Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 113

Jessica, Jane, and Marie slept well past noon; Josie had slipped out stealthily in the late morning. After a room-service brunch Jessica gave Marie and Jane a half-hour to digest, then announced that they were going to be punished for their behavior of the night before.

Both of them found this puzzling; as far as they knew, they had been acting in perfect accord with their mistress’s wishes the previous evening. She had certainly never expressed any displeasure at the time, but they knew better than to talk back. Instead they stripped naked and adjourned to the bedroom as instructed.

Jessica, of course, didn’t really think that the girls had misbehaved; she simply wanted to punish them, for reasons of her own. Partly, she wanted to test out her new whip. Partly, she felt that they’d all had it too easy lately; she wanted to punish Jane and Marie in a way that no one would enjoy, not even herself. And there was a third reason too.

She had each of the servants stretch out face-down on one of the beds, facing the middle of the room. Then she tied them head and foot to the bedposts and unpacked the whip, feeling its weight in her hand, experimentally swishing it through the air. There was a leather ottoman in the corner, and Jessica used it to test her dexterity with the new instrument, trying to find the right amount of force. With every blow there was the satisfying crack of leather on leather, and she could see Jane and Marie wince, their eyes widen.

When she felt ready she stood between the beds and said, “Eenie, meenie, minie....” The arrow landed on Marie, and Jessica ran the length of the whip a couple times up and down the length of the younger woman’s body, making her shudder and whimper quietly. Then she brought it down with a resounding “fwap” on the soft flesh of Marie’s rear. Marie yelped and bit her lip, then exhaled loudly as the pain subsided.

Turning to Jane, Jessica again stroked her body softly with the whip, letting her feel the texture of the leather on her skin. She dragged the whip across Jane’s back, butt, and thighs, gently, gently...and just when Jane had closed her eyes, surrendering to the sensual pleasure of it, Jessica raised the whip and delivered a solid stroke. Jane’s eyes flew open and she looked up, surprised at the force of the blow. She was also surprised by the look in Jessica’s eyes. Usually Jessica delivered punishment with a sense of playfulness, affection even. Today she just looked cold and hard.

Jessica alternated strikes of the whip between the two of them, each lash just a little harder than the last, sometimes opening up new areas of their bodies, sometimes returning to places already throbbing red. Marie and Jane’s cries grew progressively louder and more pitiful, their bodies stiffening with each impact, until finally they began to beg. “Please, no more,” whimpered Marie, tears in her eyes.

“What did we do?” pleaded Jane, immediately regretting it. She knew that no answer was forthcoming, and that she would probably be punished all the more for questioning.

In reply, Jessica simply found two ball gags and silenced their protests. In truth, she had been about ready to stop. But she couldn’t go soft on them now. Turning toward Jane, she raised her arm high into the air....

And there was a loud knock on the main door of the suite. Jessica paused, cocked her head, waited. The knock repeated. Finally, Jessica put the whip down and went to answer it.

Marie and Jane couldn’t see anything from where they were, but they heard the door open, and could make out the dialogue that followed:

“How can I help you?” asked Jessica.

A female voice answered. “The hotel informs us that there have been several complaints about noise coming from this suite. The sound of human screams, specifically.”

“Oh,” said Jessica, doing her best to sound surprised. “Well, there’s nothing untoward going on here, officer, I can assure you of that.”

“I’d like to come in and have a look around.”

“Don’t you need a warrant for that?” protested Jessica.

“Actually, ma’am, I don’t. This is a hotel, and all I need is clearance from the management.”

“I see,” said Jessica, sounding chastened. “Well, sure, go ahead.”

It was quiet for a minute after that, and when the police officer finally came into the bedroom, she stood for a moment looking down at the bound, naked women. She looked stunned, momentarily paralyzed. Moving quickly and quietly, Jessica crept up behind her and snagged the gun from her holster.

Marie and Jane gazed on in horror as Jessica turned the gun on the policewoman. Conditioned as they were to obedience, they would have said something or done something, had they been in any position to. As it was, all they could do was moan through their gags.

Jessica bobbed the barrel of the pistol and barked in a commanding tone, “Strip.” After a few tense seconds, the officer began to unbutton her shirt. Worried as they were, Marie and Jane could not help but note that this officer was very attractive – in her late 20s, blond, with long legs and nice full tits that were soon released from her bra.

The officer paused again, and again Jessica waved the gun at her. “Let’s go, blondie.”

Off came her pants, revealing a skimpy pair of pink panties that did not look very professional. She hooked one finger into the waistband, pulled the panties down and off, and tossed them aside. She finished by pulling off her hat and shaking out her long blond mane. If they hadn’t been so shocked by everything that was transpiring, Jane and Marie might have noticed that this was less like someone being held prisoner than a striptease.

Looking her naked captive up and down, Jessica gestured again with the gun. “On your knees.” The officer complied. Moving carefully over to where the pants lay on the floor, Jessica located the handcuffs dangling from them. With the barrel of the gun pressed against the back of the officer’s head, Jessica pulled her arms behind her back with one hand and dextrously cuffed them together.

Flashing an evil grin, Jessica untied the sash of her robe, pulled it off, and let it fall to the floor. Next to the ottoman in the corner was a leather-backed chair, which Jessica now sat on, spreading her legs wide and gesturing toward her crotch with the gun. “Eat my pussy,” she ordered.

The officer crawled forward on her knees until she was between Jessica’s legs. Jessica grabbed a handful of blond hair and used it to pull the attached head toward her, gripping it between her thighs.

Marie and Jane continued to look on helplessly, scarcely able to believe what they were witnessing. Jessica leaned back in the chair and ran the gun through the “officer’s” hair as she was serviced. But of course it was a toy gun, and this was no police officer; in fact it was a prostitute, a friend of Erica’s. Jessica and Erica had cooked up this scenario between them the night before, as she would explain to Jane and Marie when it was all over.

In the meantime, they could tell by Jessica’s face that she was close to orgasm; she sat the gun down on a bedside table and used both hands to tweak her nipples. When she came she released her grip on the blonde, who sat back, face smeared with pussy juice, looking dazed but still beautiful.

After a minute’s recovery Jessica stood and bent the blonde forward over the chair. Then she went to get Magic. Loud as Jane and Marie’s screams had been, the “officer’s” cries as she was pounded from behind were even louder. Jessica half-expected a real police officer to show up.

After fucking the ersatz policewoman senseless, Jessica offered her a drink, then had Jane and Marie lick her pussy. In this way they pleasantly passed most of the afternoon.


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