Friday, December 15, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 70

After a break the director began the process of filming close-ups. The extras were not required for this part of the shoot, so after watching for a few minutes Carla and Annabel left to get some dinner. Watching people fuck, it turned out, could actually grow boring.

There was an Italian restaurant that Carla liked just a few blocks away, so they walked there in the fading twilight. After dinner they went to a bar with a great view of the bay and had a drink that turned into two, then three.

When they got back to the loft everyone was gone but Daisy, who’d been neatening up around the place wearing nothing but a long white T-shirt. When Carla and Annabel walked in she looked over at them with a gleam in her eye. She’d been smoking a joint while she worked, which always made her horny, and though it had only been a couple hours since she last had sex it seemed like weeks.

She proposed that the three of them do their own little scene for the movie — but with no cameras, just for fun. Carla and Annabel were game, so Daisy explained what she had in mind, then disappeared to get into costume.

Carla and Annabel took their clothes off and snuggled up together on one of the couches, pulling a blanket over them and pretending to be asleep. A couple minutes later Daisy walked in wearing a maid’s uniform and carrying a feather duster. The idea was that Carla and Annabel were rich ladies who had fallen asleep after participating in the orgy, and Daisy was the maid who’d come to clean up.

After dusting here and there, playing to an imaginary camera, Daisy bent over the coffee table next to where Carla and Annabel were. Carla’s eyes popped open and, seeing the sexy maid in front of her, she reached out and flipped up the back of Daisy’s skirt. When she squeezed Daisy’s ass Daisy looked back at her, counterfeiting an expression of shocked surprise.

Curling one hand around Daisy’s thigh, Carla pulled her over to the couch. There just happened to be a pair of handcuffs on the coffee table, and after relieving Daisy of her duster, Carla cuffed her hands behind her back.

Pulling down the front of Daisy’s uniform, Carla tickled her nipples with the duster. Annabel’s eyes were open now and she watched as Carla picked up the nipple clamps that were also conveniently on hand and snapped them on to Daisy’s erect nubs. Carla then bent Daisy over the couch and orchestrated a kiss between her and Annabel.

Sitting back, Carla drank in the beautiful sight of her stepmother and her friend having a moment together. This was one of life’s great simple pleasures, watching two girls kiss, soft lips meeting, tongues exploring.

It was Daisy who finally broke the kiss, working her way down Annabel’s neck with gentle pecks and nibbles. Annabel arched her back, thrusting her chest forward, and soon Daisy was there, licking and sucking her nipples.

Carla teased Daisy’s pussy with the handle of the duster as she opened her mouth wide and attempted to swallow one of Annabel’s breasts. It was much too big, but she made a noble attempt, leaving a large patch of saliva that showed how far she’d gotten.

Now Daisy resumed her trip downward, trailing her tongue along Annabel’s belly, across her hipbones, and down her pelvis. Annabel moaned and let her legs fall open, revealing a soaking wet, needy-looking pussy.

There followed a lengthy period of Daisy attempting to pleasure Annabel as Carla did everything possible to distract her — spanking her ass, pulling on the nipple clamps, penetrating her with the duster handle. Daisy soldiered bravely on and finally her efforts were rewarded as Annabel had a slow-building but powerful and long-lasting orgasm.

Daisy deserved a reward for that, Carla thought. She had spotted a strap-on sitting on a side table nearby, and now she picked it up and equipped herself. Standing up, she dangled the dildo in front of Daisy’s face. It was black, long, and thick, and Daisy’s eyes traced it as it bobbed up and down, left and right. She opened her mouth submissively and Carla pushed the tip inside.

Taking hold of the back of Daisy’s head, Carla began to fuck her mouth, flashing back to what she’d seen earlier in the evening. What was it like, she wondered idly, to suck a real live cock? Was it better? Feeling suddenly competitive, she shoved the whole length of the strap-on down Daisy’s throat, making her gag.

Pulling out of Daisy’s mouth, Carla walked around behind her, spread her legs, and drove the dildo home. Daisy gasped at the ferocity of the sudden penetration, and began to pant as Carla put all her strength into a no-holds-barred fucking. Pushing Daisy’s head into Annabel’s stomach with every thrust, Carla didn’t let up until she’d come hard three times. Afterward Daisy lay sprawled across Annabel’s legs, eyes glazed and mouth twisted into a crooked grin.

After a few minutes they all adjourned to the kitchen for a glass of white wine. Annabel and Daisy were both quite content, but while Carla was outwardly calm, her pussy was was throbbing and her mind was racing. She needed something — something different, something special. When she expressed this to Daisy, Daisy nodded and said, “I have just the thing.”


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