Friday, January 19, 2018

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 72

In the morning, after a pleasant round of mutual pussy-licking, Carla, Annabel, and Daisy went out for breakfast. Carla was antsy; she was feeling ready to be back home. After thinking for a while, she had the bright idea of calling her father’s assistant, under the pretense of looking for him. Within two minutes she had the information she wanted: Her father had left for Brazil early that morning.

So after finishing their meal Carla and Annabel climbed into their car and headed south. Traffic was light and they made good time, arriving back in Malibu in the late afternoon. The house was a mess, with empty beer bottles everywhere and a kitchen full of dirty dishes. Sighing, Carla decided that she would make the most of the situation — she would have Annabel strip, then sit down to watch her work.

Looking over at her stepmother, Carla realized that she’d forgotten about Annabel’s collar. But Annabel hadn’t; it was right there on her neck where it was supposed to be. Carla smiled and kissed her on the cheek. “What a good girl you are,” she said. After that she changed her mind and decided to help Annabel clean up.

Just as they were finishing up Carla got a text from Katya. She’d just gotten a new shipment in, she said, and it was the best stuff she’d ever had. Did Carla want some?

Indeed she did; she’d run out of weed days before, and though now you could just go out and buy it in a store, she’d been a loyal customer of Katya’s for years and intended to keep it that way. She and Annabel drove out to Katya’s just before sundown.

Katya answered the door in a black string bikini with a big, blissful smile on her face. Annabel was struck by how different this was from the first time they’d come there. Then Annabel had found Katya intimidating; now she was like an old friend. In fact the whole atmosphere of the place had changed; more windows were open, some clutter had been removed, and slanting evening light was streaming in from above.

After hugging them both Katya sat them down and packed her favorite water pipe with the new product. “This is the sexiest shit I’ve ever smoked,” she said. “I mean, it’s just....” At a loss for words, she gestured at the pipe. “Just try it.”

Carla took a big hit, held it as long as she could, then exhaled. The effect was instantaneous; looking over at Katya, then at Annabel, Carla realized that she wanted to fuck both their brains out immediately.

“See what I mean?” said Katya. Carla handed the pipe back to her, but instead of bringing it to her mouth, Katya clamped it between her legs. Looking over at Annabel, Katya purred, “Come here, machekha.”

Annabel obediently rose and stepped toward Katya, who pushed her down onto her knees. Taking the lighter in one hand and Annabel’s head in the other, Katya simultaneously lit the pipe and brought Annabel’s mouth to the stem. She held it there until Annabel had inhaled a good lungful. Once released, Annabel coughed and breathed out an impressive cloud of smoke.

The minute that this whole operation had taken had seemed like an eternity to Carla. She was not feeling patient at all. Standing, she untied Katya’s bikini top and pulled it off. Katya’s boobs, rounded and full with stiff, dark brown nipples, looked mouthwateringly delicious. But instead of sucking them herself, Carla found herself guiding Annabel’s head to Katya’s chest.

It was almost like it didn’t matter which one of them was doing it. When Annabel’s lips closed around Katya’s left breast, Carla swore she could taste it in her own mouth. And she was very high, to be sure, but she also felt like she was experiencing something real, something true.

Unbuttoning her jeans, Carla slid her left hand down into her panties and began to rub herself. Copious juices were flowing, soaking her panties and allowing her finger to slip easily inside. Annabel had now moved on to the other breast and Katya was leaning back on the couch, enjoying the older woman’s ministrations.

Using her right hand, Carla reached down and untied the strings on either side of Katya’s bikini bottom. It fell forward to reveal a thatch of brown pubic hair and a glistening pink slit. Carla gently nudged Annabel’s head downward until it was between Katya’s legs. When Annabel stuck her tongue out to taste Katya’s pussy, Carla felt a sweet, tangy sensation in her own mouth.

Katya brought lifted the water pipe to her lips and fired it up as Annabel licked her, slowly at first and then with passion, jabbing her tongue inside like a cock. At this point Carla couldn’t take it for another second. She hastily stripped off her jeans and panties and climbed up onto the couch, positioning herself so that Katya could eat her out. Which Katya did, eagerly and without hesitation, after setting the pipe aside.

When Annabel touched Katya’s clit she came immediately, holding Annabel’s head and rubbing her cream all over Annabel’s nose and mouth. Carla climaxed soon after; in her sensitized state it didn’t take much. She groaned and held onto the back of the couch for support as the spasms wracked her body.

Once she’d recovered and climbed off Katya, Carla realized that Annabel was the only one of them still fully dressed. That didn’t seem right, so she quickly pulled Annabel’s dress up and off, then relieved her of her bra and panties. Katya and Carla looked at one another and nodded.

Carla tied Annabel’s hands behind her back with a length of cord while Katya located a pair of strap-ons. Once they were harnessed up Carla and Katya stood looming over Annabel, who took turns servicing each of them with her mouth. When Carla felt ready she bent Annabel over, took aim, and drove the dildo home.

Katya stood watching as Annabel gasped and moaned, enjoying the way her tits bounced as Carla fucked her. Suddenly Carla decided that it was very important for Annabel to be made to taste her own pussy, so she pulled out and moved around to Annabel’s mouth. Katya took her place between Annabel’s legs, and together they pounded the blonde into a state of satisfied exhaustion.

Afterward Katya and Carla sat side-by-side on the couch, passing the pipe back and forth. They also took turns with Annabel, who spend the rest of the evening on her knees serving at the whim of the two younger women. There was no longer any sense of urgency to the encounter; the night was still warm and none of them had anywhere to be.

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