Saturday, September 23, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 65

When Carla and Annabel woke up the next morning, Yasmin was gone and the sun was just peeking over the walls of the valley outside. They were hung over but not debilitatingly so; after quickly showering they set off in search of breakfast. The hotel once again seemed to be completely abandoned, but they did find some coffee and pastries in the lobby, so they helped themselves and before long were back on the road.

They only had a few hours to drive so they took their time, both of them having occasional flashbacks of the previous night’s delights. An amazing meal followed by a threesome with a mysterious, beautiful woman ... already this trip was turning out well.

They crossed the border before noon and kept heading south along the coast. In midafternoon they arrived at their destination, which was even more impressive than it had looked online — a quiet, secluded beach framed by sparkling turquoise water.

They were renting the bottom half of a duplex; their hostess, whose name was Laura, had told Carla to knock on the door of the top unit when they arrived. She did so, and after a few seconds the door was answered by a woman in her 30s with big, dark brown eyes and a sly smile.

Carla was taken aback. In the blurry picture she’d seen online, Laura had looked awkward and frumpy. The woman standing in front of her was something else altogether. She had unusual but striking features and wavy hair that was either blonde with brown streaks or brown with blond streaks. Carla was immediately smitten.

Opening the door,  Laura invited them in and introduced herself, pronouncing her name in the exotic way: “Lao-ra.” Carla found herself uncharacteristically tongue-tied. Laura, fortunately, was very talkative, keeping up a steady stream of patter as she welcomed them and brought them glasses of watermelon-infused water. Before they left Laura’s apartment to see their own unit, Carla took a look around for any signs of a husband, boyfriend, or roommate; but as far as she could tell, this was the home of a single woman.

As Laura showed them around Carla found herself listening but not really hearing; Laura had a lovely voice with a charming accent, but Carla was much more interested in the way she moved. She was skinnier than Carla usually liked, but she just had a way about her; she was lithe and long-limbed, with a dancer’s grace.

Carla felt disappointed when Laura finished the tour and left them alone; her mind was whirling, plotting, strategizing, devising scenarios. But for the moment she let all that go. It was a beautiful day and after bringing in their suitcases, she and Annabel decamped for the beach. Initially they wore bathing suits but the beach was so quiet and deserted that after a few minutes Carla stripped naked, and Annabel followed suit.

When the sun was going down they wrapped themselves in towels and returned to the apartment. As they walked up Laura was standing in the bay window facing the water. Had she been watching them, Carla wondered? She hoped so.

As they passed Carla favored their hostess with a big smile, but Laura quickly turned away, looking preoccupied. Carla shrugged. There was time.

She and Annabel dressed and walked down the beach to the nearest town, where there was a restaurant that Laura had recommended. They had a wonderful dinner and several margaritas; at the nearby liquor store Carla bought a bottle of tequila to take home, cracking it open and sipping as they strolled home along the suddenly cool seashore. As they approached the house Carla looked for Laura in the window, but there was no sign of her; a light was on in her bedroom, however.

Carla was in a strange mood that night; Annabel could sense it, and was a little apprehensive. Her suspicions turned out to be well-founded; it wasn’t long before she found herself naked, face-down on the bed, wrists lashed to the headboard.

Meanwhile Carla stood over her suitcase, inspecting the implements of discipline and other toys she had brought. After a minute she picked up her cane. She wanted, more than anything else, to make Annabel scream as loud as possible for the benefit of their upstairs neighbor. She didn’t even bother to offer a pretense for the punishment; she just wanted to do it, and that was enough.

Starting slowly and almost gently, Carla gradually built up the intensity of the beating. Annabel’s moans reverberated through the quiet house, which was sparsely adorned and thus had excellent acoustics. At one point Carla leaned down, whispered the word “Louder” into Annabel’s ear, and brought the cane down on the older woman’s rump with a decisive crack.

After that Annabel didn’t really feel the pain anymore. It became kind of therapeutic for her, filling her lungs with air and then letting it go in a series of full-throated howls. When the caning was over her whole body was tingling, almost crackling with electrical energy.

Putting the cane aside, Carla equipped herself with a strap-on and made Annabel scream in a whole different way. All the while she imagined Laura listening to them upstairs, and wondered what she might be thinking.


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