Friday, October 6, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 66

Carla woke up the next morning feeling absolutely certain that it was going to be a special day. All she had to do was ride the wave, let things happen, and maybe give them a little push here and there.

After having coffee and some eggs that Laura had thoughtfully left for them, she and Annabel headed out again to the beach. And again, after laying out in their swimsuits for awhile, they ended up sunbathing in the nude. The weather was absolutely perfect: sunny and warm, but with a cool breeze blowing in off the ocean that kept them from overheating.

In the early afternoon they decided to adjourn back to the house for a snack and a nap. And maybe, Carla thought as she watched Annabel’s naked ass sway down the path ahead of her, something more. This time they had started walking back without covering up. As they approached the house Carla hoped to see Laura peeking through a window, but there no sign of her.

Laura had also left some grapes and melon which they took to bed with them, playfully feeding each other and licking the juice from their fingers. When the fruit was gone Carla climbed up to straddle Annabel’s face, then bent down into a nice 69. After two orgasms each they fell asleep for a bit.

When they woke up Carla heard footsteps from upstairs, and knew immediately what needed to be done. She had Annabel get dressed and go upstairs to invite Laura to have dinner with them that evening. While Annabel was gone she stretched a little and made more coffee.

After a few minutes, Annabel returned, reporting success in her mission. Carla gave her a kiss and a long, lingering hug; catching a glimpse of them in the mirror, she noted what an unusual situation this was, for her to be naked while Annabel was fully clothed. Usually it was the other way around.

They had coffee and drove to the nearest grocery, where Carla went a little crazy, buying enough meat and vegetables for a half-dozen meals. When they got back to the house it was getting late in the afternoon, but before getting ready to cook, Carla made sure that they both looked exactly the way she wanted them to. For Annabel that meant a skimpy blue string bikini that showed off her ample tits and ass. For herself Carla chose her shortest cutoffs and a cropped t-shirt that came down to just below her breasts, with no bra underneath.

Intending to do everything outside, Carla moved the food and necessary equipment to a table in the shade. Even this late in the day, it was still quite warm, with collected heat seemingly radiating from every nook and cranny. After setting Annabel to work chopping onions, Carla put some music on and opened one of the several very nice bottles of wine she had brought.

As if drawn by the sound of the cork opening, Laura appeared. She was wearing a loose but flattering sundress whose light color set off the brown of her bare arms and feet. Carla thought that she looked even more beautiful than she had the day before; she was glowing, almost.

“Hola,” said Laura, “como estas?”, and Carla and Annabel answered in their best pidgin Spanish. After that they switched to English, and for the next couple hours they talked, cooked, and drank wine as the sun gradually set. Everything felt incredibly natural and easy; there was no reason to be in a hurry, and no reason to delay either.

For Carla, the whole scene began to feel like deja vu, like she knew exactly what was going to happen next. Every once in a while she and Laura would lock eyes, and some kind of communication seemed to pass between them, like they understood each other on some fundamental level and were just reconfirming what they already knew. Occasionally she caught Laura’s gaze lingering on Annabel’s body, which had never looked better than it did right now: tan and ripe and rounded in all the right places.

By the time the sun had fully set, all the wine was gone and there was a definite electricity in the air. Laura volunteered to go upstairs for another bottle while Carla and Annabel collected the trash and moved the dirty dishes inside.

While she was in her apartment Laura got a phone call, so it was 15 minutes or so before she returned downstairs. She found the apartment lit by flickering candlelight, piano tango music drifting through the air. In the corner of the living room, Annabel was bent over a chair, ball-gagged with her hands tied behind her back.

Laura and Carla exchanged glances. A smile curled the corner of Laura’s mouth and she shrugged as if to say, “I expected as much.” The bottle of wine she’d brought was a screwtop, and she popped it open as Carla got glasses. Laura poured each of them a glass and after sipping they kissed, softly and sweetly at first, then with force and passion.

Breaking the clinch, Carla took Laura by the shoulders and sat her down on the chair that was against the wall behind her. Laura sat sipping her wine as Carla walked over toward Annabel and got down on one knee.

Carla untied the bottom of Annabel’s bikini and tossed it aside. After briefly caressing Annabel’s rump, Carla lifted her hand and brought it down firmly on the left cheek. Annabel shuddered and moaned into her gag; her ass was still raw from the caning the night before, so even though Carla spanked her relatively gently, she was soon whimpering pathetically.

When Laura stood and approached them, she had a fire in her eyes. Carla expected that she might want to spank Annabel herself. Instead, she took Carla by surprise for the first time that night. Kneeling down next to Annabel, Laura bent forward, lifted her dress, and presented Carla with her naked rear end.


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