Sunday, April 26, 2015

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 107

Jessica and Mimi had been talking on and off, though it got harder for them to hear each other as the suite filled up with people. The conversation was pleasant enough, though both were somewhat guarded; Jessica felt like Mimi was sizing her up, taking her measure. There was a steely resolve in Mimi’s gaze, and Jessica felt a certain kinship, but also a tincture of suspicion.

After finishing her drink Jessica made her way to the bathroom, where she spent a nice, peaceful moment taking a long and satisfying pee. Afterward she kept to the margins of the party, playing the role of observer. She felt like in the corners of the room, in the shadows, she could see without being seen.

Marie was sitting with the three French models, talking and giggling. This was Marie at her most flirtatious, twirling her hair in one hand, biting her lip, and casting coy glances at the three gorgeous girls surrounding her – a blonde and two brunettes, one with long hair and one with a chic little bob.

The conversation must have been getting more suggestive, because Marie’s face was reddening and her nipples hardening visibly. After a few minutes the brunette on her left, the one with the short hair, leaned in for a kiss, then the other brunette bent down to take Marie’s right nipple into her mouth. Soon the two of them had Marie pushed back on the couch, eagerly sucking her tits, as the blonde lifted Marie’s apron and crouched between her legs. Jessica grinned as the model nuzzled sweetly into Marie’s pubic hair, then began to lap gently at her pussy.

This was beautiful to behold, but Jessica was curious what else was going on. Just then Jane crossed the far side of the room with a drink on a tray, so Jessica waited a few seconds and trailed along behind her. Jane sat the drink down in front of Mimi, who took her by the wrist and motioned for her to lean closer. Mimi whispered something in her ear, and Jane shrugged in response; Mimi tugged on Jane’s wrist, not roughly but decisively, and Jane tumbled into her lap.

Kissing and biting Jane’s neck, Mimi cupped her breasts in both hands, pinching the nipples to make them hard. Jane leaned back against Mimi’s shoulder, her mouth falling open, as Mimi’s hands slid down her body, over her hips, and through her peach-fuzz pubic hair. Jessica watched intently, both jealous and excited. She saw Mimi’s fingers pry Jane’s pussy lips apart and push between them. Jane squirmed as Mimi fingered her with one hand, using the other to pull Jane’s head to her own and give her a forceful, open-mouthed kiss.

Just then there was a knock at the suite’s front door, and since no one else moved to do anything about it – or even seemed to notice it – Jessica went to answer it herself. She opened the door and there stood a young women who was extremely striking, even by the high standards of the current company. She had long black hair, a perfectly shaped face, and huge, piercingly intelligent golden-brown eyes.

“Hi,” she said. “My name is Tara. My, um, employer told me to meet her here. Mimi?”

Jessica invited Tara in and gestured over her shoulder to where Mimi sat. Jane was writhing, arching her back, as Mimi penetrated her with one hand and stroked her clit with the other.

“Thanks,” said Tara, and if anything in this situation was novel or embarrassing for her, she didn’t show it. She walked over to Mimi and bent down, planting a kiss on one cheek. Mimi whispered something into Tara’s ear and Tara nodded.

Taking off her coat, Tara dropped it onto an empty chair and wasted no time getting involved. She licked each of Jane’s nipples, then she clamped her teeth down on one. Jane stiffened visibly, relaxing only when Tara opened her mouth and began trailing her tongue down Jane’s torso. Tara traveled down across Jane’s stomach and arrived finally between her legs. After briefly sucking each of Mimi’s fingertips, Tara flicked her tongue across Jane’s clit. Then she alternated between the two until Jane was quivering on the edge of orgasm.

At this point Tara very gently bit down on Jane’s clit, sending her into a paroxysm that very nearly threw her off Mimi onto the floor. After that Jane lay still and Tara began to strip, pulling off her top and her bra. Her body was magnificent, and Jessica wanted to see what would happen next; but even more than that she wanted another drink, and since it didn’t look like anyone was going to bring her one, she decided to fend for herself.

Entering the parlor, she found that all the furniture had been moved into the corners to create a dance floor. Music was blasting and there was a whole contingent of ladies dancing – some of them fully clothed, some topless, and some naked. Erica was among them, wearing a flowing black skirt but nothing above the waist, boobs bouncing in rhythm as she moved with the music.

After Jessica fixed herself an extra-large martini a new song with a super-funky bassline came on, and Jessica felt herself begin to dance, almost involuntarily. At first she moved slowly, careful not to spill her drink, watching the dancers around her. There were several remarkable specimens, including Chantelle, the girl who had so mesmerized Jessica during the lingerie show. But she found her eyes continually drawn back to Erica, who was simply an amazing dancer. A couple times she spun so that her skirt flew up, and she had nothing on underneath. Jessica found that incredibly sexy, even hotter than the girls there who were wearing nothing at all.

Jessica sat down her drink and moved over next to Erica, and after that it seemed to be just the two of them dancing. Jessica did not consider herself a great dancer, but tonight she felt inspired, and found herself doing things she didn’t know she could do. She took Erica in her arms and twirled her, making her skirt fly up, then boldly reached down and cupped Erica’s ass with her hand. Erica moved closer, grinding her crotch on Jessica’s leg, erect nipples tracing little circles in the air.

After a half-hour of this Jessica and Erica fell together onto the couch, sweaty and exhausted. They spent a few minutes drinking water and catching their breath, watching the other dancers, who were moving now to a slower song. Some of them were making out, some fondling their partners. Chantelle was dirty dancing with a tall, Scandinavian-looking model whose naked breasts were small and exquisitely shaped, tipped with diamond-shaped nipples.

Erica leaned over and said to Jessica, “I was talking with Marie earlier, and she says that new strap-on you got the other day is really something.”

The look in Erica’s eyes told Jessica what she had in mind. “You want to go for a ride?”


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