Friday, December 1, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 69

Amid a tumult of voices, Carla and Annabel took up their positions on a divan toward the back of the room. All around them were masked couples, threesomes, and groups in various states of undress, talking casually as if this were any dinner party or workplace.

Suddenly one voice rose above all the others: that of the director, who shushed the crowd so he could issue some last-minute instructions. The women who were with male partners were told to use their hands and mouths to make sure that the men had good, solid erections before the cameras rolled. Carla and Annabel looked around, both appalled and fascinated, as this process took place.
When he was satisfied with the state of things the director yelled “Roll camera!” and then, a few seconds later, “Action!”

And action there was: Suddenly they were in the middle of an orgy, bodies writhing and entwining, the air filled with the sounds of moans and flesh against flesh.

Carla snuggled up against Annabel from behind, threading her right hand underneath and using it to squeeze and fondle Annabel’s breasts. Her left hand slid along Annabel’s flank, over her hips, across her pelvis, and down between her legs.

Clearly, Annabel was super-aroused by the situation; she was sopping wet and the moment Carla’s hand touched her pussy, her whole body went rigid. She leaned her head back against Carla, closed her eyes, and opened her legs wide.

Looking over at the cameras, Carla saw that one was pointing straight at them. It was pretty far away, so they probably wouldn’t be very visible, but it still excited Carla to think that her stepmother’s naked cunt was being captured on video. She pried Annabel’s pussy lips apart with her fingers and slid one of them inside, then another, gripping Annabel tightly with her other arm.

As she finger-fucked Annabel, Carla surveyed the scene around them. Many of the groupings consisted of two or more women with a single man, which seemed unfair. There was a lesbian threesome happening on the other side of the room, and Carla watched them for awhile. All three of them were beautiful — one blonde, one brunette, one redhead — but they just seemed to be going through the motions. Carla suspected that they were strictly lesbians-for-hire.

Closer to them, Carla caught sight of Daisy being double-teamed by a pair of Scandinavian-looking guys with enormous cocks. Daisy, it had to be said, was a bit of a slut; she herself had said, on more than one occasion, “I’ll fuck anything that moves.”

The two men looked like brothers, or even twins, with long blond hair and phalluses that appeared to be at least a foot long. Carla looked on wide-eyed as Daisy took one giant prick in her mouth and the other in her pussy. This was not the kind of sex that Carla personally enjoyed, but she had to admit it was titillating to watch.

Gripping Annabel’s head with one hand, Carla guided it down between her legs. Annabel resisted slightly, conscious of being in public and on camera, but Carla was insistent and she quickly yielded. Annabel obediently began to lick Carla’s pussy as Carla tweaked her own nipples and continued to watch Daisy being stuffed full of throbbing meat.

After a few minutes Carla came, shivering all over as her clit twitched. Pulling Annabel’s head up, Carla kissed her and licked some pussy juice off her face, then sent her back down to continue.

As Annabel’s tongue probed around inside her, Carla switched her attention back and forth between Daisy and the three girls across the room, who had now busted out strap-ons and seemed to finally be getting into it. The blonde was sandwiched between the redhead and the brunette, who took turns leaning across to suck each other’s tits as they drove their artificial cocks home.

Just as Carla had her second orgasm, the guy who had been fucking Daisy’s mouth pulled out and shot a jet of white cream onto her chest. Carla had no personal experience with semen, but she’d seen plenty onscreen, and this sure looked like a lot; it thoroughly coated both of Daisy’s breasts.

Carla turned her attention to the three girls for a minute, then looked back at Daisy. She now had the other man’s cock in her mouth, gripping the shaft with her hand as her lips moved up and down on the tip.

Soon Carla came again, and this time so hard it took her by surprise. Squeezing Annabel’s head between her legs, she fell back onto the divan. Through heavy-lidded eyes she looked over at Daisy as the second guy came. This time Daisy swallowed most of the load, but when he pulled out a thin stream of cum dribbled down her chin.

Carla was struck with an impulse to make Annabel go over there and lick it off. But then the director yelled “Cut!”, and everything came to a halt.


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