Thursday, September 7, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 62

As she and Carla drove home from Dylan’s, Annabel pulled out her phone, which she’d left in the glove compartment while they were inside. A minute later Carla heard her groan and mutter, “Oh, God.”

“What’s up?” asked Carla sympathetically.

Annabel explained that she’d received a message from her husband, Carla’s father, saying that he would be arriving that evening for three days at home. This sent her into something of a panic. The tone of the message had been unusually friendly, leading her to think he was up to something. In the current state of things she couldn’t bear the thought of him touching her, much less trying to have sex with her.

The two of them talked it over, and by the time they got home they had a plan; they would use this crisis as an opportunity to go on a trip together. Annabel would tell her husband that she had suddenly been called home to visit her sick mother. This was plausible because it had already happened about six months previously, and Annabel was confident he wouldn’t call to check up on her; he hadn’t spoken to either of her parents since the day of their wedding.

Annabel felt a little guilty about using her mother’s health as a pretext to get out of town with her young lesbian lover. But under the circumstances she wanted a cover story that she felt absolutely sure her husband wouldn’t question.

Carla, for her part, didn’t need to make any excuses to anyone. She went where she wanted and did as she pleased.

The minute they got home Carla was on the internet researching possible destinations. Within a half-hour she had decided on Baja California and booked them an AirBnB starting the following night; that night they would stay at a hotel along the way.

Meanwhile Annabel had been packing; Carla quickly threw together a suitcase and by midafternoon they were on the road. The minute they hit the highway, the anxiety Annabel had been feeling was replaced by an exhilarating sense of freedom. She turned up the Tom Petty song on the radio and started singing along, prompting a smile from Carla, who had never seen her stepmother act so carefree and girlish.

They weren’t far down the road before Carla’s hand came to rest on the bare knee below Annabel’s skirt, then began to make its way up her thigh. When it inevitably crept over onto her crotch, Annabel leaned back in her seat, sighed, and opened her legs. Exploring, Carla was pleasantly surprised to find that Annabel was wearing her crotchless panties. She probed Annabel’s pussy with her middle finger for a minute, then brought the finger to her mouth for a taste.

“Mmmm,” said Carla, smacking her lips exaggeratedly. “Delicious.” She reached over and pulled Annabel’s skirt up around her waist. “Touch yourself for me,” she ordered.

Annabel gulped, suddenly aware of the cars all around them. But at the same time she was excited by the possibility of being seen, and reflexively obedient to Carla in any case. She rested her right hand on her pelvis, then extended her index finger and touched it to her vulva.

Carla gripped the wheel, her eyes flitting back and forth between the road and Annabel’s crotch. Then she took hold of Annabel’s left hand and brought it between her own legs. Now it was Annabel’s turn to multitask, fingering both herself and Carla. She was so focused that she didn’t notice the truck that came up alongside them, drove parallel for a minute, then raced ahead with a blare of its horn.

Momentarily taken aback, Annabel stopped what she was doing, but Carla grabbed her hand and returned it to where it had been. She had been getting close and was frustrated with the interruption.

When Carla came she exhaled loudly but appeared otherwise unaffected, keeping her eyes on the road as it took a long, slow curve to the left. Annabel, after looking around to make sure there were no other vehicles close by, resumed rubbing herself until she too was able to climax.

After that they drove along contentedly as the traffic gradually thinned out and the highway narrowed from six lanes, to four, to two. Feeling a bit parched as the landscape grew dry and dusty, they stopped to buy fruit and cold drinks at a roadside stand, then continued to the south.

In the late afternoon Carla decided it was time for a break. She pulled off the highway and found a quiet, secluded spot behind a small stand of trees. She and Annabel shared a joint and then had a nice, leisurely 69 in the back seat. Afterward they closed their eyes for a few minutes, then got back on the road for the last leg of the day’s journey.

The sun was just dipping below the horizon when they began the long descent into the valley where their hotel was supposed to be. Now that the day had cooled off Carla had her window rolled all the way down, enjoying the clean, unsmoggy air. She was still a little high, feeling relaxed and mellow, locked into that groove where the car seems to drive itself.

They had long since lost the radio stations from home, and after listening for a while to Mexican radio they had settled on a Spanish-language classic rock station. Just as Carla spotted the lights in the valley below the guitar intro to “Hotel California” came on the radio. She smiled to herself; it was such a cliche and yet so absolutely perfect for this moment. She realized that some people might consider this song a bad omen, but she was not worried in the least.


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