Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 45

Thursday after practice Lexi was laying face-down on her bed, still in uniform but with no panties and her skirt hiked up around her waist. She had a pillow over her head and one hand working away frantically between her legs.

She’d invited everyone she could think of to come over and play with her, knowing that her dad was on a business trip and wouldn’t be back till the next morning, but everyone had plans. So Lexi was entertaining herself with a little fantasy.

In her daydream she’d been arrested for some reason that was not entirely clear. (She would return to this fantasy again and again in the coming weeks, and eventually filled in the missing plot point, deciding that she’d been arrested for indecent exposure after cheerleading without panties.) The arresting officer was a beautiful woman, of course, a tall, athletic brunette with her hair tied back in a ponytail and an ample figure that her uniform couldn’t hide.

Looking cool and collected in her aviator shades, the policewoman cuffed Lexi’s hands behind her back and tossed her into the back of the cruiser. In the fantasy Lexi was in her cheerleader uniform, just as she was in real life, with the skirt riding up just enough to show a trace of her blond pubic hair. With her hands tied she was powerless to do anything about it, and when the officer glanced back at her from time to time, Lexi felt a tingle between her legs.

They pulled up in front of the police station and the officer led Lexi inside. It was a pretty small place with just a few desks and no one around. The cop bent Lexi over a desk, lifted her skirt, and ran a hand up one of her thighs. It felt wonderful and Lexi adjusted her stance so her thighs were open. Seeing this, the officer took her billy club in hand and traced it up one thigh, then the other, as Lexi squirmed. Lexi panted like an animal as she felt the tip of the club slide between her pussy lips, then push against her clit.

Next the cop forced Lexi to her knees and stood looking down at her. Moving slowly and deliberately, the policewoman pulled off her sunglasses, folded them, and sat them on the desk. After unlacing her boots and stepping out of them, she pulled off her pants, folded them carefully, and sat them on her desk next to the sunglasses. Next her panties – pretty black lace ones that didn’t quite fit with the rest of her outfit – came off and were folded and placed atop the pants. Now the officer leaned back against the desk and opened her legs, her black pubic hair and glistening pink lips just inches from Lexi’s face.

Lexi started to move forward but wasn’t moving fast enough for the officer, who put a hand on the back of Lexi’s head and pulled it into her wetness. In the fantasy Lexi moaned and stuck her tongue inside; in real life her finger was moving faster and faster on her clit.

When the cop had come, digging her sharp nails into Lexi’s back, she pushed the cheerleader away. Lexi just sat there on the floor looking up, her hair mussed and face smeared with pussy juice, as the officer dressed again just as carefully as she’d undressed. She was just leading Lexi back to the holding cell, where another horny prisoner was waiting, when a noise disturbed Lexi’s reverie.

It was the doorbell. For a minute she tried to ignore it and get back into the fantasy, but when it rang again, Lexi was struck by a pang of guilt. Sometimes her dad got important packages that needed to be signed for, and she knew she really should answer the door. She pulled her skirt down, wiped her wet hand off on a towel, and went to the front door.

It was a woman in her late 30s. Lexi recognized her, had seen her around the neighborhood; she was a widow who lived three or four doors down. Her only son had just started college and she lived alone.

“Hi,” she said, “I’m Annalise, your neighbor. You’re Lexi, right?”

Lexi nodded. “Hi,” she said, suddenly self-conscious, wondering if she smelled of wet pussy.

“I was talking to your dad yesterday and he mentioned he was going to be out of town. I thought I’d bring you something to eat.” She held up her hands, which held a large plate wrapped in tinfoil.

“Come on in,” said Lexi. What choice did she have? It seemed likely that Annalise was interested in Lexi’s dad and was trying to score points. Lexi had to admit she was not bad-looking. In a way she resembled the cop in Lexi’s fantasy, with long dark hair and a nice body, though she was not as tall or strong as the woman in Lexi’s imagination.

They made small talk for a while, but Lexi was distracted, still feeling itchy in the crotch as she pictured Annalise in a blue uniform and aviator glasses, twirling a billy club in her hand. Not wanting to intrude, Annalise excused herself after a few minutes. 30 seconds after the door had closed Lexi was back in her room, pillow over her head, skirt around her waist, and hand between her legs.


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