Saturday, April 18, 2015

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 106

As she made her way on foot to Jackie London’s house, Kat felt buoyant and joyful despite the winter night’s chill. She was a little tipsy, having just left a big party at a fellow senior’s house, and school was over until after New Year’s. Even more than that, it just felt like change was in the air, and she found this exhilarating.

Over breakfast that morning it had suddenly struck her that the football game against their historical rival, which marked the end of the season, was that night. This meant that for the five senior cheerleaders, this would be the last time they cheered together, except for a few special events in the spring. Kat had known this day was coming, of course, but she’d been so preoccupied with other things that she hadn’t thought much about it until now.

She found that she had mixed feelings. On the one hand, she would miss the camaraderie of the team and the excitement of cheering before a crowd, absorbing their energy and reflecting it back to them in a feedback loop that could be a powerful natural high. On the other hand, she felt like being a cheerleader didn’t really fit with the way her identity was evolving; it seemed like a remnant of a former self. She knew that her bond with Kelly, Olivia, Ana, and Lexi would remain strong no matter what; they were part of a special sisterhood that had been through a lot together.

Traditionally the cheerleaders wore their uniforms to school on this day, so Kat put hers on and checked herself out in the mirror. Yes, she looked hot, but she also looked, let’s face it, like a child; and it was getting to be time to grow up.

It was sort of a nothing day at school; most people were finished with their finals, and all Kat had to do was make some final revisions to her end-of-term English paper. That took about 15 minutes, and afterwards she just hung out in the library, playing around on the computer and indulging her daydreams and sexual fantasies. Of course, you couldn’t get any actual porn on the school computer, but she knew a few interesting sites that weren’t blocked. After awhile her imagination took over and she leaned back in her chair, watching a little movie in her mind’s eye.

The five senior cheerleaders had locked themselves alone into the library, one side of which was a single large window looking out onto the school’s main hallway. After taking a few minutes to stretch they started going through some of their routines, and gradually a small crowd started to gather at the window. They did a human pyramid, then one of their more complicated choreographed routines, then froze and struck a pose.

On a signal from Kat, they all tore off their tops and tossed them aside. Then they resumed dancing, tits now covered only by sexy bras that did little to stop the bouncing. The crowd grew larger and closer, and several of the boys tried the door, cursing when they found it locked. After a few minutes they froze again, and Kat signaled again, and off came their skirts.

This time when they resumed dancing, clad only in bras and panties, the crowd began to press up against the windows, boys and girls both. More and more people appeared, beginning to jostle for position, craning their heads to see over each other.

They paused again and shed their bras. Each of the five lifted her left breast to her mouth and reached out her tongue to lick the nipple. Then they did the same thing with the right, moving in perfect sync, like they’d practiced it a thousand times.

As they moved on to a new cheer Kat looked out at the crowd. They now resembled nothing so much as a throng of zombies in a brain-eating frenzy. The people in front were being crushed against the glass, their faces distorted in wild excitement. In real life this would have been alarming, but in the fantasy it seemed exactly right.

At the next signal they paused, pulled off their panties, and tossed them toward the window. As they started moving again, now completely nude, Kat looked out at the gathered throng, which now extended as far as one could see down the hallway. She picked out the faces she knew – the principal, Jackie London, Sara Valentine, her classmates and the secretaries and lunch ladies...there, way at the back, was that Jessica? It was hard to tell.

Now it was time for the piece de resistance. At Kat’s command the cheerleaders dropped to the floor and arranged themselves in a perfect five-way daisy chain, each one with her head between the legs of the girl to her right. Five tongues snaked out to touch five pussies, and five bodies began to writhe in pleasure.

In this position Kat couldn’t see anything but she could hear what sounded like a riot start in the crowd, voices shouting and fists pounding on the glass. After a few minutes she signaled and they each turned to face the other direction, licking the girl who had previously been licking her. The noise from outside reached a fever pitch and Kat looked up just in time to see the glass shatter and the crowd rush in....

She was jarred out of her reverie by a noise. which turned out to be the door being opened by a boy who was leaving the library – a young-looking one, probably a freshman. Had he been there the whole time, or had he come in without Kat noticing? Looking down she realized that her skirt was hiked up and she had a hand in her panties. Well, she shrugged, if he saw anything, I hope he enjoyed it.

She also realized that she had been dripping pussy juice on the vinyl of the chair she was sitting on, and that sent her off on a new flight of fancy. In this scenario she Sara Valentine was with her, bent naked over this very chair. Sara’s hands tied behind her back with a belt and Kat pushed her head forward, telling her to lick the seat clean. As she did so Kat first spanked her with a ruler, then fingered her, then fucked her with a strap-on. All the while people went about their business in the library as usual, oblivious to the fact that a senior girl was sexually molesting the English teacher.

After taming Sara’s cunt in her fantasy, Kat pulled off the strap-on, and climbed over Sara to get into the chair. She spread her legs, draping them over the sides of the chair, and had Sara give her a nice tongue-bath. This of course caused Kat to leak more juice onto the chair, starting the cycle all over again....

By now she was feeling extremely worked up and decided it was time to do something about it. She printed out her finished paper and headed for Ms. Valentine’s room. She wasn’t quite sure what she meant to do once she got there – fuck right there in the classroom? Propose to adjourn back to Sara’s house for lunch? – but she didn’t intend to take no for an answer.

But to her surprise she found Sara sitting there with Jackie London, each of them holding a piece of tupperware and a fork. They looked at her a little strangely, coldly Kat thought, but greeted her nicely enough. Kat thought about proposing a three-way – that would be really nice right now – but somehow couldn’t bring herself to do it. Instead she just put her paper on Sara’s desk and said “See you tonight.”

Kat started to walk off campus, wondering where she might go to scratch her itch. It occurred to her that Betty Ann Collins had been very accommodating the day before, so she decided to head over there. It was only a few minutes away and when she got there she walked around to the back, where she found Betty in the kitchen having tea with Janice. Betty invited Kat to sit down with them, which she did happily, accepting a couple of fresh-baked cookies to go with the tea.

Both of the older women were dressed in yoga clothes, Kat noticed, looking very hot in her opinion. “We were just about to do a few poses,” Betty told her. “Care to join us?”

Kat said of course, and they made their way to the living room, where a nice open space had been cleared out. Betty led them through their paces but Kat found it hard to concentrate, horny as she was, and Janice kept being distracted by the way Kat’s skirt flopped this way and that. It seemed like maybe Betty was intentionally choosing poses that caused Kat to reveal herself; it was hard to tell, as a cheerleading uniform is not well-designed for yoga in the first place.

After about 15 minutes Betty went to the kitchen for water and when she came back Kat and Janice were 69ing on the floor. Janice’s yoga pants were down around her ankles, while Janice had simply pulled the crotch of Kat’s panties aside to get to her pussy. Betty just watched for a minute, then thought what the hell, might as well get involved. She found her strap-on and started filling holes with it – Kat’s mouth, Janice’s pussy, Janice’s pussy, Kat’s mouth. In this fashion they occupied most of the rest of the afternoon, with Kat finally making it back to campus just in time for the final bell.

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