Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 52

Putting one knee in front of the other, Kat made her way over to Mimi and sat down on her haunches, one leg resting against the motionless Lucy. Mimi looked her up and down and commented, “You clean up very nicely.”

“Thank you, ma’am,” Kat answered politely.

Again extending her index finger, Mimi hooked it into the chain hanging between Kat’s nipples. By pulling the chain she raised Kat back up onto her knees and leaned over to kiss her. Mimi was a powerful kisser; Kat immediately felt her nether regions tingle and her nipples stiffen, which made the clamps bite in a little more, causing her to involuntarily moan into Mimi’s mouth. Mimi ever so gently bit Kat’s lower lip, then bent Kat’s head back and ran her tongue across the younger girl’s neck, savoring the taste of her skin.

Still holding the chain, Mimi guided Kat’s head to her chest. Her breasts were not large but made nice mouthfuls for Kat, who moved back and forth between them several times, sucking and lightly biting each nipple. Mimi’s flesh was delicious, and Kat would quite happily have kept going, but Mimi tugged on the chain again and brought Kat’s mouth down to the strap-on. The smell there was heady, a mixture of Lucy’s juices and Mimi’s own arousal seeping from between her legs.

Looking up into Mimi’s eyes as Jessica had trained her to do, Kat ran her tongue all over the shaft, then took the head into her mouth. Mimi smiled and put one hand on the back of Kat’s head, pushing it down until she’d swallowed as much of the plastic cock as she possibly could. Just then Kat felt a movement below her – Lucy, finally stirring, had moved between Kat’s legs and was now tracing her tongue along one thigh. When Mimi released the pressure on her head, Kat eased the strap-on out of her mouth and resumed licking it, squirming as the warm tip of Lucy’s tongue slid into her.

Kat saw a new look come into Mimi’s face – abruptly she stood and bent Kat forward over the chair. Gesturing toward the couch, Mimi indicated to Lucy that she was just to watch at this point; reluctantly Lucy wriggled out from between Kat’s legs and took a seat.

Mimi wrapped one arm around Kat’s waist and lifted her slightly, raising her ass a little higher. After planting a few small kisses on Kat’s bound hands, Mimi used two fingers to spread her pussy lips and ran the tip of the strap-on up and down her opening. Soaking wet and eager, Kat’s pussy practically sucked the dildo inside; Mimi stopped halfway in and reached around to tug on the chain between Kat’s nipples, causing her to moan in combined pleasure and pain. Then Mimi slowly penetrated Kat the rest of the way, and just as slowly pulled back until she was almost all the way out.

Kat soon realized that she was being fucked by a true master – or mistress, as the case might be. Mimi mixed long and short strokes, varied speeds, and sometimes stopped moving altogether, leaving Kat grinding her hips to try to get more friction. She brought Kat to the brink of orgasm several times but didn’t let her go over. Lifting Kat’s head and slipping a finger into her mouth, Mimi motioned to the blonde in the plaid skirt, who walked over and sat down on the big chair. (Kat never did learn this woman’s name; she always thought of her as just the Blonde.) The Blonde lifted her skirt – she was naked underneath – and spread her legs; Mimi pushed Kat’s face into her pussy.

Mimi watched Kat work for a minute, then resumed very slowly moving back and forth inside her. She brought Kat again to the brink and stopped; this time she barked at the Asian girl – “Mia!” – who scrambled to comply. Mimi pointed to where she wanted Mia: on the floor between Kat and the chair. Filling Kat with two last powerful thrusts, Mimi nodded to Mia, who ran the tip of her tongue across Kat’s clit. That did it – a volcanic orgasm shuddered through Kat, and she toppled forward into the Blonde’s crotch.

No one moved for a few seconds. Then Mimi pulled out of Kat, exiting her pussy with an audible pop, stood up, and pushed the strap-on into the Blonde’s mouth. Mia, meanwhile, pulled the clamp off one of Kat’s nipples and began to gently suck the poor swollen nub. Kat came to life again and resumed working on the Blonde’s clit, enjoying the sensation of her nose in the soft golden pubic hair.

Feeling frustrated and left out, Lucy began rubbing herself, but stopped when Mimi shot her a stern look. The expression that flitted across Lucy’s face then – the crushed demeanor of a child whose ice cream cone has just fallen on the floor – aroused pity in Mimi’s heart, and she nodded to indicate that Lucy could join in. A huge smile spread across Lucy’s face as she knelt behind Kat and buried her face in Kat’s dripping cunt.

Mia, meanwhile, had unclamped Kat’s other nipple and drawn it into her mouth, flicking the tip with her tongue as she tried to fit the whole breast into her small mouth. After a few minutes of this treatment Kat had another powerful orgasm, this one not as violent, but long and drawn-out and almost traumatic in its effect.

Coming up from between the Blonde’s legs, Kat tried to catch her breath. But she only got a moment to recover before the action started again.



  1. That is the best chapter I have ever read I love this new dynamic and direction with Kat. Kat will be well fucked and dolled up in expensive things as Mimi's prized "pet".

  2. Good chapter, like the new direction of the series.