Sunday, September 6, 2015

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 116

After getting home from shopping, Kat had taken a shower and a nap, and then had dinner with the family. Another classmate was having another party that night, so after dinner she borrowed her mom’s car – promising to be be careful and keep the drinking to a minimum – and made her way across town.

It took her a while to find the house, which was in a neighborhood she’d never been to before, on a one-way street that was hard to access. She finally pulled up in front of a somewhat rundown but spacious suburban home with a giant oak tree out front.

The party was crowded and loud and for a second Kat thought, maybe I’m not in the mood for this. But then she saw Kaci, who immediately ran over and gave her a big hug. 

As the two of them walked to the kitchen together to get drinks, Kaci told Kat that she and her boyfriend had had a big fight the night before and broken up. She implied that the fight had been precipitated by Kaci’s flirting with Kat. “He’s such a jerk,” said Kaci. “He said some really mean things about you.”

“Like what?” asked Kat.

“I don’t want to say.”

“It’s alright,” Kat reassured her. “Just tell me.”

Kaci leaned a little closer. “He said you were a cunt-munching whore.”

Kat grinned. “That’s so not true,” she said. “I never take money for it.”

Kaci giggled. “You’re so funny.” Just then new song with a heavy bassline came on the stereo, and Kaci grabbed Kat’s hand and led her to the living room, where people were dancing.

The two of them spent the next couple hours dancing together, pretty much ignoring everyone else around them, getting closer and closer, dancing dirtier and dirtier. At one point Kaci openly rubbed her crotch on Kat’s thigh, and Kat grinned to herself – she knew what was going to happen here, but there was no reason to be in a hurry about it.

Later, during a particularly long and funky James Brown song, Kat saw Lexi across the room. She nodded a greeting, but quickly returned her attention to the matter at hand. Kaci’s tits were bobbing rhythmically, her erect nipples plainly visible under her t-shirt. Kat imagined what they were going to feel like in her mouth, and realized that she was actually drooling. It was time to close the deal.

When the song ended, Kaci collapsed onto the couch in the corner, exhausted. Kat wiped the sweat from her brow and went to the kitchen, where she grabbed two bottles of beer. For a few minutes she and Kaci just sat together, sipping their delicious cold beverages, recharging their batteries. Then Kat abruptly stood, helped Kaci up from the couch, and wrapped one hand around Kaci’s skinny arm.

Weaving through the crowd, Kat steered Kaci down a hallway and up a flight of stairs, then another. She wanted to find a nice private place, and finally settled on a quiet third-floor bedroom lit only by a nightlight in the corner.

After gently removing Kaci’s glasses and sitting them on a bedside table, Kat leaned forward to kiss her. Kaci kissed back aggressively, sloppily, and with lots of tongue. It was a couple minutes before Kat could break away long enough to pull Kaci’s t-shirt off. She was braless underneath, and her tits were perfect little handfuls, so Kat took one in each hand and squeezed, tweaking the nipples to make them even harder.

Sitting Kaci down on the bed, Kat bent down and spent some quality time with her breasts. They were delightfully soft, smooth, and sweet-tasting, with just a hint of salt from her sweat. Kaci whimpered softly and ran her fingers through Kat’s green hair. Kat ran one hand up Kaci’s thigh to her crotch; it was quite damp, the liquid soaking through the fabric of her jeans. She was ready.

Kat unbuttoned Kaci’s jeans and helped her wriggle out of them; they were tight enough that it was a bit of a struggle. Now Kaci was on her back, wearing only a black thong and black-and-white-striped socks. Kat reached down and slid her hands up Kaci’s tender thighs. Then she ran her thumbs along Kaci’s hipbones and hooked them into the waistband of the thong.

Tossing the thong aside, Kat pushed one index finger between Kaci’s pussy lips, feeling her muscles reflexively contract. She was extremely tight – that boyfriend of hers must have a tiny dick, Kat thought.

Kat continued to finger-fuck Kaci as she fell to her knees and ran her tongue gently all around Kaci’s belly and pelvis. Kaci squirmed and moaned, her breathing coming heavy and ragged. When Kat rubbed her thumb against Kaci’s clit, Kaci came like a freight train. This poor girl is on a hair trigger, thought Kat. Poor thing, I bet her man never makes her come.

Kat gave Kaci 30 seconds to savor the orgasm, then got to work with her tongue. Feeling generous, she made Kaci come three more times before she came up for air. Kaci didn’t move for awhile, just lay there with a dreamy look on her face. “Holy shit,” she said as she finally sat up. “You don’t mess around.”

Kaci was eager to reciprocate, and Kat happily let herself be undressed and stretched out on the bed to receive her just desserts. This was Kaci’s first time sucking another woman’s breasts, and she found that she quite liked it – the feel of the soft flesh in her mouth, the hard nipple pressing against her tongue. She got so caught up in that Kat eventually had to push her head down to encourage her to explore further south.

Upon arriving between Kat’s legs, Kaci spent a little time just staring at her pussy from a few inches away. This was all a new experience for her. Is that what mine looks like, she wondered? The smell was familiar, but subtly different too. Finally Kaci bent forward and placed a kiss on Kat’s blond mons, then extended her tongue and took her first tentative taste.

Kat sighed and opened her legs all the way. Kaci was slow at first, exploring the territory, figuring out what made Kat feel good. But after a while she got into it, pushing her tongue deep inside for awhile, then lapping gently at Kat’s clit.

Suddenly something caught Kat’s attention out of the corner of her eye. Out in the hallway, there was a movement in the shadows. She thought she saw a face, but it was hard to make anything out in the dim light.

In fact, they were now being watched by Kaci’s boyfriend – or, technically, ex-boyfriend – Steven. He’d arrived at the party about 15 minutes previously, drunk and angry, looking to find Kaci and tell her a thing or two. When people told him that she had last been seen with Kat, he got even madder and went looking for them. But now that he had found them, he could do nothing but stand and watch as Kaci’s head bobbed up and down between Kat’s legs.

For a second Kat was freaked out at being spied on, but Kaci was doing such a good job, Kat didn’t want to break her rhythm. So she said fuck it, who cares, and after a minute it started to feel kind of sexy knowing that someone was watching them. Just then a car came down the street, and for a split second the light from the headlights illuminated the room, revealing Steven standing in the doorway with his erect cock in his hand. A strange, knowing look passed between them, and then it was dark again.

Immediately Kat was hit with an orgasm that almost knocked her unconscious. By the time she opened her eyes again, Steven was gone. The two girls crawled under the covers and cuddled for awhile. Kat debated whether to tell Kaci that Steven had been there, but ended up deciding against it. It seemed now like some weird dream she’d had; she didn’t feel 100% sure that it had really happened.

By this time it was getting late and the party was breaking up, so they got dressed and said their goodbyes. Kat got the feeling, she didn’t know why, that this was probably a one-time thing. And that was fine; she’d had fun, but there was still a whole world to explore.

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