Saturday, January 1, 2011

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 31

Cheerleading practice that day was especially intense, given the importance of that weeks game. But Jackie London found that she didnt have to do too much; the seniors mostly ran the show, and she could hang back and watch. She got a very warm feeling in her heart seeing what confident, capable young women Kelly, Kat, Olivia, and Ana had become; and a warm feeling in a different part of her body thinking what intimate knowledge shed had of all of them.

Lexi was in a different category, of course; though nominally a senior, she was pretty new and so couldnt be expected to take the same kind of leadership role. She still looked kind of lost out there sometimes, and the one time during practice that Jackie really stepped in was to scold a younger girl who gave Lexi a hard time for missing a step.

After practice, Jackie had some paperwork to do, and when she finally left her office everyone was gone except Lexi, who was slouched down near her locker reading a history book with a glum look on her face.

Hey, Lex, said the coach. What are you doing still here?

Nothing, answered the blonde. My dads out of town so Im in no hurry to get home. Its kind of lonely in the house.

Oh,” said Jackie sympathetically. Thats too bad. Well... do you want a ride home?

Sure! Lexi responded, perking up a little. She put the book in her backpack and followed Jackie to the parking lot. By the time they got to her house Lexi seemed pretty well cheered up, but when they pulled up in front she just sat quietly for a minute. I hate going in by myself, she finally said. Would you come in with me?

Um, OK, said Jackie, turning off the ignition. She followed Lexi up the walk, reflexively looking around to see if anyone might be watching; but it was dark and quiet. When they got inside Lexi led Jackie to the kitchen and beckoned her to have a seat.

How about a cup of tea? asked Lexi.

Well... Jackie answered hesitantly. OK. But after that I really need to go. I have papers to grade tonight.

Once the tea was on the table, Lexi said, Let me make you some pasta. Youre so busy, you need something to eat.

Jackie assented, and even lingered a little after she finished eating, sensing that Lexi really wanted company. Finally she started making polite noises like it was time to go. Lexi responded by stripping off her shirt and bra and tossing them aside. Walking over next to Jackie, Lexi looked plaintively into the older woman’ eyes and begged, Please don’t go.

With Lexis firm, lovely young breasts bobbing in her face, it was hard for Jackie to say no. I shouldnt, she protested. “I promised I’d have the papers back tomorrow.”

Oh, just give everybody a B, argued Lexi. Most people will be happy with that, and the brains could stand to be taken down a notch.

At that moment Jackie was inclined to agree. She leaned forward and took one nipple into her mouth, rolling it around between her teeth and tongue. Then she sucked the other one, and afterward Lexi took her by the hand and guided her upstairs. Once they were in Lexis bedroom the teenager pulled off the rest of her clothes. She climbed up onto the bed and got onto her hands and knees with her ass facing Jackie, who had stopped in the doorway. Would you please give me a spanking, Ms. London? pleaded Lexi. I need one really bad.

Jackie hesitated, glancing behind her. It felt very risky being in Lexis house like this. Up to this point, all of her sexual encounters with students had been either at Jessicas or on her own turf – her house or her office. In these contexts she felt relatively safe, though she was never not aware of the enormous risk she was taking; in fact that was part of the thrill. But now she felt like she might be crossing a line.

Then Jackie turned back to face Lexi, who was looking over her shoulder with a complicated expression that pierced Jackie to her very soul – a strange combination of wide-eyed innocence and raw need. As if reading Jackies mind, Lexi told her, Dont worry, my dad wont be back till tomorrow night. I promise.

That was the end of Jackies indecision; she took two long strides forward and brought her palm down hard on Lexis tender butt cheek. Lexis reaction was immediate and galvanic: Her whole body quivered; she lowered her head and let out a guttural, wordless cry. This in turn got Jackies adrenalin pumping, and she slapped Lexis other cheek even more forcefully, making the cheerleader yell a little louder. Fuck yes, barked Lexi. Give me everything you have.

Jackie took a big windup and put all her strength into the next blow; Lexi took it with a grunt and asked for more. From that point on it was like a duel; each impact of hand on ass was harder than the last, each scream from Lexi increased in volume, driving Jackie to find a power in herself she didnt know was there. Finally, after one mighty thwack, Lexi was silent, her head resting on the bed, her rear end still thrust defiantly in the air. Then, even so slowly, her knees buckled and she lay flat and still, her barely discernable breathing the only sign that she was still alive.

Shaking the sting out of her hand, Jackie stood looking down at the motionless form beneath her. She felt 10 feet tall. This feeling of power was intoxicating. With no particular sense of urgency Jackie removed each item of her clothing, folded it carefully, and stacked it on Lexis desk. When at last she was naked she rolled the helpless blonde over; Lexi opened her eyes and looked up with a crooked, debauched grin. Jackie climbed on top of her and felt completely deserving, completely justified, when she covered Lexis face with her pussy.



  1. hope you continue soon. ;-)

  2. It's been too long, I need the next part of the story. :)