Friday, May 27, 2011

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 33

Inside the club was dim and quiet, with tasteful jazz playing in the background. It was early in the evening yet, and there were only three people inside: the bartender — a petite, curvy brunette with big brown eyes — and two customers, one at the bar and one at a table. The one at the bar was a tall, willowy, elegant-looking blonde and the other customer was athletic-looking black woman with dreadlocks.

Jessica led Jane to a large table in the corner and signaled to the bartender, who obediently left her post and walked over to take their order. “Two martinis,” said Jessica. “And start getting two more ready so we don’t have to wait too long.” The bartender chuckled appreciatively, sensing a big tip in the offing.

After taking two deep draughts from her martini, Jessica began to chat up the two solitary customers, and soon invited them join Jane and herself at the table and set them up with drinks. The blonde introduced herself as Julie, and the woman with the dreadlocks was Sylvia. By the time Jessica had finished her drink and started straight into her second, they had been joined by two new arrivals. The first was a young, goth-looking girl; her dark hair was partially dyed red and she had a nose ring, lip rings, and lots of earrings. The other was an extremely beautiful Japanese girl in her mid-twenties who apparently spoke very little English.

Before long a full-blown party was underway, drinks flowing freely and voices growing louder by the minute. The music had changed to something bass-heavy and funky and Jessica was leaning in close to the Japanese girl – whose name, she had managed to acsertain, was “Jun” – ostensibly to make herself understood. Jane had disappeared underneath the table after Jessica whispered in her ear; only the surprised expression on the goth girl’s face indicated that something was going on down there. Jessica asked her name and she answered “Lucy,” stammering a little as Jane sucked on her clit.

Someone suggested a round of tequila shots, and from there things started to get really blurry. Jessica got her finger wet in Jun’s pussy and gave a taste to Julie. Under the table, Jane had finished with Lucy and moved on to Sylvia, who quite matter-of-factly slipped off her panties and put them on the table. Sylvia reached down to pull Jane’s head against her crotch and came up holding the platinum blond wig, which she sat on the table next to her panties. When the bartender came to refill their drinks, Jessica kissed her hard on the mouth, giving her plump ass a nice squeeze for good measure.

Before long they decided to adjourn to Lucy’s apartment, which was just around the corner. Lucy wasted no time producing a box full of toys, and soon she, Jessica, Julie, and Sylvia were wearing strap-ons and standing over Jane and Jun, who were on their knees with their hands cuffed behind their backs. A serious sucking and fucking session ensued, with Jane and Jun on the business end of a constantly rotating series of plastic cocks.

Lucy disappeared for a minute to open a bottle of wine and while she was in the kitchen her roommate – the brunette bartender from the club – walked in the door. The new arrival did not hesitate to join in, pulling off her top and bending over to slip a nipple into Jane’s mouth, which was temporarily unoccupied. When Lucy returned, her long blue strap-on preceding her into the room, the first thing she saw was her roommate’s ass. “Casey!” she cried, delivering a loud slap to that ass. “Who invited you to this party?”

Casey smiled over her shoulder at Lucy. “It’s my living room too.”

“A fair point,” countered Lucy, pulling her roommate’s mouth to the strap-on, which was liberally coated with Jun and Jane’s sticky juices. Jane took the opportunity to slide her head under Casey’s skirt, but without the use of her hands, all she could do was push her face into the crotch of the brunette’s panties. Seeing this, Jessica withdrew from Jun’s pussy — drawing a frustrated moan from the Japanese girl — walked over, slid a finger into Casey’s panties, and pulled the thin strip of fabric aside so Jane’s mouth could take its place. Next Jessica helpfully spread Casey’s pussy lips so Jane could plunge her tongue inside.

When Jessica felt that Casey was wet and ready, she pushed Jane away and eased her strap-on into Casey’s dilated hole. Jane shifted positions and clamped her mouth onto Jun’s clit. For a few minutes the room was all panting, moaning, and heaving, with Juns high-pitched squeals and Sylvias throaty howls particularly audible.

Then something strange happened: Lucy pulled out of Caseys mouth and what appeared to be a load of semen spurted from her strap-on onto Caseys tits. Responding to Jessicas quizzical look, Lucy said, This is a new item we just got at the shop where I work.

Jessica tentatively dipped a finger into the white goo. Is it safe? she asked.

Absolutely, answered Lucy, and Jessica gave her finger to Jane, who obediently sucked it clean.

Jessica had Jane lick the rest of it off Caseys breasts, then asked, “How do I get one?

Come by the shop, said Lucy, grinning. Ill see that you get the very best price.

Just then the door opened, and in walked a tall, skinny woman with short black hair. Taking in the scene before her, she threw the bag she was carrying to the ground and barked, “Goddamn it.”

This turned out to be Casey’s girlfriend, who proceeded to harangue Casey loudly about what an incredible slut she was. Jessica quietly found the keys, got Jane out of her handcuffs, and located both of their clothes. It was time to go.


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