Thursday, July 20, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 52

Carla invited Dylan to spend the night, but she declined. In the aftermath of their intense and passionate three-way, Dylan seemed a little embarrassed, like she had gone too far. Carla thought that was silly, but she understood that not everyone felt as free as she did about indulging their desires.

Annabel and Carla slept deeply and contentedly, feeling all the closer for having shared this new experience together. Annabel had a sexy dream where her whole yoga class was naked, and woke up wet and horny. But she found herself alone in bed. She threw on a robe and headed down the stairs, smelling the aroma of the strong coffee Carla favored wafting up from the kitchen.

It was another sunny, beautiful day and they were both in ebullient moods. They had no particular plans for the day and were absolutely free to do as they pleased; so of course they decided to go shopping.

They showered, dressed, and headed to the mall. As they walked in Annabel found herself wondering if people could tell just by looking at them that they had a special relationship. Or did they just look like any two women off to spend some money?

One of their first stops was at the lingerie shop, where they were served by an absolutely ravishing young woman in her mid-20s. Her nametag said “Farah” and she had that classic Persian look: dark hair, dark eyes, and smooth, light brown skin. She was very friendly, helpful, even a little flirty. 

At first, Carla and Annabel were the only customers, and Farah was very attentive, handing clothes into the fitting room for them. Carla took advantage of the privacy to fondle Annabel, pinching her nipples, cupping her breasts, and briefly fingering her pussy. She hoped that Farah might walk in on them, but so such luck; the shop was filling up, and Farah found herself dividing her attention between a half-dozen women. 

When they checked out, Farah apologized, saying that her co-worker had called in sick and left her to look after the shop by herself. Carla walked away with several new pairs of panties, while Annabel got a garter belt and stockings that Carla had picked out for her.

They spent the rest of the day shopping for clothes and shoes, taking time for a long, leisurely lunch at an Asian fusion restaurant and mani/pedis at the mall’s most expensive spa. Several times they made trips back to the car to drop off their accumulated packages. They spent a lot of time in fitting rooms, and Carla molested her stepmother every chance she got, with the result that Annabel’s nipples were visibly hard all day and her panties were constantly soaked.

Carla loved watching people watch Annabel, knowing that this beautiful woman who so many lusted after was entirely under her dominion. She fantasized about parading Annabel around the mall naked, collared, and leashed, offering to her anyone who wanted her. Or to anyone Carla thought deserved her, which was something else entirely.

At the end of the day, as they made their way back to the parking lot, they passed by the lingerie shop again. Farah was in the window, bent over, fussing with the window display. In this position her short black skirt was riding up, revealing her strong, shapely thighs and the bottom part of her ass.

For a minute Carla and Annabel just stood and watched, hypnotized by what they were seeing. But Carla’s mind was racing, planning. She craned her head to look into the shop; there were no customers inside. The sign on the door still said “Open,” but closing time was fast approaching.

“Go in there and offer yourself to that girl,” said Carla.

“Huh?” responded Annabel.

“I want you to go in there,” repeated Carla. “Tell her she’s pretty, and offer to lick her pussy.”

Annabel blushed at the mere thought of what was being suggested. “I...I couldn’t....”

Carla’s expression turned cold and hard. “You want to walk home? Do as I tell you.” When Annabel looked like she was about to start crying, Carla took pity on her. “Look, what’s the worst that could happen? She says no, we go home.” Glancing back over at Farah — who had now bent over even more, revealing a bit of thong — Carla added, “On the other hand....”

Annabel felt a surge of electricity between her legs. Taking a deep breath, she gathered her courage, opened the door, and stepped inside.


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