Friday, April 10, 2015

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 105

Jessica, Jane, and Marie were on their way back to the hotel when Jessica felt her phone vibrating. It was an unfamiliar number, but Jessica was in a buoyant and optimistic mood, so she answered.

“Hi, it’s Erica.”

That’s odd, thought Jessica. Call girls don’t usually call you. Was she trying to drum up more business?

“Hi,” said Jessica.

“Listen, I thought you might be interested to know...there’s a lingerie convention in town this week, and they’re having a big runway show tonight. Just around the corner from your hotel, in fact. Lots of beautiful girls there. Some people I know. I can get you tickets.”

“Well, um, sure. Of course. That sounds great.”

Erica told Jessica where and when and rang off. Jessica put her phone back in her pocket and walked on with a little extra bounce in her step, whistling quietly to herself. Jane and Marie exchanged glances, wondering what might be in store for them next.

* * *

The three of them took a midafternoon nap and then started getting ready, bathing, oiling, shaving, and picking out clothes. Jane’s hair was long enough now to be shaped into some semblance of a chic style, so Jessica took her down to the salon in the hotel’s basement. After giving the stylist careful instructions – she had a kind of Audrey Hepburn thing in mind – Jessica decided to go ahead and get a trim herself. The result looked so good that she called Marie down for a touch-up as well.

When they rolled out of the hotel a few minutes before eight, dressed to the nines and wrapped in fur, there was an audible buzz in the lobby. It was a short walk to the hotel Erica had specified, where a well-heeled crowd of fashion industry types milled around, acting fabulous and talking loud.

They found Erica in the lobby, drinking champagne and talking to a gorgeous blonde who looked like a movie star. Maybe she was a movie star; she seemed familiar, but Jessica couldn’t quite place her.

Erica greeted them warmly and saw to it that they all got glasses of bubbly. Then she pulled Jessica aside and whispered in her ear, “I have a present for you.” Taking Jessica’s hand, Erica pressed something into her palm, then turned on her heel and went back to her conversation with the blonde.

Jessica looked down and saw a small blue pill in her hand. This gave her pause. She was not in the habit of taking unidentified pills given to her by people she barely knew. But somehow or other, just at that moment, it felt like the right thing to do. She tossed it into her mouth and washed it down with champagne.

A few minutes later they all made their way into the ballroom where the show was taking place. Sitting between Marie and Jane, Jessica felt a strange vibration course through her body. Something was definitely happening, she just didn’t know what yet.

After a few minutes some music started and a statuesque redhead in a lacy Victorian dress appeared. Slowly, playfully, toying with the crowd, she began to strip, first pulling the dress down off her shoulders, then down around her waist, then down to her ankles and off. This left her in stockings, a garter belt, panties and bra, all of black and red lace. She unsnapped the garters, pulled off the stockings, and was just going to work on the bra when the curtain came down.

When the curtain rose again there was a small couch on the stage, and on it sat a petite brunette who was quite lovely in her own right but was overshadowed by the stunning creature sitting next to her – a long-limbed siren with a mocha complexion and curly black hair. Jessica felt the craving stir between her legs, and it only grew stronger as the two girls slowly leaned towards each other and tentatively kissed.

30 seconds later they were making out passionately. They had started off fully clothed but soon began undressing each other, items of apparel flying hither and yon. They had gotten down to bras and panties and the brunette was just reaching for her companion’s bra strap when the stage lights snapped off and the curtain came down again. There was a chorus of mixed cheers, boos, and applause from the audience and Jessica used the brief period of darkness that ensued to run one hand up Marie’s thigh to her crotch, which had become quite juicy.

From there the show became an apparently endless procession of gorgeous, scantily-clad women, each more beautiful and less clothed than the last, but all still within the (very generous) bounds of decency defined for the occasion. The black girl from the couch scene reappeared several times, always looking equally amazing in a slightly different way. There was something about the curl of her mouth, sweet but with a hint of cruelty, that Jessica found absolutely mesmerizing.

At some point Jessica realized that she had lost all sense of time; it seemed like the show had been going on forever – not that she minded; she would have been happy to have it continue indefinitely. It had become less of a sexual experience for her than a spiritual one. She was not looking at hot girls in sexy clothes, but at the eternal beauty of Woman, passed down from mother to daughter across the centuries. She sat there lost in a state of rapture, one hand on Marie’s bare leg and one on Jane’s.

When it was over and the lights came up Jessica had tears in her eyes, and both Jane and Marie were looking at her strangely, though with affection. As the crowd began to disperse Jessica took a minute to pull herself together, and did not rise from her seat before sharing a long, loving kiss with each of her servants.

There was a reception afterward and more champagne. Jessica found Erica and together they cooked up a scheme to have an afterparty back at the suite at the Four Seasons – with a very select guest list, of course. As they were talking, Jessica saw her favorite model from the show walk by, looking absolutely delectable in a short black skirt and knee-length black socks. Jessica nudged Erica and pointed, momentarily speechless.

“On that’s Chantelle,” said Erica. “I’ll go invite her.” And off she went.

Over the next hour Erica and Jessica made the rounds, inviting maybe 15 people between them. There was also a contingent of French models on hand, and Marie was dispatched to make their acquaintance. Afterward Jessica, Marie, and Jane returned to their hotel to make ready. The same Asian girl from the night before was on the desk; Jessica caught her eye and winked on the way by.

Once upstairs Jessica ordered up a good selection of booze and a few foods to snack on, though she doubted anyone would be hungry, given the size of the spread at the reception. They set up the bar in the living room and Jessica handed both Jane and Marie trays, informing them that they would be serving as cocktail waitresses – wearing only their collars and aprons. That, Jessica thought, would set the right mood. She put some music on and told Marie to make her a martini, and sat down to wait.

Jessica enjoyed watching Marie walk toward her with the drink on a tray, breasts bobbing gently to a rhythm that fit perfectly with the song that was playing. She enjoyed it even more when Marie walked away, naked ass swaying elegantly.

About 15 minutes later Erica arrived, accompanied by the blonde she’d been talking to before the show, as well as a somewhat older Asian woman who Erica introduced as Mimi. The Blonde Erica did not introduce at all, but Jessica didn’t really notice; she was immediately fascinated by Mimi, who had an air of haughty authority about her. Whereas she had previously been completely relaxed, Jessica now felt a little on her guard; this would be a worthy adversary, she thought.

They all sat down and Jane brought them drinks; cosmos for Erica and The Blonde, scotch on the rocks for Mimi. If Mimi found anything odd about being served by someone with her breasts and rear end on display, she didn’t let on.

It was a little awkward at first, as they didn’t really know each other; but Erica, bless her heart, told a few stories that got everyone laughing, and soon it felt more like a party. Then more guests started arriving and before long both the living room and the parlor were filled with beautiful women. Jessica’s earlier intense high had settled down into a nice steady sense of well-being and heightened awareness, and she sat back contentedly in her chair, waiting for things to develop.

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