Sunday, May 3, 2015

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 108

The football game was anticlimactic; the team had been having a tough season, and lost this last game badly, going down 17-0 in the first quarter. Kat found her mind wandering – she thought about how much had changed over the last months, looking out at the crowd, counting everyone she’d had carnal knowledge of. Jackie was there, of course, as was Sara. So were Betty Ann, and Janice, and Ella. Serena and Annalise sat together in the bleachers. And then there were her fellow cheerleaders, Kelly, Ana, Olivia, and Lexi. Even a couple of her ex-boyfriends were there, including one of the football players.

Suddenly she felt like a bit of a slut. Well, maybe she was; she shrugged it off. She’d been enjoying herself.

After the game one of their classmates was throwing a party, so the senior cheerleaders showered, changed, and set off together on foot. Jackie had invited the five of them to her house later, for a sleepover to celebrate the end of the season. So all of them took it easy at the party, except for Kat, who drank more than usual and spent most of the evening flirting with Kaci, a cute little thing with brown hair and glasses. Though Kaci was nominally straight, Kat thought she might be a long-term prospect. In her mind, a straight girl was one she just hadn’t fucked yet.

Kat had gotten a reputation as the most active lesbian in the vicinity, and while that made some of the girls treat her coldly or avoid her altogether, it made others curious. Kaci was in the curious category. She didn’t even really know what two girls did together, but she was intrigued by the idea – and by Kat, who carried herself with such brusque self-assurance.

At one point Kaci’s boyfriend came over and put her arm around her possessively. Kat could tell that he didn’t like Kaci talking to her, but since their conversation was perfectly innocuous – centering at that point on the history final they’d both taken – there wasn’t much he could object to. Eventually he was called back to do shots with his friends, and Kat took the opportunity to move closer, whispering right into Kaci’s ear under the pretense of making herself heard.

About 10:00 Kelly came over to tell her that they were leaving for Jackie’s, and Kat waved her off. “Go ahead,” she said. “I’ll catch up with you guys later.” Kelly shrugged and left them to it.

Two greyhounds later, Kat decided that she had done enough to lay some groundwork with Kaci, and leaned in to say goodbye, surreptitiously planting a kiss on Kaci’s cheek. Out in the cold night air, she pulled her coat tight around her and covered the five blocks to Jackie’s house briskly and purposefully.

Upon arriving at the delightfully warm house she found Kelly, Olivia, and Ana in the kitchen, popping popcorn and making brownies. After pouring herself a tall glass of cold water, Kat walked through the door that led to the garage, where Jackie and Lexi were playing ping-pong. She was surprised to see Sara Valentine there as well, sitting on a stool watching the game. They all greeted Kat but again she felt a bit of frost coming from Jackie, so after a couple points she went back into the house.

The other three girls had settled into the living room with snacks and were discussing what movie they might want to watch. The conversation had gone on for 15 minutes with little progress when Jackie appeared, ping-pong paddle still in hand, with Sara trailing right behind her.

Jackie fixed Kat with a serious stare. “Kat, there’s something I’d like to discuss with you.”

Kat felt a lump in her throat. She still thought of Jackie as an authority figure, despite everything, and this didn’t sound promising. “Um, sure,” she answered. “What?”

“Sara and I have been talking, and I think you owe her an apology,” said Jackie. “For how you’ve treated her.”

“Really?” said Kat. She thought quietly for a few seconds, and then added, “Well, I guess I can see your point.” Looking at Sara, she said, “I”m sorry, Ms. Valentine.”

Jackie shook her head. “That’s not what I had in mind.”

A funny feeling began to creep over Kat. Something exciting might be happening here. All the other cheerleaders were watching her, including Lexi, who had just come into the room.

“Well....” said Kat, “what were you thinking exactly?”

“Stand up,” said Jackie, and Kat obeyed. Jackie handed the paddle to Sara and walked over to Kat. Spinning Kat around to face the couch she’d just stood up from, Jackie pulled off Kat’s T-shirt, then her bra, her jeans, and her panties. Producing a pair of handcuffs from an end table, Jackie cinched Kat’s hands behind her back, pulled her down to her knees, and bent her over the couch.

Jackie gestured to Sara, who started to walk toward them, then stopped, shaking her head. “You do it for me,” she said, holding the ping-pong paddle out to Jackie.

“If you say so,” Jackie answered, taking the paddle. Kneeling behind Kat, she gently touched it against one butt cheek, measuring the distance. Then there was a loud “thwack” as the first blow landed.

Kat yelped, feeling a sharp pain but also a strange kind of satisfaction. She did feel a little guilty, she had to admit, about some of the things she’d been doing lately; it actually felt good to do some penance.

Jackie took her time about the punishment, alternating cheeks, enjoying the way Kat’s ass jiggled slightly after each whack and then settled down. The other girls watched intently; this was better than any movie they could have watched.

When she felt that the point had just about been made, Jackie looked back at Sara and jerked her head. Sara had been standing there drinking a glass of wine, which she now sat on the coffee table, then reached down and pulled off her skirt. She was naked underneath, the slightest hint of pink visible under her ample brown curls.

Sara crawled onto the couch and spun around so that Kat’s head was between her legs. Jackie used one hand to push Kat’s green-haired head forward into Sara’s crotch – not that she needed to; Kat was amped up and ready to go. She ran her tongue along the length of the English teacher’s slit from bottom to top, lapping up the juice that was gathered there.

Jackie, meanwhile, laid on a few more good smacks just for good measure. Kat’s rear was nice and red now, almost the same color as the rubber on the paddle. Jackie flipped the paddle around and rubbed the handle between Kat’s legs. Kat let out a long “Mmmmm” and was momentarily distracted from Sara’s pussy; so Jackie gave her one good smack with a bare hand and pushed her head back down in there.

Putting the paddle down, Jackie reached again into the same end table and pulled out a strap-on. After harnessing up she got into position behind Kat, eased the cheerleader’s legs apart with one knee, and plunged in. The other girls offered their encouragement; “Fuck her good,” said Olivia, and Ana added, “Punish that cunt.”

Sara came hard, letting out a high-pitched whine and clamping Kat’s head between her legs. Then they changed positions, with Kat now laying on the couch on her back. For a few minutes Sara just watched as Jackie first fucked Kat’s mouth, then spread her legs and penetrated her again; whereupon Sara sat on Kat’s face and rode her, gripping her tits for support.

This went on until Sara came again and fell forward onto Kat. She reached out her tongue to touch Kat’s clit and the circuit was completed; Kat spasmed violently and let out a belly-deep, keening moan. Jackie pulled out and sat back, reaching down to finger her own pussy, as Kat and Sara lay motionless, spent and drenched in sweat.

For a few minutes it was quiet in the room, until Lexi’s voice broke the silence.

“Um, I think I really need to apologize too.”


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  1. Sexy chapter, and Kaci may be going to the sexy side (I was thinking of the new Star Wars movie) with Kat. Is the story still in 2010, or would retcon (Meaning updating the story to 2015. Then again it does not matter what the year is since the story is sexy, and I thank you.