Sunday, September 17, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 64

When she’d had her fill of Yasmin’s delicious snatch, Carla lifted the smaller woman bodily — she was not heavy at all — and deposited her in 69 position on top of Annabel. Then she got out her strap-on, harnessed up, and starting filling holes more or less at random.

She was in something of a frenzy, alcohol coursing through her veins, sweat pouring down her forehead as she plunged the dildo mercilessly into Yasmin and Annabel’s orifices. Without breaking rhythm, she picked up the bottle of champagne Yasmin had brought, popped off the top, and took a long guzzle. Then she tipped up the bottle and poured a generous splash onto the naked bodies below her.

Both Yasmin and Annabel came hard and repeatedly, licking champagne off each other, tonguing each other’s clits as Carla penetrated them, their moans echoing through the quiet room. Finally Carla staggered backwards and sat down, feeling lightheaded. The two women on the bed lay there panting, sticky with champagne, sweat, and pussy juice.

For a few minutes no one moved. It was Yasmin who finally broke the spell, standing up and heading into the bathroom. In the dim light Carla thought her naked body looked like a ghost gliding through the room. It was as if she was some spirit that had always been here and always would be.

When she returned Yasmin was carrying three glasses. After filling one with water for Carla she poured champagne into the other two, then untied Annabel, who moved slowly and languidly to a sitting position, rubbing the circulation back into her wrists.

Yasmin handed some bubbly to Annabel and they clicked glasses, then quenched their thirst. Carla sipped the cool water gratefully, feeling calmer and clearer with every passing second. She gazed out the window at the dark, quiet valley, then back at the two naked women drinking champagne on the bed. This all seemed like a dream, but a very pleasant dream that she was in no hurry to get out of.

Setting down her empty glass, Yasmin leaned over and whispered a couple sentences into Annabel’s ear. Annabel nodded and Yasmin took her by the hand, helping her up from the bed. A few seconds later they were both kneeling in front of Carla.

They unharnessed the strap-on and set it aside. Each woman took ahold of one of Carla’s knees and they spread her legs as wide as they would go. Carla certainly wasn’t going to object. She splashed the remaining champagne into her glass and leaned back in her chair to enjoy herself.


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