her prom experience with a shudder. “Do you?”

“I did,” answered April. “Then I found out he was cheating on me with my best friend. You believe that? I mean sure, shes hot and all, but...” April shook her head. “Men are such jerks. Ive been thinking about switching to girls.”

Jenny stopped in her tracks. “What?”

“Just kidding,” said April, and the two resumed walking, but April flashed a sly smile. “Maybe.”

Jenny blushed bright red and they walked on in silence for a minute. But Jenny, despite being shy, was also curious. “Ive always wondered, what... well... what do two girls do together?”

“Sweetie, you really have been sheltered, havent you? They can lick each other... or use their hands... or there are toys....”

Jennys prim and proper upbringing suddenly kicked in again. She blushed even harder and looked down at the ground. “I dont think we should be talking about this.”

“Its OK.”

“No, really, I dont want to. Please.”

“So what should we talk about?” asked April.

“I don't know,” said Jenny. “I should really be getting to bed anyway.”

“Alright. Im going to keep walking. I slept most of the day, so Im not really tired. Ill see you in the morning.”

“Good night,” said Jenny.

“Good night,” echoed her roommate.

Back in the room, Jenny put on her pajamas and brushed her teeth. As she brushed, she inspected herself in the mirror, for once taking some pleasure in the process. If Kristin thinks Im beautiful, she thought, maybe I am beautiful. She smiled at her reflection and switched off the light.

As she slid into bed, an interesting smell hit her, something different, exotic... and then she remembered, April had been sleeping here. This was her smell. Jenny had some strange dreams that night, dreams she felt vaguely guilty about in the morning, although she couldn’t quite remember what had happened in them.


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