Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 12

Carla always knew when Kim was about to come because she made a funny little sound, a high-pitched squeaking noise that was equal parts adorable and annoying. She was making it now as she bounced up and down on Annabel’s face, gripping the older woman’s breasts for support.

Annabel was in something of a desperate state. Her whole universe had become nothing but Kim’s wet pussy grinding down on her, demanding satisfaction. It was hard for her to breathe and Kim’s hands kept pressing into the clamps on her nipples, sending little shockwaves of pain through her. But she knew there was no way she was going to be able to come up for air until she had completed the task at hand. So she focused on licking and sucking Kim’s clit, trying to finish the job.

Finally, Annabel felt Kim’s body go rigid above her as the orgasm hit. But after a few seconds Kim relaxed and her whole weight sank, smothering Annabel beneath her. Annabel was on the point of passing out when Kim finally sat back against the wall, allowing her some air.

As Annabel and Kim caught their breath Carla went down to the kitchen and returned with two fresh bottles of beer. When she walked back into the bedroom Kim stood up and strode over, accepting the cool bottle that Carla held out to her. Tilting the bottle back, Kim took a long, deep, refreshing pull.

Annabel watched, finding something quite beautiful in the picture of Kim standing there naked with the ocean behind her, sunlight streaming through the green glass of her beer bottle. She was thirsty, too, Annabel realized, and though she didn’t generally like beer, it looked pretty good just then.

For a minute Carla and Kim stood by the window, conferring in hushed tones, occasionally glancing over at Annabel. Kim nodded and licked her lips, staring over at Annabel’s blond-fringed pussy: it was soaking wet, shiny, delicious-looking.

Kim crossed the room and arranged herself in a comfortable position at the foot of the bed. When Kim’s lips touched the inside of Annabel’s knee, Annabel spasmed and strained against her bonds – she was primed and ready to go. But Kim was in no hurry. She teased and taunted, kissing and licking all around Annabel’s thighs, her belly, her abdomen.

Carla, meanwhile, had taken a seat on the side of the bed. She brought her beer bottle to Annabel's lips and tipped it up; Annabel drank gratefully, lifting her head best she could, then letting it fall back as Kim’s tongue began to explore the sensitive places between her legs. When she did so a little beer splashed onto her chin and chest.

Now that she had gotten a taste of Annabel’s pussy, Kim was through being coy. She lapped up Annabel’s nectar, jabbed her tongue inside, then penetrated Annabel with her thumb while licking her clit. Carla sat watching her friend pleasure her stepmother, occasionally reaching over and tugging on Annabel’s nipple clamps to keep things interesting.

Annabel was just about to come when Kim pulled away and sat back, reaching for her beer where she’d sat it on the floor, leaving Annabel to groan in frustration and pull at the restraints. “Goddamnit,” she muttered, and Carla smiled. Just hold on there, she thought, but didn’t say. You'll get yours soon enough.

Opening her bedside drawer, Carla got out her strap-on, stripped off her jeans and panties, and equipped herself. She flicked the head of the dildo with her finger, making it bob up and down in the air. It was still moving as she walked over behind Kim, who bent over, presenting her rear end.

Gripping Kim by the waist, Carla maneuvered the tip of the strap-on between Kim’s pussy lips and began to ease her way inside. As Carla pressed forward Kim’s head was pushed up between Annabel’s legs, and soon Kim was again licking Annabel’s pussy as Carla fucked her. 

Kim and Annabel both moaned and writhed, Kim gripping the bedclothes, Annabel still struggling fruitlessly against her bonds. Head lolling to one side, Annabel caught a glimpse of them in the mirror: herself, tied naked to the bed, legs spread wide; Kim, tongue working away between Annabel’s legs; Carla, pounding into Kim from behind, mouth twisted into a wicked smile. A few days ago Annabel literally could not have imagined herself in this position; she wouldn’t have had the vocabulary for it. It was all rather surreal, like a dream she expected to wake up from at any moment.

Carla, orchestrating, slowed down the pace, enjoying the sights, sounds, and smells of this scene. Then, when she sensed that Annabel was about to come, she bore down – driving into Kim with all her strength, each thrust pushing Kim’s face harder into Annabel's crotch.

Kim’s noise started up again, Annabel was screaming hoarsely, and then they both reached a crescendo, moans echoing through the room as they climaxed. Kim slumped forward, her head coming to rest on Annabel’s thigh; Annabel went limp, eyes glassy, dead to the world.

Carla stood there looking down at them, stroking the juice-slick shaft of the strap-on, thinking, planning. She wasn’t done with them yet.


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