Saturday, January 29, 2011

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 32

Jackie woke up from a highly erotic dream feeling disoriented and kind of uncomfortable. It took her a few seconds of looking around the room to remember that she had spent the night at Lexi’s, against her better judgement; after a long day of school and practice, followed by a long, sweaty roll in the hay, she hadn’t had the energy to go home. The discomfort came from her arms, which had been lifted over her head and tied to the bedposts, one with a scarf and one with the belt of a robe.

Just at that moment Lexi appeared in the doorway, backlit by golden morning light. She looked absolutely breathtaking – naked, her contours wrapped in sunbeams, her blonde hair like a halo of glowing threads. She gave Jackie a dazzling smile as she entered the room.

“Good morning,” purred Lexi.

“Hey,” murmured Jackie, feeling vulnerable and foolish. She pulled at her bound hands, to no avail. “Listen, I really need to get going. I have to get home and change and get to school.”

Lexi glanced over at the bedside clock. “You have a little time. I’ll make this quick.” 

Jackie gulped. This was a new, more assertive version of little Lexi. Apparently her successful seduction of the cheerleading coach had built up her confidence. It was surprising, but not unsexy, and Jackie began to get excited despite herself.

Walking over with a certain swagger in her step, Lexi climbed onto the bed and straddled Jackie, moving slowly up until her pussy was poised above the teacher’s head. It was glistening slightly, one drop of juice hanging from a golden curl framed in sunlight. There was no point in resisting; Jackie lifted her head slightly and ran her tongue along Lexi’s slit.

She had only gotten a brief taste, though, before Lexi scooted down and laid herself down on top of Jackie, their feet touching and their breasts mashed together. They shared a long, probing, wet kiss, Lexi sucking the traces of her nectar off her teacher’s face. Then Lexi kissed slowly down Jackie’s body, lingering for just a minute at her nipples and navel before arriving between her legs. Spreading Jackie’s legs wide and laying herself flat on the bed, Lexi parted the dark lips with a thumb and an index finger, opening the way to the inviting pinkness inside.

The pussy licking that followed was among the best of Jackie’s life. It was tender and loving, and at the same time aggressive and passionate. Lexi took her time getting to Jackie’s clit, and when she did, Jackie almost immediately had an orgasm that made her eyes roll back in her head. At that point Lexi went back to licking around Jackie’s inner thighs and across the outside of her pussy, then returned to her clit and made her come again. She repeated this process twice more before finally sitting up and wiping the cunt juice off her face with the back of her hand.

When Lexi finally untied Jackie it was later than she would have preferred, but you certainly weren’t going to hear her complaining.

* * *

The level of sexual activity declined significantly in the next couple of days as the cheerleaders prepared for the big game, as well as a big chemistry test most of them had that week, while the housewives spent a lot of time shopping to get ready for Thanksgiving.

Jessica, on the other hand, was thoroughly enjoying her new plaything. On Tuesday she decided to take Jane into the city on a visit to her favorite club. Marie was left behind to prepare for Thanksgiving, much to her chagrin. At times she felt rather jealous of the new addition to the household, and she almost threw a tantrum over being left out of this excursion; but she knew better than to question her mistress’s desires.

For the trip Jessica dressed Jane in relatively normal, if rather slutty, clothes – a tight, short skirt, heels, and a leather bustier – and a platinum blonde wig. Around her neck went a plain leather choker that did nothing to hide her “Slave” tattoo. In this outfit Jane looked very much like a high-priced whore, and Jessica accented the effect with a jacket of Marie’s, a frilly black number with feathers. Seeing the widow in her clothes Marie wanted to scream, but she controlled herself and kept her obedient smile frozen in place.

It was just getting toward sunset when Jessica’s SUV pulled up outside an unremarkable-looking storefront on the outskirts of downtown. Holding Jane, who was a little unsteady on her heels, by one elbow, Jessica escorted her to the door. The only marking anywhere on the place was the baroque inscription “#9.”



  1. Until this chapter I thought Lexi was a only-subservient girl. Well let's see please how it is going on. ;-)

  2. I hadn't thought it possible that Lexi could be that dominant. We will have to see what will become of it... I'm curious ;-)

  3. nice idear love long stories come from
    europe (germany)PLEASE write more
    chapters will love to read more from you

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