Friday, July 7, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter Chapter 48

When she came Annabel lost her balance and flopped over onto the floor so hard that Carla was worried she might have hurt herself. Annabel insisted that she was alright, though. “Nothing wounded but my pride,” she said, echoing a phrase that was a favorite of her father’s.

Carla helped Annabel up and led her upstairs. At the top of the stairs Annabel excused herself for a few seconds and ran into her room. When she returned, her collar was back in its rightful place. Carla smiled widely. “Good girl,” she said.

They adjourned to Carla’s room and went at it every which way: pussy-licking, 69, strap-on, face dildo. Carla was pleased to see that Annabel was really starting to shed her inhibitions. In fact it was she who’d gone into the drawer and gotten the face dildo, then dropped to her knees in front of Carla.

Afterward they were both starving and neither had the energy left to cook, so they decided to go out. After a quick shower they headed to Carla’s favorite sushi place. The food seemed to take forever — possibly just because they were so hungry — but when it came it was fantastic.

Annabel couldn’t remember when she’d been so happy. Here she was with her beautiful stepdaughter/lover, eating a delicious meal, body still buzzing with sexual ecstasy. Sighing with pleasure at almost every bite, she put away the sushi like it was going out of style.

Carla was no slouch in the sushi-eating department either. She remembered hearing once that anyone who liked sushi also liked to eat pussy. It was certainly true in her own case, and apparently in Annabel’s as well.

When the sushi was gone they both sat back, sighing contentedly. They’d overordered but the food was so good that they’d finished it anyway.

Carla was happy too, though a part of her was suspicious of anything that resembled cozy domesticity. She reminded herself that she was, after all, in charge of this situation, and that it didn't have to be anything she didn’t want it to be. 

As they lay in bed together that night, Annabel finally did something she’d been wanting to do for awhile now: Plucked up her courage and told Carla about Dylan. Carla’s reaction was immediate and decisive: “Well shit, invite her over to dinner. As soon as possible. Why didn’t you tell me about this sooner?"

Carla was pleased for two reasons. First, because Annabel was now going out into the world and reeling in women that she’d never have found otherwise. Second, because Annabel had known better than to fuck anyone without her permission.

The next day was not one of Annabel’s normal yoga days, but she went to the studio anyway, hoping that Dylan would be there too. She arrived just as the first class of the morning was starting, but was disappointed to see no redheads in the crowd. 

Afterward she dawdled at the studio’s juice bar, keeping one eye on the door. She had just about given up when Dylan appeared. They smiled at each other and hugged; Dylan sensed immediately from Annabel’s demeanor that something had changed.

After a minute of small talk Annabel blurted out, “Can you come to dinner tonight?” Then, realizing that she needed to clarify, she added, “With, um, me and my stepdaughter.”

As it happened, Dylan’s husband had been away on location all week, so she was not just horny but lonely. She happily accepted the invitation, even though she would rather have had Annabel to herself.

Annabel walked away feeling proud of herself for being so assertive and excited about that evening, but also wondering — as she so often had lately — what exactly she was getting herself into.


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