Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 43

On the way home from school, still in uniform, Olivia stopped by the grocery store to pick up a few things. In the produce aisle she was surprised to see a familiar face: Gina Moretti, a former neighbor who had hired Olivia to babysit several times. That had been four or five years before; around that time the family had moved across town to a bigger house, and Olivia hadn’t seen them since.

Hi, Mrs. Moretti,” chirped Olivia.

Olivia! My goodness, haven’t you turned out to be a beautiful young lady.” When they’d last met, Olivia had been a skinny adolescent; now she looked like a woman, and the cheerleading outfit made it hard to miss the fact that she was very well-constructed, with a classic shape and long, strong legs.

Thanks, Mrs. M.

I think you can call me Gina now.

Olivia didn’t remember Gina Moretti being this sexy: long dark hair, dark eyes, and a very curvy figure. Of course, she saw things through a very different lens nowadays. They talked for a few minutes until Gina checked her watch and said, “I have to go pick my youngest up from soccer. Listen, why don’t you come out to the house and have dinner and we’ll catch up? How’s Friday?

OK,” said Olivia, and they exchanged numbers and parted ways. The encounter stuck in Olivia’s mind for a while. Mrs. Moretti had looked her up and down in a way that seemed less than casual...or was it her imagination?

* * *

Tuesday morning Marie got a call from Serena. Was she interested in another yoga class, on the house this time?

Of course she was. She made some calls and early that afternoon the ladies started arriving...first Samantha and Betty Ann, then Janice, and finally Ella, who was knocking on the door just as Serena pulled up. At Jessica’s direction they moved some furniture around to make room, and a few minutes later everyone was naked, the first hints of sweat glistening on their skin as Serena led them through some warm-up poses.

After a series of balancing poses, Serena announced that they would need partners for the next few exercises. Taking charge, Jessica paired off Samantha and Janice and took Betty as her own partner. Ella was tapped to help Serena demonstrate the poses; that left Marie without a partner, so Jane, who had been watching quietly from a corner, was now allowed to participate. Marie looked momentarily put out over this development, but knew better than to open her mouth.

Serena and Ella faced each other, put their palms together, and bent forward. For awhile everyone just watched; the sight of the two statuesque blondes together, butts sticking out and breasts hanging, was hard to tear your eyes away from. But eventually the other three pairs mirrored the pose. Next Serena and Ella turned to face opposite directions, pressing their rear ends together, and bent forward so they were looking through their legs at each other. Then they grabbed each other’s shoulders to accentuate the stretch.

The heat in the room was beginning to rise now, both literally and figuratively. For the next pose Serena and Ella laid on their mats face-up with the tops of their heads touching. Gripping each other with their arms, they lifted their legs up over their heads and back to form a sort of square. In this position their crotches were straight up in the air, exposing two pairs of pink lips framed with blond hair. The others did their best to replicate the pose, but it wasn’t easy, especially since they were finding it harder and harder to concentrate.

Untangling themselves, Serena and Ella sat cross-legged on their mats facing each other. They were both slightly sweaty, breathing deeply, flushed, their nipples standing up straight. At Serena’s behest, Ella bent forward over her folded legs until she was able to clasp her hands together behind Serena’s back. In this position her head was between Serena’s thighs just above the knees. Inching forward slightly, Serena placed one foot on each of Ella’s thighs and stretched out across Ella until her breasts were pressed against Ella’s back. None of the other ladies moved a muscle to try to follow suit; instead they just watched, totally enraptured by the physical poetry in front of them.

Extending further, Serena placed one hand on each of Ella’s butt cheeks and pulled her closer; her head was now just inches from the shining prize between Serena’s legs. Ella reached out her tongue and ran it across Serena’s muscular, fully flexed thigh. There was a collective intake of breath in the room. Closing her eyes, concentrating fully, Serena helped Ella to stretch slowly until she was able to glide the tip of her tongue along the opening between Serena’s pussy lips.

Soon all pretense of the yoga class was abandoned, although some unusual poses did ensue. The festivities continued late into the afternoon, leaving everyone stretched, toned, and thoroughly satisfied.


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  1. Gina and Olivia should be a couple. Gina could be Olivia's sugar mama.