Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Slave Girls of Alpha Beta Delta, Chapter 23

Kristin and Jenny woke up late the next morning, feeling a bit the worse for wear. Kristin especially was moving very slowly, cursing herself under her breath; she knew better than to drink so much, or to mix her drinks the way she had, but it had seemed like a good idea at the time.

They dressed and made their way gingerly to the kitchen, where Elena poured them coffee and sat them down while she made Spanish omelets. Before long they were feeling considerably better, and Kristin was able to enjoy the sight of Elena’s wiggling butt as she sang in Spanish while washing dishes. Kristin smiled to herself remembering the many orgasms that Elena had brought her the night before. 

Jenny still had bits of wax on her here and there, so she and Kristin took a long, hot shower together before going in search of their hostess. They found Janet and Sophie in bikinis, soaking up sun on the lawn behind the house. Spotting a bocce ball court, Kristin suggested a game, so the four of them played bocce, then moved on to croquet.

Sophie brought up the idea of playing strip croquet, pointing out that Kristin and Jenny had the advantage because they were wearing more items of clothing. She and Janet were much better at the game, though, and before long Jenny and Kristin were down to just their panties. Sophie was lining up her next shot, smirking confidently, when they heard the sound of an engine approaching the house. 

“Our other guests must be here,” said Janet, setting her mallet down and walking away. Kristin and Jenny put their clothes back on, suddenly disappointed that the game was over, then followed Sophie around to the front of the house. Janet was standing next to a long, beautiful silver Jaguar with tinted windows. A moment later the doors opened and two women stepped out of the car. The driver was a slim, smallish beauty with flowing black hair, and the passenger was a tall, athletic blonde with a slightly butch haircut. 

As they got closer, they began to look familiar to Kristin. A moment later she was pretty sure she knew who they were. The brunette was an actress and the blonde was a highly ranked tennis player, and both had long been rumored to be lesbians. Beckoning them closer, Janet introduced the driver as Juliet and her companion as Diana. Standing next to each other, Kristin and Diana looked almost like sisters, though Diana was slightly taller and her physique was more muscular.

They had snacks and iced tea on the patio, after which Diana proposed a game of volleyball. She and Juliet excused themselves to change into bikinis, which led Janet to suggest that Kristin and Jenny do so as well. Kristin responded that unfortunately they had forgotten to bring swimwear. “That’s no problem,” said Janet. “Sophie, why don’t you take them to the lingerie room?”

Sophie led them to a walk-in closet twice the size of Kristin’s room at ABD, which was stocked like three Victoria’s Secrets, stuffed to the gills with underwear and swimwear of every description. Kristin and Jenny stripped and Sophie began to pick out bikinis for them to try on. She helped Jenny into a pink one that turned out to be too big, taking the opportunity to cup Jenny’s breasts as she slipped on the top.  When Sophie ran a hand through Jenny’s pubic hair and between her legs, Jenny flushed red, suddenly feeling shy – though at one point the night before she and Sophie had 69ed as Janet moved her strap-on back and forth between Sophie’s pussy and Jenny’s mouth.

The whole process ended up taking them almost an hour, and when they finally emerged Jenny’s bikini was turquoise and Kristin’s a beige almost the same color as her skin. Teams for the volleyball game were Kristin, Jenny, and Sophie against Janet, Juliet, and Diana. The game was close but in the end Diana’s athleticism was just too much and her team prevailed. No one cared too much about winning or losing anyway; it was enough to jump around in this beautiful setting with these beautiful women, watching everyone’s breasts and bottoms bounce up and down and around.

After the game they started in on margaritas, with Kristin resolving to pace herself and whispering in Jenny’s ear to do the same. Juliet suggested a rematch and the others were game, so they returned to the volleyball court with a slight buzz on. Sophie was the first to remove her top, and soon a full-on topless volleyball match was in progress, a sight that would have stopped the hearts of half the men on the planet.

This game was tied at match point, and Diana, perhaps distracted by all the flesh on display around her, missed an easy shot that would have won it. Kristin suggested a tiebreaker, and Janet responded that they should make it interesting.

“What did you have in mind?” asked Kristin.

“Hmm, let’s see...” Janet answered. “How about the losers give the winners massages?”

Everyone agreed to the bet, and despite Jenny, Kristin, and Sophie’s best efforts, Janet’s team ran away with the third game. So after refreshing themselves with cold beverages, they gathered in the exercise room, where three massage tables had been set up and a table set out with the necessary oils and lotions. After putting on some soothing music, Janet stripped naked and stretched out face-down on one of the tables; Juliet and Diana followed suit. Diana was given first pick of masseuse, and chose Kristin; Juliet selected Sophie; and so Janet ended up with Jenny, which of course was what she’d wanted in the first place. Somehow or other, Janet Lee always got what she wanted.

Jenny expressed ignorance of how to give a massage, so Sophie said “Just watch me and do as I do.” After that it was quiet in the room for a half-hour or so, except for the occasional soft moan, as the younger women spread oil on the older women and rubbed them from head to toe.

Following Sophie’s lead, Jenny started on Janet’s shoulders, worked down her back, across her butt, and down her legs to her feet. Janet responded intensely to having her feet massaged, curling her toes and letting out little whimpers of pleasure. Next Jenny saw that Sophie was moving back up Juliet’s legs, gently spreading them as she went. Sophie ran her thumbs up Juliet’s inner thighs, and Jenny could now clearly see the actress’s puckered, black-fringed pussy. Jenny followed suit, watching intently as Sophie gently slid an index finger inside Juliet and began to rub Juliet’s clit with her thumb.

Jenny looked over at Kristin, who had three fingers inside Diana and was working furiously as the tennis player thrust her hips back for maximum friction. Jenny began to diligently finger-fuck Janet, and the moans of the three older women grew to a crescendo and then tapered off as they climaxed almost simultaneously. After that they lay there on the tables with their eyes closed, breathing heavily.

Stepping back from their tables, Jenny and Kristin looked over at Sophie, who was gesturing to them with a devilish look on her face. In her hands she had a pair of handcuffs and a strap-on for each of them. In their current state the older women were completely vulnerable; it was not hard to cuff their hands behind their backs, and they did not resist when the younger girls penetrated them. Even Janet, who was quite accustomed to being the one doing the fucking, surrendered willingly to the moment, urging Jenny to pound her harder. All three came again, much more loudly this time, and sprawled out looking sweaty and spent as Kristin, Jenny, and Sophie grinned at each other like mischievous schoolgirls.


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