Friday, March 10, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 13

Again Annabel felt like she was out of her body. She watched herself from above as Carla untied her arms and legs from the bed, rolled her over onto her stomach, and secured her hands behind her back with a pair of handcuffs. Kim, meanwhile, was rummaging around in the bedside table looking for something.

Back in her body, Annabel found herself on her knees on the floor, looking at not one but two strap-ons. The one Kim was wearing was a little shorter than Carla’s, but thicker, and white instead of black. Gripping the back of Annabel’s head with one hand, Kim pressed the tip of the white strap-on against her lips. Annabel opened her mouth reflexively, and Kim pushed the dildo in. It had a different texture than Carla’s – it was not as soft, and tasted more like plastic, which of course it was.

Annabel’s mouth was completely filled by the thick shaft, but Kim continued to push in until she started to gag. Then Kim backed off and started to move in and out, going a little deeper each time, enjoying the wide-eyed look on Annabel’s face as she struggled to handle it.

Carla sat down on a nearby chair to watch her friend fuck her stepmother’s mouth. Annabel was a trouper, there was no doubt about it; she had almost swallowed the whole thing by the time Kim was done. 

Now Kim used the hand on the back of Annabel’s head to bend her over. It was hard for Annabel to keep her balance with her hands cuffed behind her, so when Kim released her she fell forward between Carla’s legs. Carla caught her and guided her toward her next task, which was to lick and suck the black strap-on coated with Kim's juices.

As Annabel dutifully ran her tongue up the shaft of Carla’s dildo, Kim moved around behind her. Kim used one foot to push Annabel’s legs apart, then traced the foot up Annabel’s thigh and rubbed it against her pussy. Annabel gasped as she felt Kim’s big toe penetrate her – it felt just like a penis, albeit a small one. Soon it was replaced by something bigger: Kim knelt and filled Annabel’s hungry cunt with her strap-on.

Carla reached behind her to unfasten her harness, pulled it off, and tossed it aside. She spread her legs, presenting a wet, pink, ripe, and ready pussy to her stepmother. Annabel knew what she had to do. In this awkward position, it was not easy for her to focus on pleasuring Carla as Kim fucked her from behind. But somehow or other she managed.


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