Monday, July 31, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 55

Annabel woke up squishy wet between the legs. She must have had a sexy dream, she thought.

She gazed over at Carla, who was sleeping next to her, mostly uncovered. Annabel was very tempted to lean down and start sucking Carla’s nipples, but then Carla rolled over onto her side facing away, and Annabel saw that they were not alone. Kim was snoozing away on Carla’s other side, and Annabel realized that there must have been more activity in this bed after she’d fallen asleep.

For a minute Annabel felt a little put out, wondering what she had missed. But, she told herself, there was still the whole day to look forward to.

After sliding out of bed Annabel put on her robe and went downstairs to make some tea. She was so horny that she thought about masturbating, but she really wanted to fuck somebody, so she kept herself distracted with web surfing until Carla and Kim finally appeared, still gloriously naked, just before noon.

To Annabel’s disappointment, though, neither of them appeared interested in sex, even after Annabel let her robe fall open and sat with her legs spread. Instead, they had bowls of cereal and headed out to the deck, where they spent most of the afternoon sunbathing in the nude. Annabel joined them for awhile, hoping that something might kick off, but neither Carla or Kim made a move, and Annabel was still a little too shy to initiate anything herself.

Eventually Annabel gave up and went to the upstairs bathroom to finger herself, but it didn’t help, just made her that much more aroused. When she stepped out of the bathroom, Carla was standing there at the top of the stairs dressed in nothing but a thin sheen of sweat. A whole fantasy ran through Annabel’s mind in a flash: Carla would order her to her knees, step forward, push Annabel’s face into her crotch and make Annabel lick her pussy right there in the hallway. Then she’d take Annabel into the bedroom, tie her up, and fuck her with a strap-on while Kim sat on her face.

But none of that happened. Instead Carla — oblivious to Annabel’s look of pleading neediness — said firmly, “Get cleaned up. We’re going out tonight.”

Obediently, Annabel showered, shaved, and powdered, then presented herself for inspection. Carla nodded approvingly, then she and Kim worked together to squeeze Annabel into a dress that they’d bought the day before, a skintight leather sheath that showed a lot of cleavage and barely came down to midthigh. With this dress no underwear was necessary, or even possible, but they added a garter belt and Annabel’s highest heels to the outfit.

Between the wobbly heels and the constricting dress Annabel could barely walk, but it wasn’t like she was going to need to get anywhere in a hurry. Kim took her by the arm and led her slowly into the bathroom. Rummaging through the makeup kit she’d brought, Kim brought out dark eye shadow and black lipstick, which she used to complete Annabel’s look.

When she looked into the mirror Annabel barely recognized the bondage queen staring back at her. She looked very sexy and quite formidable, like a whole different person. Kim came up behind her, kissed Annabel on the neck, then gently licked her ear, making her shiver and causing goosebumps to raise on her skin. “You look yummy,” whispered Kim.

Carla and Kim also dressed for the occasion, but their outfits were conservative by comparison. Kim wore a simple white dress, while Carla matched a black leather skirt with a black tank top. In her heels Annabel was almost as tall as Carla, which felt funny.

When Carla saw Annabel stepping gingerly down the stairs, holding tight to the banister for support, her heart skipped a beat. Annabel had never looked so smoking hot, and Carla gave serious thought to blowing off their plans and fucking her stepmother right there and then. She’d wanted to all day but held off to make sure Annabel would be in a heightened state of sexual tension. In the process she’d managed to make herself frustrated too. But she was sure it would be worth it in the end.

Shaking her head, Carla made herself look away and turned toward the front door. As they were leaving Annabel started to remove her collar, but Carla stopped her. “Entirely appropriate for where we’re going,” she said with a devilish grin.


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