Sunday, January 3, 2010

Slave Girls of Alpha Beta Delta, Chapter 1

It was a crisp, sunny fall day as Jenny Baker walked through the gates of Bowmore College for her first day as a college student. She was nervous, excited, and a little intimidated as she joined the throngs of young people crisscrossing the campus.

Jenny had always been shy and quiet, like her mother, who had been born in Tokyo. At 19, Keiko – that was Jenny’s mother’s name – had rebelled against her restrictive upbringing and fled to Hawaii, where she worked as a waitress in a cafe. It was there that she met Jenny’s father, Robert Baker, an army officer. They were married when Keiko was just 20, and Jenny was born a year later.

As is typical for an army family, the Bakers moved around a lot – to Holland, Italy, Panama, the Philippines. Because of this, Jenny had never really felt at home anywhere, and that was one reason that she was so shy. Another was that by the time Jenny’s family finally settled in Houston, Texas so she could attend high school, she was entering her awkward teenage years. Gawky and rail-thin, with braces and thick glasses, lacking a fashion sense, Jenny became the target of her classmates’ mockery.

Stung by the cruelty, Jenny withdrew even further into herself, spending all her time reading and studying. She was a top student throughout her high school years, which did nothing to make her more popular. Certain that she was dreadfully ugly, Jenny had stopped looking in the mirror altogether, and thus was unaware that in the intervening years she’d become strikingly beautiful. The braces had come off and the glasses had been replaced by contacts, revealing her big, luminous brown eyes. The skinny girl had developed into a lithe, athletic young woman with long, lustrous black hair, a perfect oval face, C-cup breasts, a narrow waist, and wide, provocative hips.

All who laid eyes on her as she made her way to her first college class saw a ripe, exotic beauty on the cusp of womanhood – she had turned 18 just the week before – but Jenny still thought of herself as an undesirable misfit. She was oblivious to the lustful looks that followed her as she picked her way carefully through the crowd, head down except when she needed to orient herself. Jenny had had exactly one sexual experience in her life, and it had not been a good one. By the time Jenny was a senior in high school, it had not escaped the attention of the boys in her class that her body had blossomed, but no one knew how to talk to her. Finally one of the more popular boys, much to her surprise, asked Jenny to the prom, and she accepted.

Jenny had never been on a date before, never been kissed, and knew very little of sex. In her conservative household, masturbation was not discussed; Jenny had a vague idea that it existed, but that was all. She rarely thought about boys, which made her wonder, because the other girls her age seemed to think of nothing else. Determined to do well at the prom, Jenny bought an expensive dress, took dancing lessons, and had her hair intricately styled. And the prom itself had gone well; Jenny’s classmates treated her respectfully for once, and some of the other boys even appeared to be envious of her date.

But after the prom had been a different story. The class had gathered in a local park to celebrate the occasion. Jenny’s date drank heavily, and she herself was even persuaded to drink a couple of beers, which she was totally unaccustomed to. Soon Jenny’s date pulled her off into some bushes and began to aggressively grope her. Thinking that this was just what happened at the prom, Jenny put up no resistance. Next thing she knew, Jenny’s date had pulled off her panties and mounted her right there on the muddy ground. The act itself was painful and quick, and afterward Jenny’s date went to drink more with his friends, leaving her to her own devices. Her dress was ruined, and she couldn't find her panties; she ended up walking home alone, crying all the way, feeling dirty and used. Fortunately, she hadn’t gotten pregnant, and she swore never to put herself in that kind of position again. But word had gotten around, and overnight Jenny had gone from being thought of as a wallflower to being thought of as a slut. She found out later that the boy had stolen her panties and waved them in front of his friends, bragging about having broken her cherry. Jenny was humiliated and thereafter avoided all contact with her classmates, going so far as to feign illness to avoid the last week of school.

By leaving Texas for New England, Jenny felt that she was starting life over. No one knew her here, and though she was still reserved, she walked with a certain confidence. She had chosen her outfit for the day – a silky blue blouse and medium-length black skirt – with care. She still didn’t think she was attractive, but felt that at least she looked as good as it was possible for her to look. Coming to a crossroads, Jenny paused momentarily to get her bearings, and then she heard a voice behind her.

“Can I help you find something?”

Jenny swiveled to see who had spoken. It was a girl, blond and tall – at least 5 foot 10 – with piercing blue eyes. She was gorgeous, with a model’s face and physique, and Jenny was so amazed by her that it was a few seconds before she could stammer, “I...I’m looking for Garvin Hall.”

The girl smiled – a wide, winning smile that showed a mouthful of perfect teeth. “This way," she said, and took Jenny by the arm. Jenny couldn’t believe it. Was everyone here this nice? “My name’s Kristin,” said the blonde. “I’m a senior here.”

“I’m Jenny.”

“Nice to meet you, Jenny,” said Kristin. “I take it you’re a freshman?”


“Well, welcome to Bowmore.” The two giggled girlishly, then Kristin pointed to her left. “That’s Garvin right there. Good luck.”

Jenny said thanks and started to walk away, but Kristin called out “Wait!” and took a couple steps toward Jenny. “Jenny, I hope you don't mind my saying this, but I think you’re an extremely beautiful girl. I belong to a sorority called ABD – Alpha Beta Delta – and we’re always looking for quality freshmen. Would you consider pledging?”

Jenny was flabbergasted. “Um... well... sure, I guess.”

“Great!” answered Kristin, flashing her sunny smile. “Wait a sec,” she said, reaching into her backpack and producing a small card. “This tells you where and when. Promise I’ll see you there?”

“Sure,” said Jenny. “Thanks.”

“OK.” Kristin waved goodbye and strode purposefully away, leaving Jenny with her mouth hanging open. She inspected the card; it just said “Freshman Rush, ABD House,” giving an address and a small map. The time was 7:00 that Friday night. Jenny pocketed it and, realizing that she was going to be late, scurried to the classroom.


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