Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 50

Kat spent a restless night in the dark basement. Fortunately there was a little bit of heat coming in, so she wasn’t freezing, but there was no place to sleep except on the hard floor. Even when she did manage to drift off, her sleep was not restful, but populated by a series of dreams that were highly erotic but also dark and strange.

In one she was tied to a hospital bed, naked and spread-eagled, as doctors and nurses came and went. In another, she, Kelly Ann, and their mothers were performing some kind of burlesque show on an outdoor stage in front of a huge audience that included both of their families. Kat watched as Kelly came up behind Samantha, unclasped her bra, and pulled it off. Kelly whirled the bra in circles over her head and flung it into the audience, which went wild with applause, then reached around to cup Samantha’s breasts. Kat followed suit, stripping off Betty Ann’s top and tossing it, then taking Betty’s wonderfully heavy globes in her hands.

Kelly was just starting to pull Samantha’s panties down over her hips when Kat woke up. A hint of sun was peeking in through the window and she realized that she needed to pee very badly; fortunately, the chain on her ankle gave her just enough slack to reach the tiny room in the corner that contained a toilet and nothing else. After emptying her bladder Kat just sat for a few minutes staring into the room, reliving the erotic experiences of the previous night. Soon she was rubbing her clit and after having one nice little orgasm, she was hungry for more. It didn’t take long to find one of the strap-ons that had been used on her the night before, so she stretched out on her blanket and began to fuck herself, slowly at first, then faster and faster.

After coming three times, each one more intense than the last, Kat just lay still, staring out the window or at the ceiling. Thinking little if at all, just kind of floating. Finally she heard a car pull up outside, and a minute later the sound of a key turning in a lock. A door opened — not the one Kat had come in through, but the one on the other side of the room – and in came Lucy, followed by a very beautiful Asian woman in a full-length fur coat.

“This is Kat,” said Lucy to the woman, who looked down imperiously at the girl on the ground beneath her. “Kat, this is Mistress Mimi.”

“Stand up,” said Mimi, and Kat instinctively obeyed. “Turn around.” Kat did so, feeling Mimi’s eyes drink in every detail of her naked body, causing her nipples to begin to stiffen and a flow to start between her legs.

“Very nice,” said Mimi to Lucy. “Bring her.”

After unchaining Kat, Lucy wrapped her in the blanket, then led her through the door. They went up some stairs to street level, where a big black Mercedes sedan sat waiting, a blonde with short hair at the wheel. Much to Kat’s surprise, Lucy popped open the trunk and nodded at the driver, who stepped out of the car and helped Lucy lift Kat inside. Just for a moment Kat wondered, why am I letting this happen to me? – and then the trunk closed above her, leaving her in total darkness.

Soon Kat heard the car start and then they were moving. The ride was very smooth, the sound of the engine a distant rumble. She heard a murmur of voices, and what might have been a moan of pleasure;  after awhile, lulled by the rhythm of the road, Kat drifted off to sleep.

Again she started to dream. This time she was in the back of a long stretch limo, dressed in her cheerleader uniform, kneeling on the floor with her hands bound behind her back and a ball gag in her mouth. She was facing the back of the limo, where Jessica sat staring out the window.

They pulled up in front of a nightclub and stopped. Jessica typed something into her phone and a minute later a figure appeared at the window: a tall, beautiful black-haired woman in high heels and a short black cocktail dress. Jessica popped open the door and the women slid inside, settling onto the seat next to Jessica. Kat suddenly became aware that music was playing, something French, slinky and bass-heavy.

The black-haired woman reached down into her cleavage and pulled out a wad of bills, which she handed over to Jessica. Jessica ruffled the bills, nodded, and stuffed them into her own bra; then Jessica reached down, ungagged Kat, and used the collar around Kat’s neck to pull her toward the customer.

The woman leaned down to kiss Kat forcefully on the mouth, using lots of tongue; she smelled strongly of alcohol. Then she pulled the top of her dress down, letting her ample breasts pop out. Kat obediently began to lick and suck them; they were quite delicious, redolent of perfume with a trace of sweat. The woman began to moan as Jessica looked on approvingly.

Now the woman hiked up her skirt, slipped off her panties, and spread her legs for Kat. She had a very precise black racing stripe down there pointing toward a glistening wet slit. Kat nuzzled her nose into the short black hair and licked across the woman’s inner thighs, feeling the muscles there quiver. Kat teased the client this way for a minute until finally she clamped both hands onto Kat’s head and pulled it into her crotch. Then Kat went to work in earnest, pushing the full length of her tongue way up inside, then pulling it out and flicking it across the woman’s clit.

The client barked out a moan and lifted her hips to grind against Kat’s face, smothering Kat in her wet, hot cunt. Then she came hard and slumped back into the seat breathing heavily. When her eyes opened again they were alive with desire, and moving quickly she slid onto the floor and lifted Kat up onto the seat in her place. She lifted Kat’s skirt and finding no panties in her way, dove enthusiastically between Kat’s legs. Seeing the client’s ass thrust into the air, just begging for attention, Jessica unzipped her pants and maneuvered her strap-on through the opening. Moving into position, Jessica took the client’s hips in her hands and penetrated her, pushing her face into Kat’s pussy.

Just then Kat was woken from her dream as the car came to a halt. She had just a few seconds to remember where she was before the trunk popped open and she was blinded by a sudden rush of sunlight.



  1. excellent as usual, cant wait where she ended up.

  2. Wow Mimi looks very sexy and those dreams Kat had were very sexy and maybe things to come and more. Will Mimi be the opposite of Jessica except the dominating part?

  3. Kat sounds like she will be Mimi's prized pet