Friday, January 5, 2018

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 71

Daisy led Carla and Annabel down the hallway to a small room that had been set up for a different shoot. In the middle of it was a chair like you’d find in a gynecologist’s office, complete with raised stirrups. At the foot of this was a mechanical gizmo that was basically a dark brown, rubbery-looking dildo on a stick connected to a series of gears.

After helping Carla up into the chair, Daisy fastened a series of leather straps around each of her legs. They were soft on the surface but held her tightly, giving her the feeling of being luxuriously restrained.

Holding up a finger, Daisy said “Be right back” and disappeared out the door. Sitting there with her legs splayed open, Carla flashed back to her first visit to the gynecologist — the awkwardness and nervousness, combined with a vague sexual charge. She looked over at Annabel, who felt suddenly motherly, seeing Carla exposed this way — wanting to protect her, or comfort her, or cover her up. But she knew that that was not what was needed here.

After a few minutes Daisy returned wearing a pink nurse’s uniform. This girl sure does love to play dress-up, thought Carla.

Pulling on a latex glove, Daisy said to Carla, “First we need to make sure you’re ready.” Inserting a finger between Carla’s pussy lips, she listened for the telltale squishing sound that would indicate sufficient wetness. When she didn’t hear it, she got down on her knees and leaned in between Carla’s legs.

Daisy took a few laps at Carla’s vulva, then stuck her tongue inside and probed around until she felt the juices begin to flow abundantly. Satisfied with her work, she stood up again and picked up a small box that served as the remote control for the machine. She turned a dial and the dildo moved slowly forward until the tip was right against Carla’s pussy lips.

At this point Daisy stopped the machine and adjusted the chair a little so the angle of entry was perfect. Then she started the machine again and the dildo began to drill into Carla’s cunt, moving simultaneously in a circular motion. Carla gripped the side of the chair and bit her lip as she was penetrated. It wasn’t the biggest thing she’d ever had inside her, but it had considerable girth and went very deep.

Daisy turned the knob the other way and the dildo reversed course, pulling out until only the very tip remained inside. Daisy then made it go in again, out again, in and out, in and out, gradually increasing the speed until the phallus was pistoning rapidly and Carla was moaning helplessly, laying back with her eyes closed as the machine fucked her.

When Carla climaxed Daisy slowed the machine down as far as it would go, but didn’t stop it. It continued a slow, almost hypnotic back-and-forth as Carla caught her breath. Then Daisy slowly sped it up again until Carla came a second time.

This could have gone on indefinitely — it was a machine, after all — but finally Carla opened her eyes, smiled weakly, and said “That’s enough.” Daisy switched the machine off and looked down at her friend, who sighed contentedly. “That hit the spot.”

For a few long seconds it was quiet in the room. It was Annabel who broke the silence, asking somewhat sheepishly, “Could I have a turn?”

Carla and Daisy and looked at each other and giggled. Daisy deftly freed Carla’s legs and she stood up, helping Annabel to climb up and take her place.

Daisy cinched the straps around Annabel’s legs and reached her gloved hand down to probe Annabel’s pussy. No problem there — she was soaking wet; in fact a small pool of her girl juice had already formed on the edge of the chair.

Again Daisy picked up the remote and caused the dildo to move forward until it was pressed against Annabel’s crotch. Carla walked over behind Annabel and reached around to cup her breasts, watching with fascination as the mechanical phallus drove into her. Annabel gasped, feeling the thing move further and further into her, fearing for a moment that it was going to push all the way up into her stomach.

Daisy twisted the dial and the dildo reversed course, spinning in the opposite direction as it moved out. As she had with Carla, Daisy gradually built up speed until Annabel climaxed, then repeated the process. At this point Carla took the remote from her and cranked it all the way up. The machine began to whine as the dildo pumped in and out of Annabel’s pussy almost faster than the eye could see.

After maybe 30 seconds of this Annabel came so hard that her entire body appeared to lift visibly off the chair. Trying to catch her breath, she stuttered “I...I...I...”, and Carla could see that she’d had enough. When the machine stopped Annabel began to laugh uncontrollably, shaking all over, until tears came to her eyes and she had to wipe them away. As the laughter subsided she was finally able to speak. “Wow,” she said.

At this point Daisy decided that she needed to have a go as well. She unstrapped Annabel, who gingerly rose from the chair and stood up with Carla’s assistance. After undressing Daisy climbed on and Annabel took charge of securing the straps while Carla fiddled with the remote, getting more of a feel for its workings.

When Daisy was in place Carla moved the dildo toward her, made the necessary adjustments, and twisted the dial. Daisy yelped as the thing filled her up. She’d thought she knew what to expect, but it took her a minute to get used to it.

Carla had enormous fun playing with this toy, fucking Daisy slower then faster, slower then faster, building up to a crescendo that had Daisy howling and crying for Jesus. She held onto Annabel, who was standing beside her, as one orgasm after another rippled through her. Finally she fell back hard onto the chair and waved her hand in the air to indicate that she’d had enough. Carla, smirking, switched off the machine and sat the remote down.

Moving rather slowly, holding on to each other for support, the three of them walked to Daisy’s bedroom. They fell into the king-size bed together and, after sharing a round of murmured goodnights, drifted off quickly and slept like babies.


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