Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 15

Annabel went to bed early and woke up early, feeling refreshed and energetic. Before going downstairs she went to Carla’s room and peeked in through the door, which was cracked open. Carla was sleeping on her side with her back to the door, breathing audibly. In her sleep she did not seem like the same powerful person; she looked vulnerable, innocent even.

After having breakfast Annabel went to the gym, the bank, the post office, the grocery store, and the farmers market. When she got back home she put everything away and, just out of curiosity, went upstairs and looked into Carla’s room again. Carla had rolled onto her other side and now had a sleep mask on. A sheet covered her lower half but her breasts were in full view. Annabel bit her lip. She remembered what those nipples felt like in her mouth, and she could hardly wait to taste them again.

Back downstairs, she got her book and set up in the corner of the kitchen where she liked to read. It was midafternoon before Carla appeared in her robe, looking bleary-eyed and rumpled. Annabel offered to make some breakfast but Carla waved her off, saying she only wanted a cup of coffee.

Sitting down at the kitchen table, Carla shaded her eyes from the bright sunlight as she sipped her coffee. “I may have gone a little overboard last night,” she said. “Whiskey is not always my friend.”

“You didn’t drive, did you?” asked Annabel. She was surprised at how parental she sounded, but she was genuinely concerned. Carla, sensing this, answered honestly.

“No, Kim was driving,” she said. “Thank God.”

After finishing her coffee Carla disappeared upstairs, and Annabel didn’t see her again for a couple hours. But when she returned Carla looked like her regular self again, cleaned up and bright-eyed. She was wearing a black string bikini that hid very little of her body, and Annabel found herself averting her eyes in reflexive embarrassment, despite the intimacies the two of them had shared.

“I’m going to go lay out,” said Carla. “Listen, I’m kind of partied out, I think I’m going to stay home tonight. Can you make something nice for dinner?”

Annabel nodded, glad that she had stocked up on supplies. As Carla sunbathed she labored diligently on a meal of roast chicken and vegetables, and they sat down to eat just as the sun was going down.

For awhile they were just like members of a normal family having a meal together, talking about this and that. The only off note was that Carla, who had taken off her top while sunbathing, was still dressed only in her bikini bottoms. Annabel found herself distracted and rather flustered by the sight of Carla’s naked breasts, a sheen of sweat forming on her forehead. It came as somewhat of a relief when the night began to cool down and Carla put on a shirt on.

After the meal Carla thanked Annabel and went back upstairs, having made no move to help clean up. Annabel supposed that this was pretty normal, too. By the time she’d cleared the table and washed the dishes, it was completely dark and quiet in the house.

But as she left the kitchen Annabel heard music coming from upstairs – droning and hypnotic, with a throbbing bassline and Eastern-sounding instruments. Something about it drew her in, and she found herself climbing the stairs one by one, the music growing a little louder with each step.

At the top of the stairs she turned toward Carla's room, where the music was coming from. It was dim in there, the only light coming from several candles in various parts of the room. There was a strong smell of incense and a haze of smoke hovered in the air.

It took a few seconds for Annabel to locate Carla, who was sitting in a chair by the window, gazing out impassively at the ocean. When Annabel entered the room Carla turned toward her with a look that gave her a chill: It was cold, imperious, penetrating.

In fact Carla had been sitting there thinking that she’d been going too easy on Annabel, losing her edge. Annabel had a genuine sweetness to her that Carla found charming, but she didn’t want to go soft. A lot of pleasure had passed between them, but there needed to be something more.

When Carla looked at her that way, part of Annabel wanted to flee. But she didn’t. Instead, she found herself walking over to where Carla was and dropping to her knees.

Pleased with this response, Carla took Annabel’s chin in her hands and gave her a good, hard kiss on the mouth. Annabel felt herself melting; whatever Carla wanted from her, Annabel was going to give, they both knew that.

Carla went to her bedside table and grabbed her sleep mask, which she used to blindfold Annabel. Then she stood Annabel up and stripped her; one by one Annabel’s shirt, bra, skirt, and panties hit the floor. Carla left Annabel’s socks on, because she always liked that look.

Now Carla arranged the docile Annabel on the bed and once again tied her head and foot to the bedposts. For a moment she stood there looking down at her bound, helpless, sightless stepmother. She wondered what Annabel thought was coming. Probably not what she was going to get.


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