Monday, March 13, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 14

When Carla and Kim were through with her, Annabel lay sprawled out on the floor. She looked a sight – eyes two stupefied slits, sweat drying all over her body, hair rumpled, face glistening with girl juice. It was enough to make Carla take pity on her, uncuffing her hands, sitting her up, and giving her a glass of water to drink. Annabel smiled wanly and gazed out at the middle distance.

But Carla soon realized that there was no reason to feel bad for Annabel – she was completely blissed out, in a kind of trance. In fact Carla sort of envied her – under Carla’s sway, Annabel was discovering new avenues of ecstasy every day. Carla, young as she was, had experienced so much that she could be a little jaded. It took a lot to excite her, though this thing with her stepmother was doing a good job of it.

Annabel sat sipping her water as Carla and Kim dressed and took a minute to fix their hair. “So are we going to Blair’s?” asked Kim.

“Sure,” said Carla.

“Are you bringing her?” asked Kim, gesturing toward Annabel.

Carla laughed. “No, she's not ready for that scene,” she said. “Not yet.”

A minute later they swept out the door, Carla mumbling “See ya later,” while Kim favored Annabel with a warm smile. “Bye,” she said. “Thanks for, um, having me over.”

Annabel smiled back and managed a little wave, though she was still in no condition to speak. Once again she heard footsteps going down the stairs, the front door opening and closing, a car starting and pulling away. About 15 minutes later she finally pulled herself together enough to stand up and walk to her bedroom. She smelled all over of sweat and sex, and for a moment she thought about taking a shower. But then she decided she liked it, so she put on jeans and a T-shirt and went downstairs.

It was quiet in the house – too quiet, so Annabel put on some music, opened a bottle of wine, and made herself something to eat. After eating and cleaning up she adjourned to the back deck, where she once again sat sipping wine and thinking.

She started to try to tell himself that she was going to stop this thing with Carla, but even in the middle of thinking it she knew that she was kidding herself. She didn’t have the strength, and deep down she knew that she didn’t really want to. She was well on her way to becoming addicted to this new life. It wasn’t just the physical pleasure – though certainly that was a factor – it was the sheer excitement of it, the danger, the forbiddenness. 

Annabel didn’t go to church and didn’t consider herself a believer, but she’d been raised religious and retained a very strong sense of sin. And she knew instinctively that what she was involved in now was very sinful indeed – gay sex, group sex, bondage, sex with her husband’s daughter. And though the connection between her and Carla was more than just sex – it was a kind of fascination – that somehow made it feel all the more like some dark, shameful secret.

At the same time, Annabel was coming to realize just how boring her life had been before Carla came along to shake things up. She couldn’t remember when she’d felt more alive. What on Earth, she wondered, would happen next? Her imagination ran wild thinking of things she might be made to do – wicked, depraved, immoral, wonderful things.


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