Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 63

Finding the hotel was easy, as it was the only building in the valley. From the outside it looked huge and majestic, if a little rundown. The lobby was the same – cavernous and ornate, but the carpet was worn and the paint was peeling in places.

It also seemed to be completely devoid of human life. Against the far wall was a long counter, in the middle of which sat a bell. Carla rang it, and the sound echoed through the empty space for several seconds before finally dying away. After a minute she rang it again, and still no one appeared. Shrugging, she took out her phone to start looking for the next nearest hotel, but there was no service.

Finally a little old man who looked like he’d been there since the place originally opened shuffled into the room and checked them in. Moving painfully slowly, he led them to their room, which turned out to be magnificent — huge and airy, with a canopy bed, an antique sofa, and a loft.

By the time they showered and changed they were both feeling ravenous. The reviews Carla had read online had stressed how good the hotel’s restaurant was, which at the moment she was finding hard to believe. But they set out in search of it and, after a few wrong turns, found themselves in a gigantic dining room. Only a few of the many tables were occupied, all of them by men eating alone.

For a minute Carla and Annabel stood looking around; it was silent in the room except for the scraping of silverware on plates and the faint sound of classical music that seemed to be coming from far away. Then a door to their left swung open and a woman appeared.

Carla did a double-take as she approached them. She was absolutely, stunningly, painfully gorgeous, with dark hair, dark eyes, and copper-brown skin. The tight-fitting black dress she wore was cut low on top and high on the bottom; her nametag said “Yasmin.”

“Hi!” she said, her mouth curling into a winning smile. Carla was uncharacteristically flustered; she stood just staring at Yasmin, wondering where she’d gotten her genes. She was probably some combination of Latin and Native American, Carla thought, but with her coloring she could just as easily have been Persian. Her age could have been anywhere from 20 to 40; hers was the kind of simple beauty that aged well.

It was Annabel who finally said, “Two for dinner, please.”

“Of course,” said Yasmin, and led them to a table set apart from the rest of the diners. Annabel and Carla sat down on the same side of the table and huddled over their menus while Yasmin brought them water and bread. They ordered martinis and when Yasmin returned with the drinks they were still studying the menus, unable to make up their minds.

In the end they didn’t need to. “Listen,” said Yasmin, grinning conspiratorially, “as you can see, we’re not very busy tonight. Let me have the chef put together a tasting menu for you. I’ll pair a wine with each course. Sound OK?”

“Sure,” said Carla, closing her menu with a sigh of relief. “Cheers,” she said, raising her glass toward the waitress, then clicking it with Annabel’s.

“Wonderful,” said Yasmin, picking up the menus. Then she whispered, as if it were a secret, “Our chef’s a genius.”

She turned out to be right. Each course was better than the one before, each wine perfectly matched with the food. As they ate the restaurant gradually cleared out until they were the only customers left, and Yasmin started lingering by their table, discussing the food, the wine, and anything else that came to mind.

Carla started to wonder: Is this girl just super-nice, or is she flirting with us? She felt certain that her and Annabel’s body language made clear the nature of their relationship, and more than once Yasmin winked at them as she brought some new delicacy to the table.

By the time they got to dessert they were both incredibly full — not to mention pretty tipsy — but Yasmin talked them into a chocolate-pumpkin cheesecake that was decadently delicious. When it was gone Carla leaned back in her chair and asked for brandy; a minute later Yasmin sat a bottle and two snifters down on their table. “I have to take care of some stuff in the kitchen,” she said. “I’ll be back in a few minutes, OK?”

When she returned she was carrying a third snifter, and she poured herself two fingers of brandy. “It’s almost closing time,” she said, winking again.

“I’d love to give my compliments to the chef,” said Carla.

“That’s nice,” answered Yasmin, “but he’s very shy, you know. I’ll be sure to pass them on, though.” Sipping her brandy, Yasmin sighed. “There aren’t very many of us left. I’m afraid this place isn’t going to be around much longer.”

When she finished her drink she sighed and said, “Well, I’d better start cleaning up. Will you be charging this to your room?” Carla nodded. “That’s room 154, correct?”

When Carla nodded again Yasmin’s gaze lingered meaningfully on her own, and Carla felt her heart start to beat a little faster. Without saying another word, Yasmin spun on her heel and started to walk toward the kitchen; Carla watched her delightful rump sway back and forth until she finally disappeared through the door.

In their drunken condition it took Carla and Annabel even longer to get back to their room than it had to find the restaurant, but they finally made it. Turning on a single light in a sconce nestled in a corner of the room, Carla poured herself a glass of water and told Annabel to take her clothes off. When she was naked Carla found her collar in the suitcase and snapped it on, then bound her wrists and ankles to the four bedposts.

For the next half-hour they just waited. Carla killed time stroking Annabel’s nipples, playing with her pubic hair, and teasing her inner thighs. She wanted her stepmother whipped up into a fine frenzy for what she felt sure was about to happen.

Finally there was a soft knock at the door, and even before Carla could answer it, it began to swing open. Yasmin stepped in and closed the door behind her; kicking off her shoes, she glanced over at the naked blonde tied to the bed. She was carrying a bottle of champagne in a bucket of ice, which she sat down on a sideboard.

Smiling a mysterious Mona Lisa smile, Yasmin stepped over to where Carla was standing. They embraced, then kissed, then kissed harder. Carla reached both hands around to squeeze Yasmin’s ass; it was pleasingly plump, firm yet yielding. Yasmin moaned into Carla’s mouth as their tongues intertwined.

Next Carla took hold of the top of Yasmin’s dress and popped her breasts out; she was braless underneath. They were utterly superb and Carla took a few moments to admire them before sucking on one, then the other. Her nipples were big, dark brown, and rock-hard; Carla gently closed her teeth on each one.

There was a moan of frustration from the bed, where the bound Annabel was annoyed at not being able to participate. Carla gazed over at her coolly, giving her a look that said “Soon enough.”

Carla lifted Yasmin’s dress up over her head and tossed it aside; she was now wearing nothing but black lace panties and knee-length black stockings. Carla whispered something in her ear and she nodded.

Turning, Yasmin climbed up onto the bed and stretched out full-length on top of Annabel. As they kissed Yasmin let one of her legs slip between Annabel’s; Annabel humped it shamelessly, rubbing her attention-starved pussy against Yasmin’s thigh. Meanwhile Annabel could feel the warmth of Yasmin’s crotch against her own leg.

Carla looked on, slowly undressing as she watched the two women on the bed make out. After a few minutes Yasmin began to move down Annabel’s body, sucking and licking her tits, nibbling her belly. Annabel’s whole body went stiff when Yasmin’s tongue touched her cunt. Then she arched her back and strained forward, greedy for more.

Coming up behind Yasmin, Carla fondled her rear for a minute, then let one hand find its way down between her legs. She probed up inside, feeling Yasmin’s muscles clench against her finger. Then she decided she couldn’t wait another second to taste this delectable specimen; she rolled over onto her back, pulled the crotch of Yasmin’s panties aside, and started licking.

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