Monday, August 15, 2011

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 44

Wednesday Jessica went out of town for a meeting with her accountant, and when she returned in the evening she was surprised to find Marie – who had seemed moody that morning – with a big, goofy smile on her face. “What have you been up to?” asked Jessica suspiciously.

“Let me show you,” said Marie, taking her mistress by the hand. She led Jessica to the living room couch, put a drink in her hand, and turned on the TV. Sipping the cool martini, Jessica saw that their video camera, a veritable relic that was rarely used these days, had been hooked up to the TV; Marie pressed Play and Jessica sat back to watch.

What she saw was Jane, on her knees in that very living room. She was very elaborately tied, with her arms stretched out to either side by ropes, her torso supported by another lattice of ropes that hung from the ceiling. Moving around, zooming in and out, the camera explored every inch of her bound, naked body. Her ankles were tied about two feet apart by several strands, with another rope leading away from each ankle to somewhere offscreen; she was also ball-gagged and clamps dangled from her nipples. Clearly Marie had spent a lot of time creating this scene; Jessica could see very careful work had been done on the ropes and knots.

Now the camera zoomed in between Jane’s legs. A hand – Marie’s, you could tell from the nail polish – reached down and pried open her pussy lips, slipping a finger inside with an audible squish. After teasing Jane for awhile, the hand disappeared and the camera moved again. At this point Marie had put the camera on a tripod and spent some time composing the shot, which showed Jane’s face in its lower-left third. Soon Marie herself appeared in the background, a blurred figure fumbling with something or other. When she turned sideways to the camera, her silhouette revealed what she had been doing: putting on a good sized strap-on, which cast a visible shadow on the wall behind her.

Turning again toward the camera, Marie came up behind Jane; her face never really came into focus and when she knelt down, stroking the strap-on with one hand, her head was out of frame. The artificial cock looked truly huge at this angle, frightening even. Then the strap-on disappeared, obscured by Jane’s body, but you could tell where it had gone by the look on her face: her eyes bugged out and her mouth was contorted by some combination of pain and pleasure.

The shot stayed like that for 10 minutes or so, the only motion the back and forth of Marie’s hips and the subtle changes in Jane’s expression as the strap-on went in and out, the only sound Jane’s escalating moans through the ball gag and occasionally the slap of her ass against Marie’s pelvis. When Jane came her eyes opened wider than ever and she went limp in her bonds.

After that what little you could see of Marie disappeared from the picture; a few seconds later a hand reached down and pulled out Jane’s gag. The strap-on appeared from the left edge of the screen, visibly slick with pussy juice, then began to disappear into Jane’s mouth. Once it was all the way inside, Marie’s hand reached for the camera and the screen went black.

Marie’s little movie had had the intended effect; she soon found herself ordered to kneel and service her mistress, a duty which lately had gone more and more to Jane. Savoring the sweet taste of Jessica’s pussy – to her, the most delicious thing there was – Marie slowly brought Jessica to two powerful orgasms and sat back feeling pleased with herself. The feeling didn’t last long. Wrapping one hand firmly around Marie’s neck, Jessica led Marie to roughly where Jane had been in the movie and tied her in roughly the same position, though less artfully.

Leaving the room for a minute, Jessica returned with one hand leading Jane — who had been napping in the bedroom – and her favorite flogger in the other hand. Handing the flogger to Jane, Jessica told her to punish Marie for overstepping her bounds. Jane nodded and gave the flogger a few practice swings through the air.

Kneeling in front of Marie, Jessica picked up the ball gag that was laying nearby and looked the bound girl in the eye. Marie looked about to speak up to defend herself, but Jessica silenced her by putting a finger to her lips. Saying “You know what you did,” Jessica slipped the gag into Marie’s mouth and fastened it around her head.

It wasn’t just using the strap-on without permission, which was definitely a violation; the whole thing seemed over the line to Jessica, who was very wary of creating documentary evidence of her private life, which was all technically legal but still better kept secret. Still, she had to admit it had been good work; after fixing herself another drink, she rewound the tape and started it again as Jane enthusiastically flogged the bound Marie. When it got to the part with the strap-on, Jessica fitted the same dildo onto Jane and invited her to have her way with the French girl. Jessica quite enjoyed comparing and contrasting Marie’s face as she was fucked in real time with Jane’s face onscreen.


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