Monday, February 16, 2015

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 104

Late that afternoon Sara Valentine sat at her desk, ostensibly grading papers, but really just staring out the window at the first rays of sunset. She sighed, wishing that it was permissible to smoke in the classroom; she didn’t smoke often anymore, but a cigarette sounded really good just then.

She felt abandoned and adrift. She hadn’t seen any of the cheerleaders outside of class all week, and suddenly it seemed like she didn’t know how to entertain herself anymore. She’d spent the previous night drinking wine and masturbating to Internet porn, but ended up just as frustrated as when she started. That morning she’d woken up feeling hung over, dirty, and ashamed. It was all she could do to drag herself out of bed and into school, hoping that something exciting might materialize.

Just then Jackie London walked by and saw Sara sitting there looking forlorn. Jackie had never really liked Sara that much, finding her stuck-up and pretentious. But they had a bond now, they shared a secret, and Jackie had started to soften toward the English teacher, who had a vulnerable side that Jackie found much more appealing than the Sara she’d known previously.

Jackie walked into the classroom and said hello; Sara looked up and smiled. In the past, Sara had never been that big a fan of Jackie, either, thinking her hard-edged and vulgar. But at this moment the sight of Jackie’s face lifted Sara’s spirits a little. Here was someone who might understand what Sara was going through, though she herself would have had a hard time articulating it.

“How’s it going?” asked Jackie.

Sara shrugged. “OK, I guess. I don’t know, really.”

They chit-chatted for a few minutes about their classes and the latest school gossip. Jackie found herself staring into Sara’s eyes, finding them beautiful and intelligent, glowing with an inner light that she had never noticed before. Eventually they ran out of things to talk about and a somewhat awkward silence fell over the room.

At this point Jackie seemed to go into a trance; she felt herself moving automatically, without really thinking about what she was doing. She walked to the classroom door and pulled it closed, scanning the hallway to make sure no one was around. Then she walked over to Sara’s desk, dropped to her knees, and crawled underneath.

Sara’s heart rate jumped but she made no move, breathing slowly and steadily. She felt Jackie’s hands on her knees; they were a little cold on her warm flesh. Jackie parted Sara’s legs and lifted her dress; she wasn’t wearing anything underneath, so now Jackie had a close-up view of Sara’s thick brown pubes and the pink lips peeking out from underneath.

Jackie took a moment to just breathe deeply, taking in the delicious smell from between Sara’s legs. She was just leaning in for a taste when she felt Sara’s body go rigid as there was a knock at the door.

The door creaked open and Mrs. Adams, the vice-principal, poked her head in. “Hi Sara,” she said, “sorry to bother you, but have you seen Jackie London? I thought she was around and I need to ask her a question about her class schedule.”

Sara immediately turned beet-red and had a hard time getting her mouth to work. She wondered if the look on her face gave away what was going on here, and even if Mrs. Adams could smell her wet pussy from this distance. Finally she managed to squeak out, “Um, no, haven’t seen her,” and the vice-principal thanked her and left.

Looking down at Jackie, who was smiling wryly at the close call, Sara said, “Let’s go to my place.”

Jackie agreed and went back to her office to collect her stuff. On the way she ran into Mrs. Adams, who got asked Jackie about her schedule and then detained her for 10 more minutes with small talk. Horny as she was, Jackie found herself looking Mrs. Adams up and down appraisingly. She was in her 50s and dowdy, but she had a nice body and was a very energetic person; she might be fun in the sack.

When Mrs. Adams finally left off with a cheery “Bye!”, it took Jackie a second to remember what she had been doing. Once she did, she quickly collected her bag and keys and drove over to Sara’s.

The front door was cracked so Jackie let herself in. In the living room she found Sara naked, bent over the couch, hands clasped together behind her back. On the cushion next to her were handcuffs, nipple clamps, and a strap-on.

Jackie felt a rush of excitement run through her. At that moment it was crystal-clear exactly what Sara wanted from her, and she was eager to provide it. She picked up the handcuffs and used them to bind Sara’s hands behind her. Then she snapped on the nipple clamps and pulled Sara to her for a forceful open-mouthed kiss.

Breaking the kiss, Jackie gently but firmly pushed Sara back down onto the couch, lifting her rear end into the air. Sara wiggled her butt invitingly, and Jackie needed no further prompting; she raised her hand high into the air and brought it down hard on Sara’s left cheek.

Sara winced, then took a deep breath and gritted her teeth. “Harder,” she growled, and Jackie responded, landing a resounding whack on the other cheek. Back and forth they went, both of them beginning to sweat as Sara’s ass gradually took on a crimson glow.

The itch between Jackie’s legs had been steadily growing, and eventually she could stand it no more. Standing, she quickly tore off her pants and panties and then hopped onto the couch, where she pushed her crotch into Sara’s face. Sara gobbled away eagerly.

Jackie felt her heart pounding and sweat pouring down her body as an orgasm approached; it was happening too fast, so she grabbed a handful of Sara’s hair and pulled backwards. Taking a deep breath, Jackie looked down into Sara’s face; it was flushed and wet with pussy juice, her eyes wide and eager.

When she felt a little more under control, Jackie let go of Sara’s head, which immediately disappeared back between Jackie’s legs. Once again the climax came on fast, and this time Jackie let it happen, panting out quick breaths as her muscles clenched and spasmed.

Pulling herself away, Jackie stood and reached for the strap-on. Sara watched over her shoulder – lips parted, breathing audibly – as Jackie stepped into the harness and tightened the straps, Jackie flicked the head of the dildo with her finger a couple of times and watched it bob up and down; it looked thick, black, and angry.

Lifting one leg and shifting her lips forward, Jackie brought the tip of the dildo to Sara’s mouth. Sara opened her lips all the way and sucked down as much of the shaft as she could. When Jackie pushed in a little bit more Sara started to gag, and Jackie let her, watching her struggle for a minute before pulling all the way out.

Jackie walked around behind Sara who obediently leaned forward, shifting all of her weight onto her chest to her ass could float up into the air. The nipple clamps dug into her flesh but she didn’t care; she wanted to be fucked, and fucked hard, right now.

Sara’s legs were already spread wide but Jackie opened them even further, them spent a few minutes fondling her, running a hand through her bush, up and down her thighs, and across her wet slit. Sara squirmed and groaned, enjoying the attention, but also eager to be penetrated. She looked back imploringly at Jackie, who took pity on her, grasping the strap-on in one hand and guiding the tip between Sara’s pussy lips.

Holding Sara’s hips, Jackie slowly pushed the first few inches in, drawing a long, high-pitched whimper from the English teacher. Then Jackie abruptly plunged the rest of the way in and Sara screamed, the plastic phallus filling her completely as the clamps tore at the soft flesh of her nipples.

Sara tensed all over then relaxed, surrendering herself to the pleasure and the pain, and then she was coming, and coming again, and again. She writhed and moaned and pushed herself back onto the hard root of the dildo where it met Jackie’s pelvis, grinding against it for maximum friction. And then she was still.

After removing the strap-on Jackie uncuffed Sara, who rolled over onto her back and lay there looking glassy-eyed. Jackie went to the kitchen for water and when she returned she started to get dressed, but Sara looked over at her pleadingly. “Please don’t go.”

Jackie shrugged. She didn’t really have anywhere to be. She took a seat on the couch next to Sara, who lifted her head and put it down on Jackie’s lap.

It was totally dark outside by now and after a few minutes it was starting to get cold in the room. Sara pulled a blanket up over herself and Jackie reached for the remote and switched on the TV. After that they just sat quietly, lit by flickering shadows from the screen.

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