Thursday, October 15, 2015

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 118

After leaving Jessica’s Ella went into town to pick up a few things at the all-night pharmacy. She liked to shop at odd hours, like late Saturday night, when there aren’t many people around.

On the way home she spotted a familiar figure on the side of the road. It was Lexi, looking lonely and vulnerable on a poorly lit side street, her blonde hair peeking out from underneath a pink knit cap. Ella pulled up alongside her and rolled down the window.

“Hey, Lex,” she said. “Give you a ride somewhere?”

Lexi nodded and climbed into Ella’s SUV, which was pleasantly warm and fragrant. “Just home, please.” She’d had a bit of a rough night. Alone in the house, again, she’d decided to attend the party a classmate had invited her to. But she didn’t know anyone there except for Kat, who was preoccupied with Kaci. Lexi felt shy and out of place, and after wandering from room to room for awhile, she eventually just drifted away into the night and began the trudge home.

She directed Ella to her house, which was just a few blocks away, but when they pulled up in front, she made no move to get out.

“Could I ask you a favor?” said Lexi.

“Of course.”

“My dad’s out of town, and I hate going into the house when there’s nobody there. Would you come in with me for a minute?”

Ella agreed and turned off the engine. Inside, Lexi switched on a few lights and poked her head into each room to make sure no intruders were lurking. “How about a cup of tea?” she asked.

Ella hesitated; she hadn’t planned on staying out any later than this. Then again, her husband and kids would be asleep by now anyway, and a cup of tea did sound nice. She agreed and Lexi smiled warmly, putting the various teas on the table for Ella to choose from.

Sensing that Lexi was lonely, Ella lingered over her tea for a good long time, before finally indicating that she was ready to get going. “OK,” said Lexi, “but can you do me a favor first?”


“Well, this is kind of silly, but sometimes I get scared going into my room when I’m alone. I’m afraid there’s going to be, like, a burglar hiding in there or something. Could you come up with me?”

“Sure,” answered Ella, and they climbed the stairs together and walked down the hall to Lexi’s room. Lexi flipped on the light, and no rapists or monsters jumped out at them.

Ella took a moment to look around. It most ways it was a typical teenage girl’s room, kind of messy with beauty products everywhere and band posters on the walls. But she also had some pretty interesting art in there, Matisse and Magritte and Monet, and Ella found herself revising upward her estimate of Lexi’s intelligence. She wondered whether, though a blonde herself, she had bought in to society’s preconception that blondes were dumber than other people.

Returning her attention to the room, Ella was surprised to see Lexi naked on her hands and knees on the bed, looking back over her shoulder. She was no longer the shy and uncertain girl of a few minutes earlier – the look on her face now was one of sly confidence. “I could really use a good spanking,” she said, her voice a husky growl. “Would you mind?”

Ella sighed with mock resignation. It looked like she wouldn’t be getting home for a while longer. How could you refuse such a request from a beautiful, blond, gloriously nude cheerleader? There was just no way.

The spanking had some real force behind it, though; Ella was a bit annoyed with Lexi for drawing her in this way. She had a busy day coming up, and this little escapade was going to cost her some sleep. On the other hand, her pulse was pounding, her adrenaline was pumping, and her crotch was throbbing; she wasn’t going to be sleeping for awhile anyway, so she might as well enjoy herself.

In the midst of being spanked, Lexi managed to turn herself so that she could unbutton Ella’s jeans and pull them down, then slip a hand between the older woman’s thighs. She was nice and wet there. Lexi slid a finger under the crotch of Ella’s panties and into her pussy, then brought the finger to her own mouth for a taste.

Finishing the spanking with decisive slaps to each butt cheek, Ella flipped Lexi over onto her back. For a moment she just stood looking down at the naked girl on the bed – Lexi reminded her of her younger self, except that Lexi was shorter and bustier. But she had that same look of innocence combined with sensuality that had made Ella a lot of money over the years.

Ella stepped out of her jeans and panties, and pulled off her t-shirt and bra. Leaning over the bed, she kissed Lexi on the mouth, then shifted forward a little so the younger girl could suckle on her tits. Lexi obliged with gusto, licking and nibbling on Ella’s nipples, then opening wide to take in full mouthfuls of boob.

Shifting forward again, Ella trailed her long torso over Lexi’s mouth, then pivoted 180 degrees so that her knees were straddling Lexi’s head. Lexi did not hesitate to stick out her tongue and get to work on the older woman’s pussy.

Reaching down to hold onto Lexi’s ample boobs, Ella ground hard against the cheerleader’s face, covering her nose and mouth in cunt juice. The two of them let out simultaneous moans, and then simultaneous giggles in response.

There was a mirror on the wall to her right in which Ella could see the top of Lexi’s blond head weaving from side to side between her legs. She also had a good angle on her own ass, which she had to say, looked fantastic; all the yoga she’d been doing had paid off.

The top half of Lexi’s body was pinned under Ella but the lower half was squirming, her legs spread wide, pussy obviously desperate for attention. Ella reached her arms out and inserted one finger between Lexi’s pussy lips – feeling the girl stiffen beneath her – then used the fingers of both hands to pry them apart, revealing the bright pink inside.

When Ella very gently brushed one fingertip against Lexi’s clit, Lexi shook so violently that Ella almost lost her balance. So she transferred her weight forward, braced herself with both hands, and leaned down until her head was between Lexi’s legs. Lexi wrapped her arms around Ella, digging her nails into Ella’s back, and they licked each other fiercely until both were spent.

Afterwards Ella crawled up next to Lexi and pulled a blanket over them. Lexi rolled over onto her side and rested her head on Ella’s shoulder. Ella generously waited until she was sure Lexi was asleep before sliding out from underneath, dressing, and finally heading home for the night.

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