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Slave Girls of Alpha Beta Delta, Chapter 19

Once Miss White had left, Kristin and Sasha untied Jenny and helped her into her clothes. She was a little wobbly on her feet, tears had dried on her cheeks, but her mouth was twisted into a sideways smile, like she had been knocked out and gone to a happy place. Her eyes seemed to be looking far into the distance. Kristin put one strong arm around Jenny’s narrow shoulders and half-carried her upstairs.

As they passed through the doorway of Kristin’s room, Jenny instinctively began to strip. Kristin let her – she needed to get her clothes off. She almost fell over twice while getting undressed, but Kristin made no move to help her. It was a point of pride, she felt, for Jenny to perform her usual ritual after what she had just been through.

Kristin marveled at the strength of this seemingly fragile girl. The moment Jenny knelt, Kristin beckoned her to stand and led her to the bed. She had Jenny lay face down and stood for a minute looking at her. Her ass was bright red, criss-crossed with whip marks. But she had never looked more beautiful; a warm glow seemed to emanate from her. Kristin smiled, remembering her own first public punishment.

She had still been a relatively new freshman, in only her third week at ABD. Her senior mentor, Jana, had been hosting a lively get-together attended by about a dozen Sisters. A card game was going in one corner and a drinking game in another. Kristin felt very nervous and self-conscious in this boisterous crowd; not only was she collared, but Jana had made her wear an extremely short, tight pink skirt and a bikini top that left little to the imagination. She had lost count of the number of times she had been groped while doing her best to keep the guests happy, bringing drinks and refilling snack bowls.

Waving her empty glass in the air, Jana told Kristin in a loud voice to fix her a drink. Kristin scrambled to obey; Jana had a fire in her eyes that night. She had been drinking scotch, and when she did that she got wired and kind of mean. Normally she was nice as could be, but Kristin was a little scared of her when she acted this way.

Opening the ice bucket, Kristin was dismayed to find only a single, half-melted ice cube at the bottom. Jana was very particular about having three ice cubes in her whiskey. There was probably more ice in the kitchen downstairs, but that would take a few minutes and Jana was looking over at her impatiently. Kristin scooped the one sad cube into the glass, filled it with scotch, and took it to Jana hoping for the best.

When Kristin handed her the glass, Jana just stared at it. “What the fuck is this?” she said.

“Sorry,” said Kristin anxiously. “We’re out of ice. I can go get more –”

Jana cut her off. “You let us run out of ice?” The noise level in the room dropped suddenly, as people sensed the tension developing and turned their attention to it.

“I’m sorry, I...”

“Don’t say you’re sorry again,” said Jana, standing. She was shorter than Kristin but had an imposing presence. Kristin felt a lump in her throat; it was silent in the room now, with everybody watching them. Slipping a finger into Kristin’s collar, Jana pulled her to her knees.

Jana sipped her drink, frowning. She bent Kristin over the chair she had just been sitting in. In this position the short skirt did not cover Kristin’s ass at all, and her white lace panties were on display to everyone in the room. Jana unlaced the back of Kristin’s bikini top, then pulled it off and used it to tie the blonde’s hands behind her back.

Sliding Kristin’s panties down around her knees, Jana smacked her hard on the butt. Kristin yelped and quivered; a small pink patch appeared on her rear as a deeper red blush spread across her face. Jana now pulled Kristin’s panties the rest of the way off and stuffed them into her mouth to gag her.

“Next time you won’t be so careless,” said Jana, slipping off the belt she was wearing. She cracked it once in the air, drawing a fearful glance from the helpless freshman, then brought it down hard on Kristin’s ass. Jana spanked her for several minutes as she moaned into her lace gag, then invited anyone else who wanted a turn to go ahead.

Afterward Kristin was deeply ashamed, mortified, but also dripping wet between the legs. When Jana fucked her that night after everyone had left, she had the most incredible orgasm of her life. She shuddered now just thinking about it.

* * *

Kristin found a nice lotion with aloe in her bathroom and began applying it to Jenny’s poor, abused derriere. A minute later there was a knock at the door; it was April, who wanted to thank Jenny for sparing her a whipping.

Jenny smiled up wanly. “It would have been my turn eventually, anyway.”

“I know,” said April. “But it was still really brave of you to speak up.” Sitting down on the bed, she affectionately stroked Jenny’s head. “Is there anything I can do for you?”

“Yeah, you deserve a special treat,” concurred Kristin. “Anything you want.”

“Anything?” said Jenny, suddenly cheerful, her imagination already going to work…

* * *

Jenny stood looking down at Kristin and April, both on their knees, naked, hands cuffed behind them. The feeling of power was new and exciting to her. She liked the way having their hands bound caused the girls’ chests to be pushed forward. Both Kristin and April’s breasts looked rounder and riper than she’d ever seen them before; their nipples were stiff and inviting.

Jenny reached down and pinched one of April’s nipples, then gave her breast a gentle slap, enjoying the way it swayed back and forth. She pushed April’s head to the ground, enjoying the sight of her soft, smooth ass thrust out behind her. She slid a hand between April’s soft thighs, feeling the moisture, the heat. Now she put one hand on the back of Kristin’s head and forced it down into April’s crotch; Kristin started to lap away compliantly at April’s pussy.

Jenny stood back and watched for a minute, enjoying this beautiful sight all the more because she had made it happen. Then she hunted around in the bedside table until she found Kristin’s strap-on. It took her a little while to figure out how the harness worked, but soon she had the long plastic phallus dangling between her legs. It was an enormously empowering feeling.

She knelt to push the strap-on into April’s mouth. April looked up at Jenny with wide eyes, already near orgasm from Kristin’s expert ministrations. It gave Jenny a great thrill to see her beautiful friend so helpless, so submissive. April looked disappointed when Jenny pulled out of her mouth; a long line of saliva stretched from her lips to the dildo.

Walking around behind Kristin, Jenny slipped one finger between the senior’s swollen cunt lips. She was wet and ready. Jenny aimed the tip of the strap-on at Kristin’s entrance and paused. Was she really going to do this? It felt unnatural. But then Kristin decided for her; she arched her back and the first inch or so slid into her well-lubricated slit. In response Jenny bucked her hips and pushed the rest of the length in, inducing a low, bovine moan from Kristin. It excited Jenny tremendously to think that she had been the cause of this sound.

Jenny did her best to give Kristin a good, sound fucking, although she was clumsy and kept slipping out at inopportune moments. After a while she switched to short, efficient strokes and reached around to finger Kristin’s clit. In this way she was able to coax the senior to an orgasm, and she watched with pride as the pleasure wracked Kristin’s body and lit up her face.

She uncuffed Kristin, who wiped the sweat off her face and went to get a drink of water, and looked down at April. April wiggled her ass in the air; her pussy was shining with wetness and ready to be filled. “Do me, Jenny,” she begged. “Fuck me. I need it, baby.”

Jenny grinned down at her. “Not just yet,” she teased. “I have something special planned for you.


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